A Charmed Life

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Chapter thirty four

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Chapter Thirty four.

I wake up before Aiden again, and spend a good length of time just watching him peacefully sleep.

His lashes are long against his cheeks and I trail my fingers over his strong jawline - feeling the scratch from the beginnings of stubble - and back up again, tracing his gorgeous face.

His blue-green eyes open slowly and blink down at me a few times, enough time for me to stop stroking him. His smile starts to grow softly until he's grinning down at me.

"You think I don't know you've been touching my face for the last five minutes, I've had to keep still, so you thought I was asleep." My face burns at being caught, we still hadn't mentioned the phone call from last night for obvious reasons, but waking up in bed together again probably meant we needed to have a conversation.

"Sorry, I don't know why I did that." I whisper, talking to his mouth so I don't have to look up at his teasing eyes.

"If I hadn't wanted you to do it, I wouldn't have pretended to still be asleep now would I" He asks rhetorically.

"How are you feeling, about last night?"

"Honestly... it was a shock I'm not going to lie, somehow I naively thought I'd never have to deal with guys like that again, but really Aiden, it wasn't something I'd have been overly bothered about six months ago. What I think got me the most was that I have people that want to look out for me, and now they're feeling guilty as if they didn't do enough. I don't want to be a burden put on people." I stop for a moment and chuckle humourlessly.

"Dr Greene is going to have to start all over again trying to convince me I'm not some weak pathetic useless girl. I mean, if you guys hadn't found me, I know he would have got away with last night, I tried, I tried to stop him. I pushed and kicked... it was like it wasn't making any difference, I couldn't have stopped it happening and that annoys me." I shake my head defeatedly.

"Ally, look at me, you have no idea how strong you are, I don't think I know anyone who could have gone through what you have and come out the other end, you're kind, selfless, beautiful inside and out, and you have so many reasons for being cold and heartless, but you push past the hate and continue to make everyone's life around you so much brighter. People want to look out for you, not because you're a burden, but because you're worth being looked after. There will always be horrible people in the world, I wish it wasn't true, but I just thank god everyday you're not one of them, because you're truly the most amazing person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing."

My watery eyes stayed locked on his, and without thinking, I reached closer and touched my lips against his. His words had effected me so strongly that I couldn't think of anything to say or do, other than to kiss him.

He didn't hesitate to kiss me back, and I kept my mouth glued to his while I pushed my body closer. Tracing his mouth with my tongue he opened without pause and let me take lead.

This was the first kiss I'd ever initiated, and it felt so different to any other kiss I'd had, although Aiden and I's first kiss had been great, this one was phenomenal, maybe it was the emotion he'd drawn inside me from his words, maybe it was because I was the one in control I wasn't sure...

I wanted to explore though.

In a very ballsy move I swung a leg over the top of him and was now straddling his hips, I knew I'd shocked him because he stopped in his tracks for a moment before going along with me and continuing to let me kiss him.

I deepened the kiss and took his hands in mine, placing them on my hips and when I knew he'd keep them there I used mine to grab his shoulders.

This was great, much nicer than being below someone, completely at their mercy, I was in control and I knew I'd be able to lift off and stop this whenever I wanted.

Losing breath I had to let go of his mouth, but didn't stop there, I started to kiss across his face and down his neck, peppering quick pecks all over him.

His hands had been gently grabbing and squeezing my hips, still uncertain about where he was allowed to move them.

"Touch me." I whisper to him. I didn't know where this bravery had come from, but Aiden made me want to be touched, to test my limits, to see what I could achieve with people I trusted.

He slowly moved his hands under my top, trailing across my stomach and inching closer to my chest, I didn't stop him. He pauses under the cup of my sleep bra and looks at me though hooded eyes, silently asking if this was okay.

I kiss him deeply again, and he finally moves a hand over my breast causing me to let out a gasp, I push my body into his hand and moan when he circles his thumb against my bra clad nipple, his other hand lands on my thigh and tightens my leg around him.

I allow my hands to roam down his arms and back up again to run my fingers through his hair and tug slightly on the strands, I hear him groan quietly underneath me and feel a sense of accomplishment that I was doing something he enjoyed and wasn't panicking.

I could feel his excitement but I didn't want to shy from him, from it... I wasn't confident enough to become acquainted just yet, but I let my body grind slowly over him and we both moaned at the contact.

Aiden moves his face from mine "Alright, I think we need to stop now." he looks at me before bringing my mouth back down on his, after another toe curling kiss he sits up with me still on top of him.

"We really need to stop, before I can't hold back any longer." The serious look on his lust filled expression has me lifting off his body and sitting on my knees next to him.

Reality sets in.

"Aiden, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me-" he pecks my mouth effectively shushing me.

"I'm not sorry, not about you, not about what happened, the only part I regret is that I'm still in a relationship with someone else, and I clearly have no self control. I should have stopped you, I should have made myself available first before I let you do... one of the sexiest things that's ever happened to me... you really took me by surprise." He's grinning at me proudly, before sobering up once again. "But I know I should have shown more restraint. I also know we need to have a long conversation about what exactly it is that's going on here." I nod at him, guilt eating away at me that I was the reason he'd cheated on his girlfriend.

"I really like you Alex, and I know you're not ready for a relationship, but I'm happy to be here for you, as anything you need me to be... if that's what you want? Although from the phone call last night and this morning I'm guessing you're willing to see where this takes us." His smile is beaming and slightly smug when I nod at him.

"Great, first things first I need to end things with Kelly, she doesn't deserve to be treated the way I've treated her, and I'd ask that we don't do anymore like what just happened until next weekend when I can speak to her face to face. This isn't something said over the phone." I quickly agree with him.

"Okay then, now lets go get some breakfast."
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