A Charmed Life

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Chapter twenty two

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Lucas, Sam and Jamie walked back into the kitchen. I automatically looked to Lucas before casting my eyes downwards again.

Kelly stood up "I'm going to go call my parents and let them know the plan for today." It was a great excuse to leave the kitchen. She didn't want to be in the middle of this. I didn't want to be in the middle of this.

"This is unnecessary." I started still looking at the table.

"No, it's not Alex." Lucas spoke up. My head shot up, eyes wide at him. "I acted like a dick - sorry mom. I was out of line last night regardless of your panic attack. I don't know why I blew up like that... The drink probably didn't help - sorry mom. I never should have spoken to you like that it was uncalled for and I'm just disgusted with myself." I'd never seen Lucas look so upset, and at himself.

I looked around the table; everyone looked troubled at seeing the joker or the family so downtrodden. This was my fault. Honestly the things he'd said weren't even bad compared to what I'd been called in my life. I think the only insult he threw at me was calling me stupid for going into a room with a guy I'd only known for a week. It had been stupid. I had been stupid. I didn't regret my actions, there was a comfort to Cameron and a trust that I usually wouldn't have with anybody.

I didn't want to be around these people right now. I needed that comfort.

I stood up wordlessly, shaking my head as I ran towards the kitchen door and out towards the drive way and the gate. He shouldn't have been apologising to me. I didn't understand why I wasn't the one in trouble. Why I wasn't being hit or shouted at... I was to blame.

I could hear them shouting my name but I continued through the gate and onto the street, turning right I carried on down the road until the house was no longer in sight.

A little further up was a coffee shop and as I made my way towards it I pulled my phone from my pocket. Declining the incoming call from Aiden. I clicked on Cameron's name.

"Is this my punishment," he greeted groggily. I'd woken him up. "It's not even in the Pms yet. Why are you calling me so early?"

"I- I'm sorry. Never mind. Go- go back to sleep." Even I could hear the tremble in my voice.

"Alex, what's wrong?" He sounded much more alert now.

"Nothing. I - I don't know why I called. I'm sorry."

"Where are you? What's happened? And don't say nothing." His voice was stern.

"Some coffee place," I looked at the sign "Moonbeam coffee shop. I just - I - wanted to hear your voice." I cringe at how cheesy that sounds. "I'm fine though. N-Nothings happened." I reassure him.

"I have to watch my sisters today while moms at work. Want me to come get you and you can help me?" I hear the smile in his voice.

Twenty minutes later I'm sat in Cameron's car and we're driving towards his house. After ignoring several more calls off different Spencer siblings I start to regret my decision to run off. It had seemed rational at the time; I didn't want to be around them when their reactions didn't add up to me, and so I'd left.

"What's wrong with me?" I moan out loud, putting my head in my hands and squeezing.

"I'm not touching that one. Let's get back to mine, and you can tell me what happened."

"I can't. I c-can't explain it. It doesn't even make sense to me." Not to mention Id have to go into detail about my life for him to even try to understand what I was feeling.

Was Cameron someone I wanted to let in? To finally tell someone about what had happened to me.

I decided it best to let them know I was safe so I text Aiden (his name had popped up more times than the others) before turning my phone off. It was a quick message: I'm fine. With a friend. Needed to get out of the house. I'm sorry.

Camerons home was a basic two bedroom house, attached to a row full of basic two bedroom houses.

There were two girls sat in the living room watching some kids show. One looked to be Carla's age and the other probably Bens.

"Piper, Becky, this is Alex. Alex, these are my annoying sisters I've been blessed to look after."

"And a bang up job you're doing, leaving us alone for 45 minutes. I should call child helpline on you." Piper, the oldest spoke out, keeping a smirk on her face.

"You're thirteen Pip, I shouldn't even have to watch you at this age. So I'm sure you can survive 45 minutes without me. Now quit being rude and say Hello to my guest."

"Hi Alex, my advice to you, don't sleep with him. You'll regret it." My mouth dropped open.

"Piper! What the hell? You little shit, what have I said about talking like that, you're thirteen. Act like it." Cameron was outraged but when a small laugh escaped my mouth his shock turns to amusement.

"You think that's funny? That my little sister is trying to coc- erm, trying to stop me from having friends."

"Dude you c block yourself. I didn't say the work so you can't tell mom." Piper was a riot and exactly what I needed to distract me from my problems.

"It was as good as. Stop talking like that in front of your little sister." The sister in question was still watching her program and hadn't even acknowledged anyone. She would get along with Ben.

"Let's go upstairs Alex, away from these little monsters. Shout me only if there's an emergency." Cameron led me out of the room.

"Wrap it up at-least. We don't want mini Cameron's running around." Was pipers final words before she went back to watching the show with Becky.

I waited until we were in his room before collapsing with laughter.

"She's a spit fire isn't she." I managed to compliment through my chuckles.

"She's disgusting. What thirteen year old girl talks like that?" He was smiling as he insulted her.

"Probably one who has y-you as a brother, you don't have much of a filter yourself."

My laughter had died down, and reality had risen again.

"Ohh, do I need to go get her again so she can insult me and make you laugh?"

Cameron walked towards his bed and flopped down before patting the space next to him.

"Don't worry, I'll wrap it up." He chuckles and I shake my head before choosing to sit on his chair instead.

"Your room is nice." I say, it was the truth but it was also so I had something to say. I was still unsure if I was going to put my whole trust in him and tell him my story.

"So... you want to talk, or...?" He wiggles his eyebrows and smirks at me "I'm kidding. Or watch some TV, that's what I was going to say. Jeez keep your mind out of the gutter. You're worse than my sister." His teasing grin turns serious.

"I know we don't really know each other, and I'm sure you've heard enough about me to not trust me but I'm actually a decent guy if I do say so myself and if you wanted to get anything off your chest then I'm here for you... or we can just have sex to get your mind of things, or watch Tv, I'm down for any of those things, or all... in whatever order suits you best." He's grinning cheekily at the end of his speech but I believe him, even his last statement that had me giving him a reprimanding glare.

"I'm betting once I t-tell you what's on my chest, you're n-not going to want to do the other two things on that list."

Sitting up, he motions for me to start.

Here goes nothing...
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