A Charmed Life

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Chapter thirty nine

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Chapter Thirty Nine.

To say I was jittery about tonight would be an understatement; Aiden had said he'd pick me up - from my room - at 6:30 and I had enlisted the help of Carla as I had no idea what to wear.

"You two are so cute! I bugged him for details on the date but he said he didn't trust me not to tell you... but I know he's asked the boys to help him. How sexist right, he trusts them but not me." Carla fumed while going through my closet.

"Even Nathan won't tell me anything and I know he helped them. What happened to twins before... other none twin siblings eh?"

"I'll tell you everything Carla, as soon as I know myself." I laughed and managed to get her to join in.

"Well, all I know is Aiden has asked everyone if they can go out tonight so it must be something here. Oh listen to this though, I almost got caught eavesdropping but it's just too funny not to tell you." She emerged with a red wrap dress, with tiny little white pock-a-dots covering the entire thing, it frilled at the edge of the skirt and the sleeves seemed to cover past the elbow.

As I tried it on, she turned around and continued her story.

"So I heard dad giving Aiden a lecture on being safe, and treating you right and not rushing you. He was like 'if you touch her, and she doesn't want you to, I will disown you' I wasn't in the room but I could just feel how embarrassed Aidy was. He was stuttering saying he wasn't planning anything like that. 'It's our first date for Christ sake.' I felt bad for him but also I loved it. Okay, I'm turning around now."

I imagined my face was as red as the dress right now. I couldn't believe Carla had overheard her dad talking to Aiden, and worse her telling me about it. How humiliating that the man looking after me and letting me live in his house is protecting my none existent virtue.

"You look so cute in that dress, it's perfect... now you just have to try to cool your face down." Carla laughs.

Ignoring her I make my way to the full length mirror to see for myself.

It was a nice summer dress, it was casual enough which I was glad about, not wanting to look like I'd tried too hard, but seemed like a datey dress as well as not going over the top.

"You're good at this Carla." I praised, hoping we could forget the past conversation.

She beams proudly and offers to help with my make up, when 6:15 rolls by I'm ready and Carla waves goodbye.

Everyone had made plans to be scarce before my 'date' picked me up, so I was confident that when Aiden knocked on my door at 6:30 sharp it was just the two of us for the next few hours.

Stepping into my sandals I make my way over to the door, let out a calming breath, smooth my dress down and open it.

Aiden looked... I can't help but eye him up and down in his dark wash jeans and blue button down shirt making his eyes pop. The top two buttons have been left open and he's rolled the sleeves up showcasing his strong forearms.

While I'd been eyeing him he had been doing the same thing, and when I finally get back to his face I could clearly see his approval of his sisters fashion help.

"You look amazing Alex, so beautiful." He whispers still sweeping his gaze over my face and body, I shiver pleasantly and feel my cheeks warm at his compliment.

"You don't look too bad yourself."

He grins at me showing his perfect white teeth.

"Only the best for you mi lady." He bows and extends his arm for me to loop mine through.

"Will you accompany me on a stroll in the gardens?" He asks keeping an overly posh British accent going.

"Indeed I will good sir." I attempt to play along.

"Maybe we shouldn't do accents..." he laughs at my bad attempt.

I nudge him playfully but allow him to lead me outside and further down past the lake.

If I'd truly been mad at him just now, then that emotion would have flown out the window as soon as I cast my eyes on what he'd set up for me.

A white clothed table was set underneath a tree that had been wrapped with twinkling lights, the floor was scattered with candles and the table had a big silver tray and lid on it hiding the meal, as I swept my eyes over beyond the table I noticed another lit up area...

He'd built up a mini outdoor movie theatre, the large cushioned chairs lay on the grass surrounded by blankets, more candles and popcorn.

"Aiden..." I was speechless. Although I'd never been on a date before, I knew even if I had... this would top all the rest. He had essentially ruined any plans for future dates with other people - not that I had any intentions of doing so, but if I had... he'd just made damn sure I would use this as a measuring stick and judge all who failed to reach it.

"I can't believe you've done this... it... it's amazing, thank you.. I love it."

"I'm glad, I wasn't sure you'd have just preferred to go out to a fancy restaurant. But I wanted to spend the evening just the two of us... I hope that's okay?" He asks shyly.

"I much prefer this, this is perfect." I assure him.

When we sit down he reveals what's under the metal lid with a hand flourish and a ta-dah, the aroma of tomato and herbs from the spaghetti wafts deliciously towards me now the food has been set free, using one plate to share the mountain of pasta and meatballs we laugh and talk through the whole meal.

We discuss everything from books right down to old memories of when we we're kids. When I can't eat anymore I drop my fork and rub my stomach not caring about how un date like it probably was.

"That was delicious Aiden, thank you."

"Well, the night's not over." he lids the now empty plate for clean up later and grabs my hand to drag me to the 'outdoor theatre'

When we're cuddled up and Aiden has placed a blanket and a bucket of popcorn on my knee, he finally clicks a remote at the white screen and Disney's Lady and the Tramp comes on.

I can't help the belly laugh that rips out of me, the spaghetti made sense now, he'd themed our date.

"You're too much Aiden. I love it." I quickly kiss the side of his face before getting settled in to watch a classic.

My head had ended up leaning on his shoulder and he had an arm wrapped around me keeping me close. When the movie was drawing to an end I leaned into his neck, breathing his aftershave in and kissing under his chin.

He turns his face to mine, looks me softly in the eye and then captures my lips with his, we stay like this for a little while, just slowly kissing; it wasn't rushed, but it held passion.

He leans into me I let myself drop onto my back with him over me.

It's Aiden, it's okay - I repeat like a mantra.

His kisses move down my neck and his hand trails up my leg and grabs onto my thigh opening my legs for him to settle more comfortably between them.

It's Aiden, it's okay.

His mouth is at the V of my wrap dress, kissing over the top part of breasts and his hand is moving around to grip my butt.

"Is this okay?" He lifts his head to look at me, eyes caring and soft, making sure I don't need him to move.

It's Aiden, it's okay - I try again. Willing my heart to calm down and just enjoy the feel of him, instead of letting the fear of a body covering me, consume me.

"I'm sorry." I whisper. He lifts off me in an instant.

"It's okay... You did great, honestly, I'm so proud of you." And it's shining truthfully through his eyes.

I grab a cushion and cover my face, he was just too damn nice.

He pulls the cushion away from me. "Why are you hiding?"

"Because I'm mad."

"At me?" He asks worriedly.

"No... at me, why can't I just get over it... Try again, I'll be fine this time I'm sure."

"Alex, we don't need to try again, we'll over come this together, but not if we rush it. I promise one day I'll have you underneath me, and you'll enjoy every second of it." He promises, but all I can hear is how he thought I hadn't enjoyed what he was doing to me.

I press my lips against his "I do enjoy what you're doing, I love it when you kiss down my body, and when you trail your hands up my legs, please, try again... for me." I nip at the crook of his neck and lick the sting away making him groan. I know he was trying to stay strong.

Another nip, another soothing lick and I was under him again.

It's Aiden, it's okay.

It's when his hand is cupping me and tracing the lace edges of my panties that I squeeze my eyes closed.

"Baby look at me, open you eyes, and keep them on me." I forced them open, forced myself to look at Aiden, to make myself remember it was him with me. No one else.

"Tell me to stop whenever you want, I'd never hurt you. Nod for me so I know you understand." I quickly nod, keeping my breathing even.

He keeps his hand over the top of my underwear, slowly rubbing in circular motions, keeping his eyes on me for any change.

When he adds more pressure I gasp a little and his hand stills.

"Is that good?" He asks.

I nod again.

His hand starts up again, faster this time, I feel myself burning up and subconsciously spread my legs wider for him.

"You're doing great baby, just keep your eyes on me." He reminds me.

I grab his upper arms and squeeze, my breathing has become erratic, little moans are pouring out of me and I know I'm moving the bottom half of my body in time with Aidens hand.

The fire builds and builds and then I shatter, my whole body trembles and my eyes have to shut as I let out a louder moan.

Aidens hand doesn't stop yet and I continue to shudder every time he flicks his wrist. When he finally slows to a stop I lay there breathing deeply and letting the cool night air cover my perspiring body.

I open my eyes to see a grinning Aiden, I don't know if he's proud of himself or me... or both of us, but I let myself grin up at him, a gentle laugh ripples out of me, and I lean up to peck his lips.

"Best. Date. Ever."
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