A Charmed Life

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Chapter thirty three

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Chapter Thirty three.

Marty closes the door slowly, or at least it seems slow in my half drunken mind.

He turns to look at me and eyes my entire body, causing a shiver of fear and disgust to course through me.

I click Aidens name and then put my phone in my dress pocket, shielding the fact that I was calling someone.

"Marty, d-did you want this room, I'm sorry, I- I'll j-just be leaving." I go to walk around him, but he puts a hand on my arm halting me.

Stepping forwards until his body is pressed against mine I hear him inhale my scent before groaning very softly.

"Why would I want you to leave, I came in this room to find you. You look fucking incredible in that dress, I hope you wore it for me." He moves his head closer to my neck, nuzzling against me.

"I - I r-really should b-be go-going" I say stumbling over my words worse than I had done for weeks.

"I fucking love it when you stutter for me. I've given you time, I was hoping you'd come to me after you got bored of the Spencer's, but you stay dutifully beside them, that's why I'm so glad you came up here on your own. Did you know I was watching you, just waiting for you to be alone."

Marty had continued to stare at me during school hours but he hadn't said anything to me or to the Spencer's for weeks. I'd forgotten about him for the most part and hadn't seen him once tonight.

"Marty," I whisper. He groans again, pressing light kisses along my neck. "please," he shushes me.

His hands come up to grab my face turning it upwards and towards him, I start to move my head but his grip tightens and seconds later his lips have descended roughly on mine.

I try turning my face away from him but he's got me locked into his unmovable hold, his tongue is shoved inside my mouth and I use my hands to push against his chest with as much strength as I have, he releases my face only to grab my shoulders and slam me on the wall next to the door.

He's got my hands above my head trapped in one of his and the other, he uses to recapture my face and hold it still.

I try to kick him and succeed in getting him on the shin, it doesn't do much to deter him though, he uses his legs to dip between mine and then spread them. I try to use my heel to kick the back of his ankle instead but it doesn't bother him. I'm completely at his mercy, something I'm used to and angry tears flow down my face.

Marty lifts his lips off me, and looks at my tear tracked face in confusion. He starts to kiss my tears away, and with my mouth free I attempt to reason with him once more.

"Marty, let me go, please."

I'm shushed again.

With his mouth back in the crook of my neck he uses his free hand to trail across my body, he lifts my dress and cups me over my panties.

Suddenly the door bursts open and Lucas and Matt come storming in, we're so close to the door that it takes them less than a second for Matt to grab Marty and throw him to the ground.

I'm in Lucas' arms while I watch Matt straddle Marty and start punching him.

"You sick fucker!" He shouts down at him raining punch after punch.

"Matt." Lucas tries to get his attention.

"Matt," I cry, "please stop." I'm shaking against Lucas in shock and thankfully it's enough to stop Matt, he grips Marty around the neck and leans down to whisper something to him that I don't catch, Marty's face is bloodied up but I see his eyes widen at Matts words.

"Alex are you okay to walk? Aiden is on his way, he rang me using the house phone so he could stay on his phone with you, we got to you as fast as we could, I'm sorry, we should have been watching you."

I laugh through my tears and it shocks them both, we've walked out of the room now so I don't have to look at Marty moaning on the floor.

"You shouldn't have to watch me Lucas!” I yell. “Fuck! Do I have a sign on me saying victim! Do I just attract psychos, I mean I must do! It's all I've ever fucking known. I thought maybe I'd gotten away. Maybe I was through with life throwing me to the ground but no, not Alex, not easy to take advantage of Alex, she's basically asking for it. I need a drink, or ten. Someone get me a bottle of something really strong or I'm going to blow."

I'm no longer shaking in shock no, now I'm shaking it absolute rage. A part of me wants to go back in the room and continue where Matt left off, I could visualise myself kicking him and punching him.

But then I stopped, I wasn't like Derek, Stephen, or Mike... I wasn't going to turn to violence.

I look to Matt who is unsure about running to the kitchen to get me a drink and just staying with me in case I collapse. I stare down at his bloodied hands and smile up at his dark, handsome face creased with concern and anger.

"Thank you," I breath deeply "we should get you cleaned up and get some ice for those hands." I straighten up and push what just happened, including my melt down to the back of my mind.

I attempt to walk back downstairs but Lucas is still holding onto me.

"Luc, I need to get some ice for Matt, I'm okay, really, I just needed a little scream and now I'm fine again." I stroke his face and smile at him.

"Alex, what you need is for us to look after you, we need Aiden, we need to call the police-"

"Already on it little brother." Aiden interrupts. I looked over at him; the way he holds himself up so strong, I needed his strength right now. Lucas let's me go and I stumble into Aidens arms, the faux calm feeling I had just been exuding was ripped out from under me as soon as I latched on to him.

"It's okay baby, I've got you." He whispers and I let a never ending stream of tears flow out of me.

"He- he and then I tr-tried - but..."

Aiden shushes me soothingly "Get everyone outside for me in two minutes who needs a lift home and doesn't have one." Aiden demands quietly. I hear Lucas explain who was sober and who had rides.

I'm slowly walked out of the house, I don't notice anyone looking at me, so I hoped I haven't become the talk of the party. When we get outside, the cooler night breeze causes me to shiver and Aiden pulls me closer to him, rubbing his arm up and down to create warm friction.

I sit in the car and lean my head against the glass, watching Aiden talk to Lucas, Sam and Jamie, the latter two try to go around him to see me, but Aiden stops them, says something and they cease the struggle.

"Everyone's got rides, so I'm going to take you to the station okay, we have to get a statement. I know you're tired and just want to sleep, but can you stay strong for a little bit longer for me."

He thinks this is me being strong. I'm not strong. I'm weak. If I had any doubts about that they'd just been resoundingly reiterated back at me, but I nodded to him and agreed to go do a statement.


Karl and Sandra were away on a business trip and had taken the younger kids to make a weekend of it, so they wouldn't be back until Sunday evening, of which I was glad, because by the time Aiden and I got back home it was well after 3am.

The three Spencer's we'd left at the party were still awake in the kitchen though.

I'd had many messages off Kim and Anna, sending me love and asking to let me know if I needed anything; I had good friends. I reassured them nothing too horrible happened and I was okay, just tired.

It was sad to me, that this wasn't even something I would have made a big deal about; sure it shocked and scared me, but I'd have dealt with this fine on my own, to everyone else though it was huge and needed solving.

"Oh Alex you're back, do you want some hot cocoa, I'm going to make some?" Jamie says half standing up from the bar stool.

I open my arms wide and gesture for all three to come hug me which they do without hesitation.

"I'm okay guys, really, I would love some cocoa, and I'm grateful you all stayed up to see me but I'm really tired, can I take my drink and just go to bed. I promise we'll talk tomorrow... or well, later on today I guess."

Jamie was quick to make me my drink and they all followed me up stairs and to my bedroom door, I let out a small chuckle at their over protectiveness, but given why they were being like this I let my smile drop sadly.

Aiden still had hold of my hand, apart from when he'd spoken to his brothers at the party he'd kept some form of contact with us the entire night.

"Want me to stay with you until you fall asleep?" He asked, the other three didn't look surprised at his question, they just nodded goodnight to me and went back downstairs. I figured they weren't going to be getting much sleep tonight.

Without saying anything I just lead Aiden in my room by the hand, I drop it just to grab some pyjamas and when I'd changed, I climbed into bed and watched him toe his shoes off and follow me under the duvet.

He pulled me close to him and I sat up quietly sipping my warm drink, feeling it settle comfortably in my stomach and let out a strong yawn.

We finally lay down facing each other and I snuggled even closer into his embrace, using his heartbeat to lull me to sleep.
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