A Charmed Life

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Chapter twenty nine

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Chapter Twenty nine.

Stephen had me pinned down, my front pushed into the floor while he ripped my top off revealing my back.

"You just never learn do you?" He laughed menacingly.

"Please." I whimpered "I'm sorry."

I heard his belt buckle loosen and tried to wriggle from his hold, he grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled my head back only to slam it painfully down.

I squeezed my eyes shut to try to block out the pain, I felt nauseous and disoriented which gave Stephen enough time to have his belt wrapped tightly around his wrist.

"Don't forget to count Princess." He said before slamming the leather down and across my back.

The scream I wanted so badly to keep in launched too easily out of me.

"One." I choked out, I knew not to disobey him about counting, he never bluffed about handing out more pain.

Derek walked into the living room when I was barely breathing out the number five.

"Pass me that Derek." Stephen asked, I couldn't lift my head to look at what he had though, I had no strength left in me.

I didn't feel the burn at first, it seemed to grow after he lifted the now identifiable cigarette off my back. He would make me count to five with these as well, never going too far that I'd need hospitalising.

"Keep counting." He said as he dug the hot stick into my skin deeper.

I screamed out, begging him to stop, he never did.


"Alex! Wake up!" I was being shaken awake and I jumped up, instinctively pushing the person touching me away.

My face was wet with tears and I blinked to try to stop them while I looked over at Aiden, I'd clearly woken him up again with my screaming and felt even more uncomfortable that it was him who had to come and saved me, even from my nightmares.

"Sorry." I whispered.

He moved towards me and I quickly lifted my legs up and wrapped my arms around them. He halted before snorting unkindly.

"Oh that's right, you think I'm going to hurt you. Next time I'll just leave you then yeah." He went to leave and I scrambled out of the bed to stop him.

This time I wrapped my arms around his chest, leaning my body into his back.

"Please, I'm sorry. I know you wouldn't hurt me. Don't go." It was the complete opposite of how I'd felt earlier, but the nightmare had shook me and I didn't want to be alone. I also wanted to apologise and explain.

Before I'd managed to go to sleep, I rationalised that of course he would have been shocked at seeing my scarred back like that. I hoped the look on his face had been at the treatment I must have had to endure to receive the scars. I knew my earlier reaction was due to being self conscious and ashamed.

I felt him relax against me and turn me around so he was able to wrap his arms around me chest to chest.

He looked down at my still damp face and hitched breath before using his hands to softly wipe the tears away, then he touched his forehead to mine and closed his eyes, just waiting for me to calm my erratic heartbeat and breathing.

Once I was calm enough he lead me back towards the bed and sat down with me, knees bent touching mine and holding my hands on his legs he took a deep breath and looked into my eyes.

"I get that it must be hard for you, and I want you to know I would never hurt you - "

"I know" I had to interrupt, I needed him to know I believed him.

"But Alex, you have to let someone in, it's tearing you apart, you've had two nightmares since being here, or at least two that I know about through your screams. Don't you think if maybe you let someone in, told them, that it could help?" He said softly.

"Karl and Sandra are actually getting me to see some one next week... but, I want to tell you.... everything first, you were right before, I do owe you, you've always looked out for me and I do trust you." I kept my voice low but firm.

When Karl came to collect me just over a week ago I never thought I'd be telling people my secrets, especially this early on. It felt like I'd lived here for years though, and I knew that people confided in others when it felt right, not when the time frame originally set was finally met.

So I told him... I told him how Derek and Stephen used to beat me, how they used and abused me, where the scars came from, how Stephen was in fact the teacher that I'd already told him about. I didn't go into much detail obviously, he didn't need to know the specifics, just enough to get the gist of my previous living situation.

Aiden stayed quiet the entire time, just like Cameron, but I gave him longer to come around than Cam, I'd learnt it takes time for people to grasp everything I'd told them. I also knew because Aiden had known Derek it was going to be harder to digest.

"F*ck." Was the first thing Aiden said and then he went quiet again.

"F*ck" he repeated, and then he grabbed me and pulled me into his lap for an almost bone crushing hug. I tried not to freeze up but he'd noticed my first reaction and immediately set me back down again.

"Shit, sorry Alex, after everything you've just told me and I go and man handle you, I just can't believe it. Derek?, I can't believe it."

"You don't believe me?" I asked astounded, no one had ever not believed me before.

"No! No of course I believe you, I just can't believe he would do something like this..." and then his face turned dark again. "I'm going to kill him, that little f*cker. How could he do that to you! He was supposed to look after you, you were a kid for god-sake... Where did you say he was again? His company moved him?"

"Oh, uhm no, I ... I lied about that, sorry I just didn't want the questions that would have come with me saying he's in prison." I said matter-of-factly, recalling the breakfast they asked me about Derek and his whereabouts.

"Prison?! So they caught him. I still feel like that's not a good enough end to what he's done."

"Well, one of the neighbours heard a gun and when the police showed up they found Stephen dead, then me in the closet beat to crap and so they arrested Derek." I didn't miss the flinch when I mentioned how they found me but I didn't know how to sugar coat that particular part of the story.

"He killed Stephen?! Jesus, I mean I'm glad Stephens dead, but Derek really had no limits to the evil he'd do did he."

I nodded slowly, he really had seemed to commit every crime possible, to think he used to be this lovable guy who looked after me, watched Disney movies with me and tried to get me on a sugar rush from ice cream.

"Hey, it's okay now." Aiden noticed the change in my mood and reached out again to touch me, only he stopped before he did.

A burst of confidence shot through me; I didn't want him to hesitate every time he wanted to touch me, the Spencer's seemed to be overly touchy people and I didn't want that to change... something that shocked me to my core.

In my confidant state I climbed back onto his lap astride him and hugged him close to me, breathing in his comforting scent, the smell of pure Aiden. His arms were quick to wrap back around me and pull me even closer while I settled my head on his bare chest listening to his heartbeat.

"I'm so glad they can't hurt you anymore Ally, you're too pure for this world do you know that?" He whispered in my ear, his breath and words causing me to shiver deliciously.

I didn't want him to leave me tonight but I'd feel like a kid again if I were to ask him to stay with me, so I figured I'd never let go of him and he wouldn't be able to move. Much more mature.

Somehow he knew, without me saying the words how I felt and he shuffled around so his back was against the headboard and I was still attached to him.

I lifted my eyes to his and gave him a grateful smile, he brought his hand up to move a stray hair and tuck it behind my ear, my breath raised at his touch before I leant my head into his palm.

Aiden moved further down the bed so his head hit the pillow and I was now laying atop his body, I rolled off him and instead cuddled up to his side while he pulled the covers over us and brought his arm around me to keep me as close as possible.

We didn't speak anymore, all I could hear were our almost synchronised breathing and I put my head back on his chest to allow his heart beat to soothe me to sleep.
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