A Charmed Life

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Chapter nineteen

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The next time I'd seen Mike after he'd shot Gregory and told me he'd be seeing me again was months later. I had already passed his words off as an idle threat that would never come to reality and had all but forgotten him - bar the nightmares where I saw him order Greg to be shot.

I'd already had my punishment off Derek and Stephen - even though I'd lied and said that as I'd walked up towards the Potts' resistance the police were already there so I carried on back home and nobody saw me.

They'd never know I'd been there when he died and I wasn't going to tell them.

"Alex, get in here I want you to meet someone." I heard Derek shout and shut my book following his voice into the lounge.

Derek was sat with his back to me but I had a full frontal view of the visitor and almost didn't hold my shocked gasp in.

Mike was in my house. Talking to Derek... had he told him we'd met, told him how we'd met?

"Is this your daughter?" Mike questioned moving towards me. Derek stood up and turned to me.

"Yes, princess this is Mike Stone, Mike this is Alexandra," I noticed how Mikes eyes narrowed slightly at Dereks use of princess but banked that in my mind for later.

"It's nice to meet you." I whispered out, knowing how I was supposed to act in front of strangers.

Mike held his hand out and I had no choice but to place mine in his much larger one, expecting a handshake, the kiss surprised me.

"The pleasure is all mine sweetheart." He smiled down at me.

"Get us two beers Alex" Derek commanded and I pulled my hand from Mikes grasp to do as I was told. When I returned I overheard them discussing money and times that suited everyone.

"Oh... well on Wednesday I won't be here until 6 at the earliest ... but Alex will be here so you could have someone drop it off and she can give them the money. Or I can come to you after work and -"

"Here is fine," Mike interrupted. "I'll personally bring you your first batch and make sure it all goes smoothly. I'm sure your daughter will be most accommodating."

"Oh she definitely will." Derek promised unaware as to how exactly Mike meant his words, I was unsure if he'd care either way though. Maybe they'll decide I'm a fairer trade than money soon enough.

Wednesday obviously came around faster than normal and I knew neither Derek nor Stephen would be home for hours. I had the envelope of money ready to quickly exchange at the door so Mike wouldn't have to come in but I knew it'd never be that easy.

"Let me in sweetheart, I don't do deals in hallways for people to happen across."

"There's only us on this floor." I reassured. It was a three floored block of apartments but each floor was one whole apartment, (ours being the top one actually had two levels which the other floors didn't) but we didn't have neighbours, just an empty apartment below us and an occupied one below that. (An elderly couple that kept to themselves) No one could hear or see what was going on in this apartment, which worked well for Derek and Stephen when they were hurting me and I couldn't keep my cries in.

Mikes face hardened quickly before falling back to his usual smirk "Derek promised you'd be accommodating, so be a good girl and move aside."

I open the door fully and allow him to stride past me before closing the door. Mike walks to the sofa and sits down like he owns the place.

Remembering my rules "Would you like a drink?" I ask in forced politeness.

"Sure honey, a beer will do." That was all he was going to be getting anyway because I didn't know where Derek kept his whiskey and Stephen hid his alcohol in his room.

When I come back with his beer I notice he's put the white powdered pockets of drugs on the table, handing him his beer I continue to stand awkwardly.

"Want to test the product?" He asks all businesslike. I shake my head quickly. I wouldn't ever touch the stuff and even if I did take drugs, I would never take Derek and Stephens, they're the type of people to mark the milk bottle to notice if anyone's been drinking it besides them.

"You don't partake?" He questions head tilted "No, of course you don't, you're a good girl I can tell." He answers for himself. "Won't you sit down?"

I want to shake my head again but he wasn't really asking. Knowing I was going to regret this I move to sit as far from him on the sofa as possible. He watches me while taking gulps of his beer.

"How old are you?" He asks suddenly.


"And what happened at Greg's... is that usual? Have you gone over to fuck him before for drugs?" My eyes widen at his crassness but shake my head no.

"So, I kind of saved you then didn't I. What about here. Does Derek fuck you? What about the other guy? Stephen..? They clearly don't mind passing you onto someone so I'd find it hard to believe if you said they didn't." I wanted to shake my head again but I could tell he somehow knew I would be lying, so instead I nodded.

"You're own dad" He couldn't hide the disgust on his face.

"He's not my dad... he just tells people that. He's my stepdad." I whisper the truth.

"Still... he's got a fetish there doesn't he. Do you like it? Do you tease them, you look like a tease." He slides a little closer to me and I stand up.

"I'll go get your money." I say without answering him, he didn't deserve an answer. I'd left the money in the kitchen when I'd gotten him a beer so I'd have a reason to get away from him if he tried anything.

Turning away from him was a bad idea, and it wasn't until his arms circled around me and held me against his front that I realised I shouldn't have turned my back to him.

He swept my hair to one side of my neck so my ear was free and leant down to whisper unnecessarily - we were obviously alone.

"Yes" he purrs making me shudder "you're definitely a tease." I felt his lips trailing along my neck and it snapped my out of my shocked trance. I struggled against his hold on me which only caused him to hold on tighter, painfully tight.

"Get off me!" I shout wiggling against him. Hearing him hiss I at first think I've hurt him but then he groans and I feel him hard against my back. I freeze.

"Don't stop there baby, I was enjoying that." He chuckles sinisterly in my ear again before his lips latch back onto my neck and shoulder.

"You're disgusting. Get off!" I try again. In reality he wasn't bad to look at, early thirties, strong jaw with a slight smattering of stubble, chocolate brown eyes, he probably turned a few heads, why would he want to force himself on a girl.

Angered at my words he turns me around, keeping my plastered against him. Fisting my hair he pulls my head back to look at him "Don't fucking talk to me like that sweetheart, my patience isn't long."

Keeping my head stiff and tilted towards him he finally puts his lips on mine. My attempt to move my head is futile and only makes him pull harder so my neck is tight and bent at an angle that's making it hard to breathe.

In a bid to make him loosen his grip I move my lips against his; a tactic I know works on Derek, but not on Stephen. I wonder which type he is.

His grip moves from my hair to the back of my neck still holding on tight but allowing my head to move down and back into place, his other hand that is on my hips moves under my top and slithers around my back trailing up and down my spine. Its nauseating and I try to move out of his hold just a little. I think it's working, until I realise he's moving us backwards. Not me.

I feel his tongue try to pry it's way into my mouth and keep my lips sealed shut, my hands go to his chest and push firmly. He's like a brick wall, and then I feel my back against a real brick wall. I'm trapped, the only chance of escape is the body in front of me and there's little to no way he's going to stop until he's got what he wants.

I push against him again and his lips detach from my now unmoving ones.

"Let's move this to the bedroom shall we?" Again, he's not really asking but this time I won't keep quiet.

"No, stop! Please... Stephen will be home any minute anyway, just take the money and leave, please." I beg pathetically.

"You think I care what time that fucker comes home, which by the way isn't for at least another hour, don't lie to me ever again. Now shut up and lead the way." I cry miserably but continue to shake my head.

The slap actually came as a surprise, but the firm grip on my arm dragging me to the stairs doesn't and I continue to fight and cry until we're outside Stephens bedroom.

"No, I'm not allowed in there without him! Please, he'll kill me." I pull back and know I'm aiding in the bruises forming on my upper arm.

Mike breathes out deeply before mercifully moving to the next bedroom. This ones mine.

I get thrown to my mattress and try to jump from it, I'm not fast enough and Mikes body is covering mine again, pushing me harder into the mattress on the floor. In a move I should have been ready for as it's the usual way I'm restrained; my hands are grabbed into one of his and moved above my head. His legs are either side of my hips and I cry even harder. I should be used to this, but it never gets easier.

Another slap does it's job in freezing my tears.
"Good girl." He praises, pleased he didn't have to explain his reasons for slapping me.

He lifts my top up over my head and ties it over my wrists, using it as a new restraint so he can have both hands free, which he then uses to slowly and painfully drag over my body, pinching and pulling at my skin.

When they reach out to his belted jeans, I try once again to plead with him... It doesn't work.

I try to block him out. Block it out like I always do.

He gets up and re dresses after untying my top from my wrists. I grab the small, thin blanket and pull it over my naked body. I don't look at him while he leans back down to kiss the top of my head and say he'll let himself out.

"Don't forget the money in the kitchen." I say emotionlessly. I didn't want him to have to come back to get it.

I hear the front door open and close. I should get up and get washed but I can't move. I can't breath, and I feel a sharp pain in my chest that makes my hands cover and rub in an attempt to ease the stabbing sensation.

I panic even more because I think I must be dying but minutes pass and I'm still alive and then the pain slowly ebbs away as well, enough for me to get into the shower and scrub him off me.

Derek and Stephen won't notice the red marks or the bruises, they'll just assume one of them did it. But the slaps to the face have discoloured my cheek slightly and they would know that wasn't them; they don't go near my face anymore. I grab some concealer and hide the one mark they'd question.

"Alex, why is all this coke lay out on the table?" I hear Stephen yell out from the lounge. Shit! I didn't clear up.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? What if I'd brought some body home. Are you fucking tapped in the head or did you do it on purpose?" I'm in the hallway and see him coming up the stairs. He's fuming and I can't think of a good lie to get myself out of this.

His hand is around my throat before I can say anything anyway. Typical Stephen, any excuse or no excuse. He doesn't care.

"Let's have this chat in my room."
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