A Charmed Life

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Chapter twenty

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I wake to my phone vibrating against my leg, I'm in bed but still fully dressed, after a moment of confusion I remember the night before and how I'd humiliated myself by having a panic attack in front of the Spencer's.

I had no recollection of anything after I'd fallen asleep and assumed one of them had put me to bed.

The vibrations start up again and I dig my hand into my jean pocket and pull my phone out. The harsh light burns my eyes and I squint at the name: Cameron.

I quickly check the time and see its almost 4 in the morning... and I have at least 8 missed calls off him.

"Cameron?" I answer groggily, even though I know it's him.

"You forgot." His gruff voice is laced with something I'm familiar with, anger and alcohol.

Forgot....? And then the lightbulb in my head flicks on. I was supposed to call him when I got home.

"Crap, I'm sorry... I - I fell asleep. Cameron... I'm so so sorry." I stop because I don't know what else to say.

"I was one, just one more missed call away from breaking this door down. Nerdy..." he breathes heavily. "Come outside... please."

Outside?! As in. Right. Friggin'. Outside. My eyes bug out.

"You're right outside!?"

His tipsy laugh makes me want to smile but the worry that someone will see, or hear him has me shushing him and jumping out of bed, I quickly find my shoes while I hear him try to stop chuckling.

"Just come out, I need to see you. I need... to make sure you're okay." He explains.

I'm creeping my way downstairs and towards the front door, hoping and praying there's no alarm system I'm not aware of.

I thankfully make it silently to the front door and grab the keys hooked up on the wall to unlock and open it, Cameron is leaning against a pillar when he finally sees me.

Still talking through the phone he whispers a hello, before giving my a huge grin like he's proud I made it downstairs without a hiccup.

"Hi" I whisper back through the phone looking straight at him. I click the phone off and look to the car behind Cameron. Did he drive here? I squint again and see a silhouette behind the wheel.

Cameron follows my gaze "Thats Chuck, my buddy. My old pal. My palerino." I try really hard not to smile at his drunken words.

"What are yo-you doing h-here?"

"Do you know how cute your stutter is?, I know you hate it. But it's.. what's the word, what's the word... oh! It's cute, wait did I already say that?"

I allow of burst or laughter to flow from me before I clamp up again. Looking behind me to make sure no one heard us or was coming down the stairs, I pull the door to an almost close and walk closer to Cameron.

"It's not cute. It's aw-awkward." I get out with only one blunder.

"It's cute." Cameron repeats putting emphasis on the T at the end before grinning again. Somehow it didn't sound condescending when it came from Cam. Maybe it only did when Martin commented on it.

"But I'm mad at you." He remembers and his grin is replaced with a frown. A bad attempt at a frown as his eyes are still twinkling with earlier cheer.

"I'm sorry." I repeat.

"I don't blame you. You fell asleep. Everyone does that. I do it a lot. Especially in Peters class." He chuckles again.

"I just wanted to come see you and make sure you made it and that you were okay... and I've said that twice now and... I guess there's nothing else for me to say, so... I'm just going to leave, with Chuck- did I tell you about Chuck? My pal? He drove me here when I text him. What a friend right? Even when he was doing other stuff... and by other stuff I mean a chick" he winks and I blush "Ha Chuck was with a chick." He laughs loudly and I automatically put my hand over his mouth to quieten him.

His hot breath is blowing over my palm and I go to remove my hand but Cameron grabs a hold of it and holds it over his mouth, staring down at me with too much emotion I can't decipher any of them.

He finally moves both our hands down, keeping them together before he looks up at me and smiles.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to be so loud... I'm really going to go this time." He lets my hand drop and I grab both of my own together to lock in the warmth his own grip had given me.

"I'll see you on Monday" he salutes before opening Chucks car door and stepping inside. As I hear his side shut I rush towards it and wait for him to bring the window down. I ignore his friend because I know if I registered another person I'd ending up standing there and not saying anything.

"Thank you... for coming to ch-check on me, sober up and I- I'll see you on Monday." I then tilt my head to his friend. "Thanks for bringing him" I whisper so quietly I'm not sure he hears me but then I see him extend a nod my way and start up his car.

"Bye Nerdy." Cameron says out the window as they drive away and out of sight.

The smile I have on my face while I lock the front door back up soon opens up in a silent scream when a voice speaks up behind me.

"Who was that?"

I spin around with a tiny squeak still aware that the majority of the house will be and should be asleep. Everyone except Nathan Spencer it would seem.

"Jesus," I exhale. "You scared me."

"Well maybe if you weren't meeting lovers at 4 in the morning-" I choke on my spit.

"Lo-lover?! No, no, no no no, that-that's no-not what tha-that was." My hands are flapping in front of me.

"Relax, I won't tell anyone." Nathan smiles warmly at me. This is the first proper interaction we've had with each other, and clearly his first impressions of me are of some hussy that sneaks boys into a house she's barely lived in for a week.

"That's kind of you... but it- it really wasn't... whatever you're thinking. He... he was just... making sure I was okay. After... after the party. That's all"

"Why wouldn't you be okay? Did something happen?" He teasing turns to worry and my heart warms at his genuine concern for me.

"I'm hungry." I announce. Finally calmed down enough to speak without a flaw "Want a 4 am snack with me?" I lead us to the kitchen quietly.

"Nothing happened." I start with, just to ease his still stressed out little self. "Jamie and Lucas saw me talking to Cam and kind of... blew up a bit, Cameron just w-wanted to make sure- that I wasn't in trouble I guess."

"Oohhh, that makes sense. That was Cameron Fitzgerald wasn't it? I've heard of him. No wonder Jamie and Lucas weren't happy you were talking to him. The things I've heard him do... not that I believe most of it, and I always like to gauge my own opinions on people by actually talking and getting to know them... unlike my brothers who veer on the more cautious side." Nathan explains while he accepts the bag of cookies I hand to him.

Pouring us two glasses of milk I sit across from him. We dunk our cookies in silence for a minute and it's peaceful, it doesn't feel like it has to be filled.

"Why are you still dressed?" Nathan randomly asks. "You guys were already home when we got back... mom checked on you and said you were fast asleep..."

I wondered if any of them had told their parents about what had happened. I guess I would find out in the morning, I couldn't recall telling them to keep it to themselves as I had with Aiden so if they'd spoken out already there was nothing I could be annoyed about, besides Sandra and Karl were aware of my attacks so it wouldn't be new information.

"Oh. I fell asleep in the car, one of the guys must have put me to bed. I reckon they thought It'd be a bit inappropriate to change me."

"I can only imagine how they tried to justify changing you before morals won out." He chuckles into his glass and I copy him.

We talk a little more about random things while we finish the milk and cookies, and then follow each other up the stairs to go to our respective rooms to attempt to get back to sleep before the rest of the family got up for the day.

My first week here had already been packed with drama, I wonder what the next one would be like.
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