A Charmed Life

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Chapter seventeen

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It was loud.

That was my first though as we entered the house.

Loud... and crowded. I followed closely behind Kim and Anna as they bobbed and weaved between people quickly greeting those they knew and ignoring those they didn't.

A hand on my shoulder jolted my from my mission to stay as close to my friends as possible but as I whipped around I was face to chest with Lucas, Anna looked back to see if I was still with them before noticing who had me. She mouthed kitchen and motioned drinking to me which I nodded to let her know I understood.

"Hey you made it, and might I say you look amazing." Lucas' eyes took a swift gaze over my outfit stopping quickly at my chest before lifting up to reach my eyes, I was impressed with his strength to not linger. That must have been difficult for him but I was grateful as it eased my worry that maybe they weren't as out there as they I though they were.

"Thanks." I blushed regardless. Any compliment was going to embarrass me.

"Let's get you a drink and find my brothers." His hands were on my waist leading me towards a room I assumed was the kitchen. The house had lived up to its 'massive' status, but somehow still seemed to be full to the brim.

When we reached the kitchen I turned around only to notice Lucas' eyes were glued to my backside. Lifting them up to my burning face he laughed, embarrassed at being caught.

"Sorry, you're usually not wearing clothes like this. I was surprised that's all," as if that was explanation enough he moved us to a counter full of bottles and cups.

"What do you want? Heavy or light?" Upon seeing my confused expression he continued "Do you want to drink tonight or stay sober?"


"No worries. Let's get you a coke, Jamie's not drinking either as he's driving this time, but Sam is and so am I. But we never go overboard and we'll be even less inclined because we'll be watching out for you." I suddenly felt guilty. They couldn't have a good time because they were looking after me... I'd ruined the party for them.

"You don't have to watch me. I'm not a baby. Drink all you want." I insisted but Lucas chuckled and shook his head.

"Don't sweat it, were not, not drinking - double negative I know - so don't feel bad. It's not just for you, we never want to get obliterated anyway-" he's interrupted by his younger brother who's sipping from a red cup.

"Alex... hey..." his eyes are finding it a bit more difficult to stay on my face making me shuffle awkwardly from one foot to the other.

Shaking his head "You want a drink... oh you've got one. Never mind." he stops as if trying to think of something to say next and Lucas watches on in amusement.

"Told you." He coughs out over a fist so I can barely hear him. It wasn't meant for me anyway. My mind goes back to the conversation I overheard on my first day. When he made a joke out of Sam not being able to talk to me like a normal person because I was "hot" now.

Just like when I walked in on him coming out of the bathroom this sudden urge to protect and ease him came over me.

"What are you drinking?" I ask to start a discussion.

"Whiskey and coke, want to try it?" He goes to hand the drink over but I pull a face.

"I hate whiskey, it taste disgusting." I say truthfully. Derrick would drink it and if we were alone just the two of us he'd make me a glass and tell me I had to drink with him while he had me sit on the couch beside him playing pretend and watching a movie.

"You've had whiskey? Sorry, you just don't look like you've ever had a drink before." Sam says apologetically to which I shrug. If it hadn't been forced on me I never would have touched any alcohol so in a way he's right.

"Yeah, I don't know how anyone drinks it. It's rank." The words are out before I can stop them. Who do I think I am? Miss confident who gets to state her opinions and get away with it...

Fortunately Sam and Lucas both laugh "You've probably only had the cheap stuff. That's why I bring my own bottle with me. Sure you don't want to try?" I nod and he relents.

I spot Kim and Anna talking to Kyle and some other guy on the other side of the kitchen laughing and having a good time.

"Am I okay to go see Kim and Anna?"

"Of course you are Alex, you don't need our permission. I'm going to go find Jamie anyways but Ollie is over there" he points to a table with a group of guys on it "so if you need anything go to him and he'll find me if I'm not back by then." I nod and make my way towards the girls.

I've been chatting to them for a few minutes laughing at their jokes and actually having a good time when they suggest we go dance.

"Im not really a dancer." I warn but they take no notice and I'm pulled along with them to the make shift dance floor in the living room.

Swaying and copying them I soon find a grove I'm comfortable with and start enjoying myself.

We alternate between dancing and getting drinks for the next hour or two. I notice Lucas, Jamie and Sam with their friends having a good time but also keeping an eye on me. They come over a few time to make sure I'm okay.

I don't see Cameron and assume he must have changed his mind, I was disappointed not to see him and it surprised me.

Back on the 'dance floor' Anna says she needs the bathroom and I agree to go with her - Sandra's words entering my mind - Kim and Kyle carry on dancing while we make our way upstairs.

"You can go first." I say and wait outside the door while she quickly goes inside and I hear the door lock.

Tapping my foot I don't hear the approaching ones until Martin is in front of me. I look down the hall and see only one of his cronies leaning against a door watching and waiting.

"Hey Alex, how have you been? You enjoying yourself?" He's talking to me but looking quite obviously at my chest, even when I bring an arm up covering the opening of my top while pretending it was to bite my thumbnail he still doesn't look away.

"F-fine tha-thank you..."

His eyes squeeze close for a moment before opening again and thankfully looking at my face now "I forgot how cute your stutter was, do you do that just for me?" He moves one step closer to me "... Do I make you nervous?"

I nod weakly at him (but so did most people I add in my head) and he grins in satisfaction; why someone would be pleased to know they make you uncomfortable is beyond me.

"You should wear these jeans to school," his hand reaches out and hooks a finger in the belt loop, stepping a little closer to me "they do wonders for your ass, I've been watching you most of the night." My heart is beating so fast I fear it's going to fly out of my chest.

Before either of us can say anything, two things happen; Anna unlocks the bathroom door and Cameron walks up the stairs. His eyes lock onto my disturbed face and then down to where Martins hand is.

He moves quickly and is my side at the same time as Anna leaves the bathroom.

"Get off her." Cameron says in a deadly tone. His face is contorted into such an angry scowl I can finally see why people are afraid of him.

"Get bent Fitzgerald. You may scare most of the people at school, but you so much as touch a hair on my head and I'll sue you for everything you don't have. Doesn't your mom work a million jobs as it is to feed your family. I'm sure you don't want to add to that strain." Martin looks smug, Cameron murderous. He moves a step closer to Martin.

I'm speechless and if it weren't for Anna piping up I'm not sure how this would have ended.

"Now now boys, let's not have a measuring contest, how about you let go of my friends jeans. They're not your style and wouldn't fit you either way... and we can all go on enjoying our evening." Her smile is bright but her eyes are hard.

Martin snorts before unhooking his fingers from my jean loop. He moves his body into mine for just a second so I'm plastered against him and takes a lungful of my scent before he moves away and walks towards his still leaning friend.

I let the air I've been holding in gush out before looking at Cameron. His face is still like granite and his eyes are dark with hatred. I want to move closer to him to say thank you but I'm too afraid of him to get my legs to cooperate.

Anna doesn't say anything to him and the silence is tense. Cameron looks at me and sees my frightened gaze now upon him before he breathes out and closes his eyes trying to get in control.

When he opens them again they've softened a little. I can tell he's still agitated by Martin but trying to cool off for me.

"You okay?" He asks kindly and I nod.

"Thank you, b-both of you. He - he did-didn't do anything," I reassure.

"I hate that guy. He's a sleazy bast-." He breathes out again "try to avoid him next time." He forces a small smile out and I copy it.

"Well, as much fun as this has been... I'm ready for another drink." Anna states "you coming Alex?"

I pause before shaking my head "I'll catch up." She smiles knowingly and heads downstairs. Now I'm alone with Cameron.
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