A Charmed Life

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Chapter twenty eight

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Chapter Twenty Eight.

I spent most of Sunday outside with the Spencer's, Matt and Ollie had come round as well, and I was watching Matt in all in ginormous glory pick Carla up and launch them both into the lake, when she surfaced she tried to look menacing as she stalked him through the water and tried to dunk his head under, it was futile though, he was just so much bigger than her.

It surprised me how easily they got on and how much he teased her when he usually had such a brooding look on his dark face.

When Carla came to sit next to me and resume her sunbathing I had to ask. "How long have you known Matt and Ollie?"

I looked over at the other none Spencer who was helping Jamie and Karl start the barbecue.

"Seems like forever, they've been around ever since we moved here and it's weird if they're not here at least once during the week. Summers the worst, they practically move in." She moaned, but I saw her grin and knew she loved having them around.

"Can I tell you something I've never told anyone, not even mom?" She scooted closer to me and looked around her to make sure no one was in listening range.

"I've had like, the biggest crush on Matt forever and I know he only sees me like a sister and I am almost 5 years younger than him but I can't help it. He looks so tough but have you seen his dimples and his body." She fanned herself jokingly that I couldn't help laughing along with her.

"He's a super cutie as well, he's always making sure I'm okay, and he's really funny, but I know it's just a stupid crush that isn't going anywhere."

From what I'd seen it did seem to look like he was teasing her in a brotherly way, but what did I actually know about real affection.

"I'm just hoping when I get older he'll realise I'm the love of his life and marry me." She said, still looking over at him, he was now jumping in the lake with Lucas and Nathan.

"Well, you're gorgeous, smart and funny so I can't see what he wouldn't be able to see in you. Just wait until your older... much older before you start going out with boys." I praised and warned her at the same time.

She nudged me with her shoulder in thanks before jumping back up and going to play with Ben and Taylor in their own kiddie pool.

I watched her in her bikini and then looked over at Sandra, wearing denim shorts over the top of her bathing suit. They looked so comfortable wearing so little and I felt envy that they were also not sweating away like me; I had jeans on and a long sleeved round neck top.

Sandra had asked if I wanted to borrow anything from her as I was much bigger in the chest and hips area to fit in anything Carla owned, but I declined. She had actually purchased me plenty of clothes and I was sure bathing suits were hidden in my wardrobe somewhere.

As the sun rose up and got hotter during the day I contemplated putting shorts on and leaving the T-shirt. It was mostly my back I didn't want anyone to see, sure I'd prefer to be covered up completely and not show my body but did I want to melt in the process.

My legs were sticking to my jeans and that's when I finally decided to go upstairs and change. I chose some flowery shorts that came mid thigh and plucked up the courage to change my top into a short sleeved white v neck that I tucked into my shorts.

Feeling much cooler I came back outside and decided to sit at the table where everyone seemed to be piling their plates high.

I sat next to Aiden and Ollie, listening to Ollie talk about some soccer game I caught Aiden filling up a second plate, but before I could call him out on being a pig he placed it in front of me.

This was the second time he'd gotten my food ready and I don't think he even subconsciously knew he was doing it, it just seemed automatic and natural for him to feed me.

"What?" He asked when I continued to stare at him.

"Nothing." I muttered smiling up at him before I started digging in "Thanks." I nodded to my plate.

I could feel him staring at me for a minute longer before he too started on his food, I couldn't stop the grin on my face, he was always looking after me.

Once we were finished I helped clear up, Lucas nudged me while taking some of the leftovers in.

"Nice legs Alleycat!" He teased before moving in front of me. It was the first comment any of them had made about my change of clothes and I was glad it was nearing the end of the day.

"Alex catch me!" Ben shouted and I instinctively turned around and opened my arms for him to jump into me, his wet body stuck to me and he laughed before flicking his hair at me shocking me with cold drops of water.

I put him down and started to tickle him for my revenge but soon gave in when he shouted his apology.

When I lifted up to let him run back outside I noticed Lucas was no longer looking at my legs, and then Jamie and Aiden walked into the kitchen too, only to freeze as well when the looked at me.

When Carla pushed through her brothers to get through she noticed the same thing I had, but instead of being confused she got mad.

"You little perverts! You're worse than dogs with a scrap of meat. Get a life the lot of you." Carla rounded in on her brothers and I frowned in confusion before taking the time to see where their gazes had actually stopped.

Looking down I squealed before wrapping my arms around my top... My completely see-through top, you could see everything; my bra was visible as was the top part of my breast that weren’t covered in the cups. I may as well have whipped my top off.

I walked swiftly out of the kitchen and ran to my bedroom before ripping the top off to find another to cover myself with.

My bedroom door swung open and I screamed trying to cover my body and turn quick enough that he didn't see my back.

"F*ck! Sorry Alex" Aiden shouted before turning himself around, only to just as quickly turn back around and stare at me as I wrapped my arms around me to cover my front.

"What the hell was that on your back?"

"Wh-what?" I said trying to slow my racing heart.

Aiden looked unsure about what he'd seen before moving closer into the room and shutting the door.

"Turn around Alex." He commanded softly.

"N-no, I'm pr-practically n-naked. Get out."

Please leave, please leave.

He tried to walk around me but I shifted so I was constantly facing him.

"I n-need to ge-get dressed Aiden,"

His eyes moved over my shoulder squinting, before he hissed in a deep breath and his face turned murderously angry.

"What the f*ck are they?!" He raged.

I looked quickly over my shoulder too, only to realise I'd stupidly stood in front of my mirror. Aiden could see all the scars; the thick lines from belts and the circles from cigarette burns.

I started to weep, I was embarrassed and ashamed he'd seen them.

As soon as I started crying he swept towards me and wrapped me in his arms but I fought to get out of them. I'd seen the look on his face, the disgust. He couldn't lie to me this time.

"Get off me!" I seethed when I couldn't push him away. I don't think he'd ever felt that kind of hatred flow through me before.

It was enough to get him to release me, I didn't look at him as I walked to my closet and grabbed a top, as soon as I was dressed I stormed towards my door, if he wasn't leaving then I sure as hell was.

I should have known he'd see my plan and stop me; he blocked the doorway. I tried to pull him out of my way getting more irate when I couldn't get him to budge even a little bit.

"Stop Alex!" He yelled at me. "I'm sorry I walked in on you! Now tell me who hurt you! Was it that teacher?" The anger and revulsion was still strong on his face.

I hissed at him. "Move. I'm done talking to you."

"You're not going anywhere until you explain yourself to me. You owe me that." He demanded.

"I don't owe you shit! Are you going to hurt me too if I don't do as I'm told!" I knew what I'd said was low, I also knew he wouldn't hurt me, but it was the only way he was going to move.

I was mortified he'd seen my weakness, what I'd allowed to happen to my body... and I channelled it into rage.

It worked and he stepped out of my way, his expression showed me I'd hurt him and before I could leave the room he did so first, slamming it closed.

I pressed my ear against the door and listened to him walk to his room before slamming his shut too.

Sliding down with my back against the door I let my pain come forward. Tears streamed down my face as memories of beatings flashed in front of me mixed in with Aidens repulsed face.

I messaged Sandra that I was going to bed early with a headache and didn't want anyone disturbing me. She would relay the text to everyone so I could be alone.

Crawling into bed I let the pillow soak up my tears and tried to sleep the rest of the day away.
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