A Charmed Life

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Chapter eighteen

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We stare at each other for a long moment; I can see he's internally trying to push what just happened out of his mind to calm down completely and I want to give him the time to do so.

I smile weakly at him, and am pleased when he returns it.

"So, you came," I start lamely, "I - I was look, looking for you before." My face heats at my confession and his grin widens.

"Yeah I got here like ten minutes ago... I was looking for you too. Good job I did huh," his eyes flashed before he schooled his anger again. "Only been here once or twice before, but I'm pretty sure there's a balcony in that room up ahead, want to get some fresh air?"

I agree without question.

Walking behind him I wonder why I would willingly go into a bedroom with this guy? Why didn't he scare me like the others, he could just as easily be fooling me into a false sense of security before he attacks, but somehow I knew he was genuine... and I enjoyed spending time with him.

True to his word there was a balcony and as he slid the glass door open I marvelled at the view; beautiful lights from the city shined far and wide, it showed a calmer but still lived in city we couldn't appreciate from the ground.

The other beautiful view I was able to now appreciate was standing slightly in front of me; his leather jacket covered his white T-shirt but I already knew how nice his inked arms were (although a reminder wouldn't hurt) he leaned his arms on the railing and his butt pushed out a little, my gaze unintentionally dropped.
Pulling my eyes upwards before I was caught I moved to the side of him and mirrored his pose.

"So what's the deal with Martin?" Cameron asked bluntly, glancing down at me, his dark gray eyes were tight again and it seemed he couldn't get past what had just happened, even though technically nothing had happened. His lips were pulled down again and I stared at his lip ring while I spoke.

"Nothing. I - I don't know what he's doing. He spoke to me at the start of th-the week and just now. That's all. He som-sometimes looks over at me but he - he doesn't speak to me."

"He's such a pric-," huffing out a breath he tries again "He thinks because he has money he can get what he wants, I think I might have to have a proper chat with him alone sometime." His eyes focus out into the distance and I wonder if he's imagining what he could do to him without any witnesses.

I recall the conversation Kim and Anna had with me on my first day when they warned me away from Cameron.

"Did you come here with your friends?" I ask to distract him from his potentially murderess thoughts. I had seen Cameron throughout the school with a small group of friends; all looking tough and unapproachable - I guess how Cameron looked to most people.

"No, just me tonight. We usually only go to things like this when we're really bored. They've got better things to do."

"So..." I scrunch my eyes "why aren't you with them?"

He smirks down at my confusion "I told you, I wasn't missing an opportunity to see Nerdy at a party," his eyes trail slowly over my face and outfit, not in the creepy way Martin had done, and my body heated slightly at his appraisal "You sure don't look like a nerd right now."

"Kim an-and Anna pic-picked it out." I stumble over my words.

"I'll have to thank them later." He gruffly chuckles at my red face. "Shall we-."

"Alex?! You up here?" I can hear Jamie calling my name from the hallway and quickly move away from Cameron and back into the bedroom. I can feel him shadowing me as we walk to the door.

Just as I get out into the hall, Jamie and Matt close the door across from us, they must have been checking all the bedrooms for me and a sharp stab of guilt at the worry etched on Jamie's face has me moving towards him to ease his stress.

His eyes fall to me before looking above me at Cameron, when his eyebrows suddenly dip into a frown, I can tell he's clearly upset and confused. In my head I see how this looks; A girl and boy coming out of a bedroom at a party and want to reassure him.

"We were just talking." I say quickly and hear a snort behind me before Cameron steps closer to me covering his whole front with my back. Matt glares at him and I notice they're probably the same intimidating height. Jamie is only a few inches shorter.

"Al, we've been looking all over for you, and calling you" I immediately reach for my phone and notice multiple missed calls and texts.

"I'm so sorry, it mu-must be on silent. I swear I di-didn't ign-ignore you on pur-purpose." My stutter comes out worse at his angry expression. It's clearly aimed at me now which is new and I don't know how he'll react.

Feeling my unease, Cameron puts a hand on my shoulder and Jamie zeros in on it, his gaze narrows even further "Were going home Alex, say goodbye to your... friend."

"O-okay." I move to turn around but Cams hand keeps me from twisting.

"How about you calm down first. Then we'll decide if she's going anywhere with you." He says all calm and composed.

"Who the fu- how about you get your hand off her so she can move away from you." Jamie hisses, his glare stays on the man behind me now.

I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable and trapped when Jamie and Matt take another step towards us.

"Stop." I whisper out. I don't want anyone to fight over a misunderstanding. I knew in my heart that Jamie would never hurt me. It was just a habit to think the worst as a snap reaction before I was able to rationalise.

"Cameron," he lets me turn to him this time, "It's fi-fine. I promise, I'll- see you on Monday?"

"You'll be calling me as soon as you get home." He counters, and I agree with no hesitation just to get out of here. Safe to say, my first house party was full of drama.

"Don't forget." I'm surprised when he pulls me in for a hug - I count to five - and then he releases me, without a glance towards the other two he walks away and down the stairs.

Turning back to Matt and Jamie I see Matt on the phone telling someone they'd found me and to meet us outside.

"Text Kim and Anna that you're leaving. I'm not wasting anymore time trying to find them." Jamie says before walking away just like Cameron. I quickly do as I'm told and let the girls know I'm going home.

Matt looks down at me sympathetically "He doesn't mean to be such an ass, everyone was worried about you, and then Anna said you were up here with Fitzgerald so... he'll be fine once he's calmed down a bit."

When we get outside I have to watch Lucas and Jamie talk in hushed voices before Lucas mirrors his brothers scowl and turns it on me. Sam looks slightly tipsy and not really reacting to what's happening so I move towards him, convinced I'll get a better reception off him than his older brothers.

"Let's go." Lucas says as soon as I reach them. We wordlessly get into the car, waving goodbye to Matt who goes back into the house with Ollie at the side of him.

We were barely off the street before Lucas turned to me "What were you thinking? Cameron Fitzgerald. You sure know how to pick them! Do you have any idea who you were just alone... I repeat ALONE with? Do you even know him? Or did you just think - no scratch that you weren't thinking, clearly. Do you know how worried we were? You just disappear and when we finally find Anna she says you had a run in with Martin and was now alone with Cameron Fitz-friggin-Gerald. Explain yourself! I'm so mad at you right now Alex! You have no idea! How could you act so stupid?!" He was shouting and it echoed through the car.

I could tell my breathing was laboured, and could feel the blood pumping through my body loudly in my ears, I'd moved myself as close to the side door as possible.

"What? Can't defend yourself! Tell us what you were thinking! Tell us what you were doing... and don't you dare say talking!" He continued, unaware of my panicked state, or aware and uncaring, I wasn't sure at this point. The car was too crowded and too angry, I felt confined and scared.

"Lucas, calm down, look what you're doing." Sam spoke quietly beside me, he made to move a little closer to me and I tried to plaster myself closer to the door, the handle was digging into my side painfully but I wanted to make myself as small and untouchable as I could.

"What's she doing?" Lucas asked as I reached a hand over my chest when the sharp pains started.

"Ow" I whimpered. I needed air, I needed to breathe. I needed space.

"Stop. The. Car." I managed to breathe out. Jamie immediately pulled the car over and just as quickly I opened the door and fell to my knees.

I'd had these attacks before and knew they would end eventually but while they were happening all I could think was 'This is the end. I'm dying'.

I crawled a little ways away from the car and knelt up trying to get as much air into my lungs as I could. Barely hearing the three different footsteps moving towards me.

"Alex, do you need a hospital, shit is she having a heart attack, what do we do?!" Sam drunkenly panicked.

I tried to say no, I'll be fine but all I could do was shake my head. I just needed a minute.

They got closer to me and I put a hand out to stop them "No, wait" I puffed out. They all froze at my words and watched as I slowly got control of my breathing again, when the sharp pains eased to a more manageable dull ache I let my knees collapse and my butt hit the ground.

"I'm okay." I let myself lay down on the hard concrete and just look at the dark inky sky for a moment.

Jamie kneeled down beside me, his face etched with worry "I'm so sorry Alex. We didn't mean to frighten you, we- we just, we were so scared you'd been hurt that we just weren't thinking and took our anger out on you."

I was tired and wanted to pretend this never happened. Why couldn't I control myself?... First with Aiden and now with these.

"You need another minute or want some help getting up?" Jamie asked. Lucas stayed silent and Sam switched from foot to foot unsure what to do.

"I'm okay." I reassure them and myself as I stand weakly and walk back to the car with the others following.

I lean my head on the cool glass window and close me eyes; to ease the new headache and to stop the stares.

"Well, that sobered me the hell up." Sam announces a few minutes later. I actually feel my lips turn up at his words.

Deciding I should at least explain a little I force my eyes open but keep them on the moving road and not on the curious brothers.

"Sorry" I start, my voice is barely a whisper but I can tell they're all listening intently "That just sometimes happens. I didn't mean to scare you. At the party or just then... Cameron is a friend. He wouldn't hurt me. We were just talking... I swear."

"We're not happy about it because Cameron's always been a bit of a ... a delinquent I guess. He gets into fights and, granted I've never seen him hurt a girl before I wouldn't put it past him." I go to defend him but Jamie continues "but we don't know him all that well really, just hear what he does and see some of it. If you trust him then we trust you so... just be careful, please." I nod at the road.

"So... did you want to explain that back then? I know you said you get them sometimes but do you know why?"

"Yes, but I'd rather not get into it. If that's alright. I just had an... an experience a while back and these started. They don't happen a lot and they go away almost as fast as they come on. I just got - and then the car - I just needed a breather." I finish badly. They probably had more questions now than before.

We all fall back into silence and as I closed my eyes again I noticed Jamie had been the one to talk to me, Lucas had been silent since my ... thing. Even Sam had made a joke, but Lucas had been unusually mute.

I wanted to look up and see if his face was telling of what he was feeling but couldn't open my eyes I was so tired. I could feel my body shutting down and let it happen. What a night.
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