A Charmed Life

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Chapter three

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Chapter 3

"Are you okay?" Aiden asked after taking his arms from around me. It was then I realised I had to make a better impression; they were bound to know something was up with just my actions alone and if I refused to have a conversation with them then questions were going to get asked.

I've been forcing myself to act normal since I was ten years old, and I had to deal with strange men all the time. If I could make myself answer their questions, I could certainly talk to the Spencer's.

With determination I looked up at Aiden "Yeah, I'm just tired." I told him.

He nodded in understanding before smiling warmly at me.

"I'll get mom so she can show you where you're sleeping. You can have the tour later after you've rested. Man, it's really good to see you, it's been so long."

"She's watching SpongeBob with me." Ben demanded from behind me. I had completely forgotten he was still here and we both turned around. I just wanted to go upstairs and be alone for a while. Thankfully Aiden sensed my need and offered to take my place with his little brother.

"Thanks." I whispered before leaving the room in search of Sandra. I stopped outside the kitchen where I could hear laughing and talking;

"She's definitely grown up. She's way hot, even covered up," I heard Lucas chuckle.

"I second that. A little weird though don't you think? Reckon she's just nervous seeing us again?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah probably, she'll be fine soon. I'll just have to turn on the charm a little higher than usual," Lucas stated. Bursts of laughter came from behind the door.

"Oh yeah you'll definitely make her feel comfortable Casanova." Sam snorted.

"I've got a better chance with her than you. You choke up whenever a girl tries to talk to you. I'm surprised you could string a sentence together before." Lucas taunted.

"He still gets more girls after him than you... chicks dig the silent mysterious type." Jamie piped in coming to his younger brother's defence.

"Yeah besides it's Alex. Why would I not talk to her, just because she's hot? She's still Alex." Sam explained.

"No she's not 'still Alex' She's a babe now, just like the girls at school... now we'll see you talk to her." Lucas laughed.

I walked off not wanting to hear anymore. I would just have to avoid these three more than the rest; I was not going to be a victim again


My new bedroom was amazing; my bed was huge and had a canopy above it so I could block everything out when I wanted. The colours were lilac and cream and everything matched perfectly, the bed sheets to the rug. A door led to a decent sized walk in wardrobe that I would never have the clothes to fill. I had my own dressing table and a TV across the room facing my bed.

Anything would have been a step up from my room when I lived with Derek and Stephen, I'd had a single mattress that was so thin and used it was sometimes more comfortable sleeping on the floor; at least there were no springs digging in your back. The rest of the room was bare apart from the wardrobe, and apparently I was supposed to be 'grateful I got a bed and a room in the first place' - Stephen's words.

I never expected something as beautiful as this; Sandra had done a wonderful job and as I looked around the room in awe I saw her smile proudly from my peripheral vision.

"I'm glad you like it," she grinned.

"I love it." I whispered. I didn't deserve something this lovely.

"Well I'll let you get some rest and you can come down later if you're feeling hungry." Sandra moved out of the room and left me to sit on the bed and take everything that had happened so far in.

It seemed too good to be true... The other shoe had to drop; I didn't deserve happiness. Those words had been drilled into me for far too long not to believe them.

"You're the reason she's dead. I wish it had been you."


I knew I was dreaming because I was back in my old room; the wardrobe I was hiding in right now had actually been a sanctuary of some sorts. With the lock on the bedroom door and me hiding, I felt as safe as I could in Stephens' apartment.

One word; that was all it took for a cold sweat to coat my goose bumped skin, and my breathing to become uneven and heavy.


I knew I was in trouble and that's why I had been hiding in the first place. Now he was back and it was only a matter of time before he broke through my door -surprised I was still allowed one- and found me.

In no time at all I heard the break of the chain I had just fixed and the slam of the door hitting the wall. I whimpered knowing I was seconds from pain and tried to shove myself further into the wardrobe. It was futile, and I cried out when the door swung opened letting the light in so I could see the true anger on Derek's face.

"There you are you little shit!" he grabbed my forearm and I tried to hold back my screams.

He threw me against the wall and all the air flew out of my mouth winding me. A hand went straight around my throat cutting off my air supply and I clawed at his hand trying to loosen it. I knew he wasn't going to kill me but the pain I was in for might make me want it all to end.

"What did I tell you to do this morning!?" he shouted in my face, I could smell the beer and wasn't surprised that he had been drinking already; If he wasn't at work he was rarely seen without a drink in his hand.

He didn't let me answer; I couldn't even if I wanted to as his hand was still latched around my neck.

"I told you to clean this place up and make food, I've got people coming around in an hour and this place looks like a dump!" He finally let go of me and I dropped to the floor gasping for as much air as I could take in.

"I'm sorry Derek," I wheezed out "I had to go to school. I missed too much last week." Trying to reason with him was pointless but I did it none the less.

"I don't care about school. You better get your ass down stairs right now and clean this place. You've got twenty minutes. Just you wait until I tell Stephen about this." He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up so I could see the smug smirk on his face.

My heart stopped and a look of pure terror must have appeared on my face because Derek laughed with sinister glee.

"Please Derek... I-I'm sorry. I'll do it all now. Do-Don't tell Stephen." I stuttered. Stephen made Derek look almost forgiving and kind; I would choose Derek over Stephen every time.

"You should have thought about that first." Derek said as if he was punishing me for an acceptable reason.

"But... He told me to go to school." I shouted truthfully. A red hot sting shot across my cheek and I let out a small pain filled whimper.

"How dare you talk back to me," Derek hissed in my face "You're going to be in a world of pain tonight, but right now, you need to clean like you've never cleaned before. Get downstairs." he threw me on the floor and I quickly crawled over to the door using the handle to help me get up. Running as fast as my 14 year old body would let me, I used my four years experience of cleaning this crap heap they called a home to try to get it as presentable as possible.

I heard the door open and like an automatic reaction my eyes started to water. Stephen was home.

"Please Derek." I whispered one more time but he pushed me to the side to meet his best friend.

"You'll never guess what this little bitch did today Ste?" He greeted his friend with a pat on the shoulder. I didn't waste time listening to what he said about me, I used this time to run up the stairs and try to get as far away from them as possible.

Hearing them both coming up behind me; I let out a mix between a scream and a cry. They would get me and I wouldn't be able to do anything about.

A hand grabbed for my hair and brought me to a halt, slamming my back into his chest.

"You didn't even let him tell me, you must have done something really bad ey princess?" Stephen had taken to calling me that because he knew how much I hated the once loved nickname.

He let go of my hair and I took that chance to make another escape and get into my room, I pressed my whole body onto my door, a feeble attempt to keep them out.

"Please! I'm sorry!" I cried, my weight wasn't going to hold them and I let a blood curdling scream as the door was pushed open and a hand grabbed me once again.


"Alex! Wake up," someone was shaking me. I bolted up right and shoved them off me; panicked eyes searched around the dark room trying to locate Derek and Stephen, but neither was here; instead they found a shocked Aiden watching me take in the cold morning air in an attempt to slow down my racing heart

"Jesus Alex, you were having some nightmare. You were screaming really loud. Are you okay?" I took in his messed up hair and then checked the time, it was 2AM.

"I'm sorry I-I di-didn't m-mean to wake you?" I stuttered, still affected by the aftermath of the nightmare.

"My rooms right next door to yours. It was going to be hard to miss that... I wasn't asleep though, so don't worry. You want to talk about it?" he asked but I shook my head; I would never want to talk about it.

I stood up and moved off the bed. I was covered in damp sweat and removed my jacket sighing in relief when the coolness spread across my less covered body.

My stomach took that moment to grumble and Aiden's concerned expression turned to one of amusement.

"Come on we'll go get some food." I followed him downstairs not speaking, still jittery from my nightmare.

He flicked the light on; it was then that I realised he was only in his boxers. Quickly averting my eyes I moved around the kitchen so there was a table in between us.

"Sit," he ordered gently "I'll make you a sandwich ok?" I nodded and did as I was told.

I watched him in silence as he went about grabbing different things from the fridge and the cupboards. I tried to keep my eyes from his half naked body, but he was flawless.

His muscles twitched with every movement he made and his arms tensed as he lifted them to open and grab things.

"You alright there Ally... you look a little dazed." Aiden teased when he turned around with my food. I burned in embarrassment; I never stared at people. It would only make things worse for me if people thought I was interested in them.

My eyes widened and he just chuckled before setting my plate down.

"Thanks." I choked out still red with humiliation. He just smiled at me and sat across the table. Was he going to watch me eat? Or was he waiting so afterwards he could tell me I owed him something? People didn't do things without expecting something in return.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" he finally asked after a minute of me just staring at the sandwich... had I made a mistake allowing him to do this? What would this cost me?

"A little," I admitted, even though 'A little' was an understatement.

"Sorry Ally. I'll uhm.... I'll just go to bed. See you in the morning," He moved out of his chair and came closer to me "Night." He whispered before walking out of the kitchen. His footsteps were quiet but I heard him go upstairs.

"Goodnight." I whispered back to the empty kitchen.
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