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Chapter twenty six

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Chapter Twenty six.

I waved at the girls and Cameron once he'd dropped me off at the door, I watched them reverse back out of the driveway and waited a minute more just because I somehow still wasn't ready to go into the house and deal with everything.

Breathing deeply I schooled my expression and walked inside.

They were all stood in the hallway.

I wanted to bolt again, they must have heard the car pull up and got ready to greet me, either that or they'd been standing there for hours.

Taylor and Ben weren't present and neither was Kelly, but Aiden stood tallest at the back, along with the rest of the family, I didn't look him in the eye. I didn't look any of them in the eye. I kept my sights downwards scuffing my shoes on the floor.

"Oh Alex, I'm so glad you're back." Sandra was the first to say, the relief was palpable and it made me feel even worse for reacting the way I had.

I forced myself to look upwards and take in all of their faces, each of them looked part relieved, part concerned.

"I'm sorry." I started, voice so quiet they all had to inch closer to hear me. "I'm sorry that I ran. It- it was childish, I - you, I wasn't used to- to that kind of reaction when I'd done something wr-wrong. I just - needed to get out - but I kn-know I sho-shouldn't have."

"Alex, we were just worried when we couldn't find you. You're apart of the family and we took you in without thinking you might not automatically fall into the same routine as us or know how we deal with issues. We never should have pressured you into fixing what happened between you and Lucas, without checking if you would be comfortable with us all there. It's just how we've always solved family problems." Karl spoke soft but firm, willing me to believe his every word.

"I know. I'm sorry." I said directly to him.

"It's okay, just, don't scare us like that again, okay?" He smiled kindly at me and I was able to return a small one.

Lucas moved out of the family group they'd created and walked towards me. I stood firm and didn't step backwards when he was almost chest to chest with me. I knew, just by looking at him he wouldn't hurt me.

His arms came around me and pulled me into his embrace, his chin landed softly on my head and he waiting patiently for me to wrap my arms back around him.

"I'm sorry Alleycat," he whispered to me. "Say you'll forgive me, I promise I won't act like a dick to you ever again."

I couldn't help the chuckle that shook out of me. I wanted to cry in relief but I contained myself. It was a lot easier to believe and accept his apologies now, especially when it felt like it was just the two of us.

"Can you really keep that promise, you'd have to ch-change your entire personality." I said into his chest, feeling him laugh against me soothed me more than I thought it would, my heart calmed and I felt at peace with him.

"I'll let that slide this time Alleycat," he chuckled before I felt him kiss the top of my head and then let go, only to wrap his arm around me and face us both towards the rest of the group.

"It's okay, we've kissed and made up." He joked, Lucas was back to being Lucas again.

"Good, now we would like to talk to Alex alone, so can every shoo, you can all speak to her later." Sandra commanded softly and motioned for me to follow her, Karl was right behind her.

I nervously walked into the room before Karl closed the door. Sandra pointed to a chair and I sat across from them.

"Let me just start by saying how impressed I am of you letting Lucas hug you then, I can't believe how far you've come since being here you should be so proud." Sandra beamed at me genuinely and I warmed at her words.

"Although you are doing so well, I was reminded this morning how different and difficult these changes must all be for you. I recall on our first visit the doctor and your social worker both mentioning how beneficial it would be, if you wanted to seek some therapy?" She looked towards Karl for some support while I took in everything she has said.

Therapy... telling a stranger everything I'd been through...

"I know numerous doctors I could contact for you, if you were open to this idea, I truly do believe it would help in your adjustment." Karl grabbed ahold of Sandras hand in unity.

"It might also help that you have someone to talk to the closer it gets to the trial and when we find out from the lawyers if you'll have to testify in court. Of course I'm fighting for it to be a video testimony so you don't have to be there, but should things not go in our favour it might be nice to have another person to talk to."

He made valid points, and it did help when I'd told Cameron parts of my life today, maybe getting it all out would help me stop worrying all the time, or they could answer why sometimes I act fine around people and how certain triggers cause me to going into panic mode.

"Okay. I guess that could work." I finally said and they both smiled proudly at me making me feel better about my choice.

"Great, I'll get in touch with some people I know and hopefully by Monday we can have an appointment set up for you." Karl jumped up clapping his hands together.

I stayed in the room a little longer after they'd both left, just as I was about to retreat back to my room the door opened again. It was Nathan.

"Hey." He nodded to me awkwardly, "Did you get told off by mom and dad?" He worriedly asked.

"No, they just w-wanted to make sure I'm okay." I said, I wanted to ease his concerns for me but I was also extremely grateful he still cared.

"I didn't mean t-to lie last night, it just - it seemed easier I guess." I badly explained.

"No it's alright, you didn't actually lie, just left some bits out that's all. If you wanted to talk about anything I'm actually an amazing listener and not to toot my own horn but I give incredibly advice." His smile was infectious and I couldn't help grinning back at him.

"Oh yeah, I can see that about you." I agreed teasingly. "I appreciate it. When I'm r-ready, I'll come talk to you." He actually did have this aura of ease about him that probably made him a great person to confide in.

"Good, now I'm pretty sure Sam wants to talk to you, but he's a little unsure, so, because I give great advice, I'm going to advise you, that it's probably better if you seek him out. I can take you to his room if you want?" I nodded and followed Nathan up the stairs and then up another flight of stairs until we reached a single door.

Nathan knocked firmly and then winked at me before skipping down the stairs and out of sight. He was gone before Sam opened the door.

"Alex." He said surprised.

"Hey... uhm... h-how are you f-feeling? Still hun-hungover?" I asked when nothing else came to mind.

"No, I'm alright now I've eaten. Uhm... did you want to come in my room?"

I nodded and waited until he moved back for me to come inside. It took him a minute before he realised he hadn't and let me in, cheeks tinted pink with embarrassment.

I looked around at all his art work and music posters while he stood looking at me.

"Oh sorry, uhm you can sit down..." he moved the strewn clothes off his bed and then threw them in his closet only to pull a face and grab them back out again to put them in his laundry basket.

"They need washing." He was flustered and it made me even more comfortable with him which seemed odd and slightly cruel that his discomfort eased mine.

I sat at the edge of his bed and smiled as genuinely as I could - I didn't know if it worked or if it scared him more, I didn't know what my smile actually looked like anymore, I must remember to check it out in the mirror later.

"I just wanted to come and say sorry, for running off. I didn't mean to worry anyone." My words were quiet but once again his nervousness eased me of mine and my words came out stutter-less.

"Oh, yeah its fine. I mean, we were worried obviously. Uhm but, it's fine. I mean... I kind of understand, it's a bit much... just us in general. So when we go all 'let's fix it together' I'd like to run out sometimes." He smiled down at me, his nerves calmed down enough that he wasn't tapping his feet against the floor anymore.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just not used to conflict being resolved in a house. It threw me a little and I tend to flight instead of fight." I answer honestly earning a nod of understanding.

"I'm the same. I don't do well with conflict, I mean I'm protective of my family and friends... and even though I'm probably crapping myself I will go against someone trying to hurt them." he laughs at himself.

"It's weird how overly confident everyone else is in the house, if I didn't look exactly like them I'd be sure I was adopted."

I didn't like the way he was talking about himself and a need to protect and boost his confidence rises inside me.

"I think your stronger than you think you are, I wish I had your strength to even fight for friends and family. I'd probably just run away - I'm good at that. You don't give yourself enough credit." I watched his mouth twitch into a smile at my words.

"Thanks Alex, you were always there to big me up, even as kids you had my back making me feel stronger than I am. Glad you're back at it." We grinned at each other before I stood up and walked towards his door.

"I should go, I've got a few more apologies to make before the days out." He nodded and watched me walk down the stairs before I heard his door shut again.

Now... who's next?
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