A Charmed Life

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Chapter sixteen

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"I'd definitely go with the skinny jeans, knee high boots and that red wrap shirt, I know you said it shows your cleavage but you've got it. So flaunt it girl, besides you're going to probably look the most modest out of everyone there. Still super hot though" Anna appraised the third outfit I had tried on for them.

I'd made sure Carla hadn't put any dresses in my bag (I wasn't ready for that, if ever) but what I hadn't realised was, skinny jeans clung to you like a second skin and all the tops she'd grabbed showed some form of skin. In all fairness the wrap top was long sleeve but it opened - in my opinion - quite loosely at the front showing quite a substantial amount of boob-age. It was the most modest out of all the tops though so I surrendered to this option.

"If you don't mind." Kim started before she came towards me, before I could stop her, her hands were in my top over my boobs lifting them into the cup of my bra so they sat higher up and positioned correctly. I slouched a lot and tried to hide my body so I never fixed my chest how it should be. "Much better, now you can see these puppies as they should be."

I was gobsmacked and speechless making them both laugh. "Just go look at yourself, then we'll do your hair and makeup."

I walked towards the mirror and first noticed my bright red cheeks, breathing heavily to try to cool down I was brought to the rise of my chest which you could clearly see in my top, well the top parts of them, surprisingly only a small part of my flesh could be seen but the bits you could see looked a lot perkier than they usually did.

All in all it wasn't too bad and I was also grateful of the boots as the heels that were placed in my bag looked like death traps and I would never have been able to walk in them.

"This looks okay... are you sure I can't have a cami underneath this though?" I ask quietly.

"Hell no, you're not going to church, you look smoking, now come sit while I do you hair, Kim will do your make up if you'd like?" Anna motions to the chair by her dressing table.

"I don't know how to put make up on so... if you don't mind?"

"Girl, make up is my life. It's what I want to do when I graduate, I want to do makeup for actors and stuff," as I'm sat in the chair with Anna untangling my hair and Kim putting different products on my face I listen to her gush about her goals and wishes.

In no time they both deem me complete and I look in the mirror; my hair is still in its usual curls but instead of messy they're controlled and flow nicely down my back, half my hair has been pulled back so I can't hide my face when I look downwards.

My makeup is light with a single winged flick on each eye and clear lip gloss "You're complexion is enviable so I didn't need a heavy foundation. I just used a tinted moisturiser and a bit of bronzer. I've highlighted your cheekbones and cupid's bow. You're naturally beautiful so I really didn't need to do much to you." Kim explained and complimented.

Even though she said she'd not done much the difference was astonishing. It was obviously still my face. But my lips looked fuller and pouted, my eyes looked bright where she'd added white to the corners. I had a healthy glow that I didn't have before.

"I may have to get some tips off you, thanks you guys I do really appreciate this, although grabbing my boobs again is definitely off the table." We all chuckled before grabbing our things to take with us and making our way to Kim's car.

"I'm not drinking tonight so I'm designated driver. But I'm assuming you're going home with one of the Spencer's? If not there will be room in the car. Georgie isn't coming but Kyle will probably already be there, and knowing him, he'll already be half way wasted." She chuckled knowingly.

"I'll be going home with one of them I'm sure but thanks for the offer."

As we got closer to the party I stated to internally panic; why was I even going to this? Although I'd had fun with the girls getting ready that was just two people. The way everyone had spoken about these kind of parties I knew they'd be crowded.

"You're going to have a great time," Anna must had noticed my worrying and decided to ease my stress. "Besides, I'm sure I overheard Cameron say he was coming. He barely ever goes to parties. I think he might like you." She wiggled her eyebrows at me before laughing at my wide eyed reaction.

What was that supposed to mean. Likes me? As in a friend? Something more horrifying? would he want to touch me... kiss me. I shuddered involuntarily. It wasn't that I didn't think he was good looking, he was gorgeous really. But I definitely wasn't ready for any kind of romance in my life, and definitely not at a house party with drink and probably drugs. This was a bad idea.

Before I could worry any further they announced our arrival, I was about to join in at my very first house party.

Lord give me strength...
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