A Charmed Life

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Chapter thirty eight

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Chapter Thirty Eight.

"When are you going to forgive me?" I asked Cameron on Thursday during our last lesson.

I'd been late to class on Monday morning and somehow Kim had told Cam about Friday night, worried I was too upset to come to school.

When I finally got to the room and sat down, Cameron was glowering, I couldn't blame him; we'd been messaging each other casually over the weekend and I hadn't brought it up.

"How could you not tell me Alex!" He asked in disappointment, using my name instead of Nerdy, hurt more than I cared to admit.

"I just wanted to forget it happened. I'm sorry, we were joking and having fun, I didn't want to ruin your weekend with my problems." I tried to get him to understand I'd done it for him; he was having a great weekend with his sisters and his friends, why would I want to put a dampener on it by making him angry.

A part of me knew he'd also find Marty and I wasn't sure what he'd do... it wasn't for fear of him hurting that little creep. I just didn't want him to get in trouble; his mom needed him, and I'd never forgive myself if he were sent away and she had no one to look after the girls.

And so the days went by and he'd pretty much stopped talking to me. I'd taken a seat behind him in English, which is where I was leaning forward and trying to get him to forgive me now.

"Please Cam, I never wanted to hurt you, or lose you as a friend. Next time I'll be sure to tell you straight away." I cringed after the words came out, I'd never intended it to sound like that.

It somehow worked, and he spun in his chair "'next time', Jesus Nerdy, don't joke about things like that just to get me to talk again. I was pissed you didn't tell me, and that I had to hear about it from someone else... and don't lie that it was so I had a nice weekend or I'll stop talking to you again. Tell me the truth."

"It was partly the weekend thing so I never lied to you." I whispered at him, thankful Aiden hadn't noticed our conversation yet. "But... it was a little because I knew how angry you got last time and I didn't want you doing something you'd regret, or something that would take you away from your sister's and mom... or from me. You're my best friend Cam."

"You're too nice for your own good Nerdy." He smiled at me, showing he'd finally forgiven me and turned back around. "You owe me one though." He added without looking back.

After the lesson ended, I waited in my usual seat until everyone left. Most knew I lived with the Spencer's now and would be getting a lift so it didn't arouse any suspicion.

"Don't think I didn't notice how you weren't paying attention in my class Miss Clarkson." Aiden teased walking towards me and sitting on Cams desk.

"I'm sorry Mr Spencer, I just needed to get this whole Cam hating me thing sorted, sorry it was during your lesson." I bat my eye lashing at him in jest.

"How ever will I earn your forgiveness sir?"

He laughs deep and looks behind him to make sure the door was closed before leaning over my table and kissing me.

I melt at his touch and push my chair back to stand up, without moving from his lips I make my way around the table and stand in between his legs.

His tongue is delving deep inside my mouth and I moan breathlessly, latching my hands onto his shoulders and pushing my body close to his, feeling his chest heave in and out against mine.

Before I can stop myself I've pushed Aiden back onto Cameron's desk so he's sat down and I have climbed on top of him, my legs either side of his muscular thighs.

His excitement is already pressed hard against me and I let my body move up and down on top of him hearing him hiss and moan in shock and arousal, and it spurs me on to move a little faster.

"Fuck Alex," Aiden tears his mouth from mine but doesn't stop my movements, instead his hands grab onto my hips as he takes control of my gyrating body.

I could feel my core thump and beat as he moves us together in sync, this heat that had started deep inside me was swirling around my whole body. I needed more.

"Please." I whimpered, without knowing what I was begging for.

Aiden knew, but instead of continuing like I'd hoped, he did a 180 and stopped us completely.

My eyes widened as the fire in me that had just needed a little more fuel, was slowly simmering away leaving me feeling empty.

"What happened?" I asked stupidly.

It took Aiden a minute to say something, he helped me slide off him, and with wobbly legs I moved back a step until I was sitting on my desk.

We stared across from each other trying to calm ourselves down.

"I'm sorry ... you have no idea." He said shaking his head. "But, I suddenly became aware of my surroundings. We're at school, and anyone could have walked in."

"I'm so sorry Aiden, you could have gotten in so much trouble." I understand straight away and was glad he had to strength to stop us. I didn't know why it was so easy for me to act the way I did around him.

"What?... no, that's not the reason... I mean obviously that's a good reason, but it wasn't the one I was thinking of at the time... Only I want to see your face scrunch up in pleasure like it was doing, only I want to see your mouth make that oh, or when you bite your bottom lip... I want to be the only one to hear you beg... and only I get to see the look in your eyes when you finally come apart for me." His eyes were hot and dark with lust and the fire that was dwindling away inside me started to rage again.

I squeezed my legs closed to try to ease the need building up, Aiden looked down at my struggle and I see him grip the desk tight.

"Soon baby, but not here. Now let's get out of here before I go back on everything I just said."

Before we make it to the door he stops me and a part of me excitedly thinks he's changed his mind.

"Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?" He asks scratching the back of his neck nervously. After what we'd done... this is was he was nervous about.

"I'd love to." I answer, beaming up at him.
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