A Charmed Life

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Chapter thirty five

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Chapter Thirty five.

Walking quietly into the living room to see Lucas, Jamie and Sam all asleep together on the couch was too cute not to photograph.

Without waking them I grabbed Aidens hand and led him into the kitchen where I started making breakfast for everyone. Aiden helped and we worked together in harmony laughing and teasing each other.

When the last of the bacon had been fried, I was finishing drizzling the icing on my cinnamon buns and didn't notice Aiden come up behind me until it was too late.

He'd reached a finger into the icing bowl and preceded to smear it across the side of my face, I turned around so my back was against the counter readying to yell at him when he bent down and licked my cheek.

"Eww," I cringe laughing at him. "Why did you need to bring my cheek into this."

"I knew it was going to taste better that way, and I was right." He chuckled at my grossed out expression.

I moved my hand behind me and surreptitiously dipped my finger into the bowl of icing.

"Don't you da-." He goes to protest but I've already run my finger across his mouth and cheek, giggling at my childish revenge.

Too quick for me to react I've been placed atop the counter with Aidens body in between my legs, and his sticky vanilla lips pressed against mine, I moan softly and subconsciously wrap my legs around him, pulling him closer.

He deepens the kiss and I sigh into his mouth opening for him to taste and explore. His mouth descends and is quickly making a trail to my neck where he sets up camp and starts to nibble and suck on my sensitive skin causing gasps and sighs to pour out of me, I tilt my head back giving him more access.

"What the fuck?"

We break away and I jump off the counter just as quickly as I’d been placed there.

All three of the recently sleeping Spencer's are now staring at us wide eyed and open mouthed.

"How long has this been going on?" Jamie asks when the shock finally wears off.

"This morning for your information, but we're... we're taking things slow... and I'd appreciate it if you would keep this between us, I haven't told Kelly yet... I'm aware that makes me a massive bastard. Alex and I just spoke about nothing happening between us until I break things off with Kelly, obviously I've less control than I anticipated." Aiden looks immensely guilty.

His brothers notice how much he was blaming himself and their instinct to reassure and help ease his pain rose within them.

"Hey, who are we to judge, we don't know the situation, but we do know you, and you'd never intentionally hurt anyone, it's been difficult and different between you and Kelly for a while now..." Lucas starts.

"We've all noticed the tension, I don't think you guys have been enjoying this long distance relationship..." Jamie continues.

"And we know you wouldn't want to hurt her unless you felt something strong with someone else..." Sam finishes.

"We just didn't actually think you'd ever have the balls to tell Alex that you're into her." Lucas bursts out laughing and his brothers join in.

Aiden doesn't though and I naturally wrap my arms around him to offer some comfort. I was as much to blame as he was in how guilt ridden he felt.

He looks down at me and softly strokes my cheek.

"I still need to be held accountable... but I don't think I can stick to not being able to touch you, I think given the circumstances I may have to do this over the phone, it seems like the chickens way out but really I just don't want her thinking we're still together any longer than is necessary. It's cruel and the more time I spend with you, the more I know I can't wait another week."

Without saying anything else he leaves the room and I know he needs to be alone for a while. It's sad that a relationship has to end, but hearing his brothers mention how they hadn't seemed happy, knowing how Aiden felt about me, and visa versa, it was definitely the right thing to do.

"I've made breakfast." I finally speak up, and grab the last of the food placing it on the table.

I make up a plate for Aiden and then do my own, keeping my head down from the boys' gaze for two reasons; I know they want to talk about what they just saw, and I know they want to talk about what happened last night. I just didn't know which one I was more scared for.

"So.... How are you feeling Alex?" Sam asks "I mean if you don't want to talk about it you don't have to." He tacks on at the end worried he'd upset me and bring up the painful memories.

"I'm alright Sammy I promise, let's have our breakfast and then we can talk, theres a few things I need to explain to you guys and its better done after we've eaten."

I was going to tell them everything, they deserved the truth... all the Spencer's did, they looked after me and loved me. They should be able to know the real me.

I owed them that much.
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