A Charmed Life

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Chapter thirty two

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Chapter Thirty two.

The music was just as loud as my first party but as soon as I walked through the door my body started to move with the tempo, I figured it must have been the wine coolers I'd had already, or the growing need to push past my own fears and live life like a teenager should.

"Let's go get another drink." Anna suggests and I'm right behind her, dancing my way across the living room/dance floor towards the kitchen.

"We'll wait here." Kim shouts and starts to dance with Kyle. George was once again absent; he had a video chat date with his girlfriend.

I see Sam and Ollie laughing in one corner as I'm handed a bottle.

"Want to come talk to Sam with me?" I ask Anna, who suddenly turns nervous and tries to down her drink in one go before grabbing another and nodding to me.

Giggling I lead her towards the duo who notice us coming and I watch Ollie blatantly eye me from head to toe, making me a little unsure for the first time about my outfit choice.

"Hey guys, you know Anna right?" I direct my question towards Sam, who after giving me a quick wide eyed glance at my dress and drink turns to Anna and smiles at her. He's clearly had a drink or two to give him some Dutch courage.

"Yeah, you're in my Art class right? You're water colour work is awesome." He turns slightly pink at his words and I'm surprised to see Anna equally as embarrassed.

"You really think so, thanks! I mean, I'm never going to be at your level, you truly have like amazing talent." She gushes at him. Ollie and I quickly glance at each other and mutually decide to move back and let them keep talking.

"Well that was adorable." Ollie teases and I have to laugh along with him. "Want to go dance?" He suggest and I nod, leading him towards Kim and Kyle.

After a couple of songs, it seems Ollie and Kim are getting on quite well, and Kyles already moved on towards another group of his friends, so I make my way back to the kitchen to get another drink; Anna is sat on the kitchen counter and Sam is leaning at the side of her laughing and talking.

"Woo, check you out Alley-long legs," I hear Lucas whistle and laugh at him. Grabbing a bottle I turn, tilt my head to the side, and raise an eyebrow at him while he's obviously staring me up and down.

"Didn't you promise not to be a dick ever again? I think ogling me without even trying to be subtle, is in fact a dick move." I boldly say, taking another sip of my fruity drink.

He chuckles low before shrugging "I can’t say I'm sorry, because let's face it... you look crazy good and I'm not sorry I was checking you out. But I will refrain from hitting on you, one because I respect you too much and two, I actually have my eye on a little softball player tonight, so you have her to thank that I will keep my eyes on your face at all times from now on."

"Well be sure to bring her over to meet me so I can personally thank her." I tease, he salutes me and I watch him walk over to said softball player, who immediately starts giggling at something he whispers to her and they walk back towards the dance floor.

I finally see Jamie, but realise I probably hadn't noticed him earlier, because he was lip locked with a curvy brunette, his hands were resting on her hips and she had pushed her body close to his.

It made me sigh wistfully because I knew I actually wanted something so care free as to kiss a boy at a party, or more specifically, to kiss Aiden, and I wanted my body pressed against his while he kissed me... most importantly I wanted to be able to do that without panicking.

I grabbed another drink and gulped this one a little heartier, everyone seemed to have someone tonight and I realised I knew who I wanted to be with.

Moving upstairs to a quiet room I get my phone out and fumble for Aidens number before clicking his name and pressing my phone to my ear, I listen to it ring just the once before he picks up.

"Alex, are you okay? What's wrong?" He says concerned.

"Ha! What's wrong?" I laugh, then cough, trying to sound a little less tipsy "loads of things are wrong Aidy, I'm a mess... but right now, right now, you're what's wrong. You kissed me. You. Kissed. Me. And yeah I freaked out which is totally not hot! Whatever, maybe it takes practice who knows, Dr Greene thinks one day I'll be able to have a normal relationship with somebody, but I don't want somebody... I want you, but you have Shelly - no not Shelly, rhymes with Shelly... hold on it'll come to me... Kelly! Yeah you've got Kelly, and that means I have to find somebody when that's not who I want. What if somebody isn't as kind as you, or good looking or special. What if somebody turns out to be just like Derek or Stephen. I can trust you. I can't trust somebody. Anyways, I just thought I'd tell you... that you're whats wrong. Well, I think I've made my point." I finish, fully believing what I said was understandable and intelligent.

Without waiting for him to reply I click to end call, giggle a tiny bit, then think maybe I shouldn't have ended the call, he might have had something insightful to add but before I can click his name again the bedroom door opens.
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