A Charmed Life

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Chapter forty

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Chapter Forty.

Over the next month, life seemed to just get better and better; Aiden continued to wow me with perfect dates... although he made sure I was studying for the end of year exams as well.

My Eighteenth birthday became a joint affair with Sam as they were so close together; it was the first time I’d let myself enjoy a birthday and tried not to think too much about the horror I’d lived through after the fire. The Spencer’s helped to keep the day a happy one, and Aiden helped to keep the night just as happy.


The twins sigh of relief on the last day of school is stronger than anyone else's, but it's also filled with sadness as well; it had been their last year and they were going off to college after summer.

They'd chosen the same college but it was hours away and had chosen to stay on campus so they wouldn't be around as much. I didn't know how that kind of change would effect me yet but I decided to just enjoy summer and worry about it when I had to.

"Schooooools out for summer!" Lucas sang.

"Schooooools out forever!" Ollie joined in.

"Yooouuuu are both idiots!" Matt used the same tune to insult his friends and I laugh with the group.

I could see Aiden following a woman out of the building, shaking her hand and smiling; Ms Cooper, the original English teacher that he'd taken over from for his works experience, had been back for the past couple of weeks to monitor Aidens progress and to help if we needed any last minute study sessions.

When he reached our group he couldn't hide the giant - pleased as punch - grin on his face.

"I take it she gave you an excellent review?" Jamie guessed.

Aiden nodded "Yep, and she's sent the feedback to my lecturers."

I wanted to kiss him and congratulate him but knew it would have to wait until we got home so I settled for giving him my widest and proudest smile.

He winked quickly at me and then started rounding us all up into cars to leave.


We were now a few weeks into our summer holidays and as Carla had predicted, Ollie and Matt were around more than they weren't. It was weird the days they actually went to their own homes as I'd gotten used to them being around so much.

Today was an unusual Matt and Ollie free day and I had already declined an offer from both Kim and Anna to go shopping- once a week was enough for me.

I'd gone round to Cameron's yesterday to help look after his sisters and watch a movie; it was nice we still did this even after school was out, but it wasn't as often... Cam had gotten a summer job helping out at his local garage, apparently this was something he did every summer and the girls would stay at their neighbours. On his days off he would invite me to come over.

This Saturday was just going to be a Spencer day though; Nathan and I were chatting away about a show he'd gotten me hooked on, Carla was helping Sandra fight to put sun lotion on the two youngest Spencer's, Aiden was helping Karl set up the barbecue, and Lucas, Jamie and Sam were bringing the already prepared food outside wrapped in cellophane.

I grabbed a tray of drinks with Nathan and followed him outside as we laughed at a particularly funny episode we’d watched last night.

When everything was set up and the food was cooked I made my way over to sit on the grass with Aiden, he had two full plates and I was carrying our drinks.

"I'll trade you, a drink for a plate."

He chuckles and swaps with me, we settle comfortably, eating, drinking, and laughing.

I made sure not to think about the upcoming trial; the dates had finally been set and much to my dismay, I had been told I needed to be in the court room and a tape wouldn't suffice in this situation.

Sandra had raged at the lawyer about this, questioning his every word, but she eventually relented and agreed.

I feel a kiss on the side of my head and lean on Aiden, he was very intuitive and knew when I needed support.


It was later on in the day and we were in the middle of a friendly game of soccer; Lucas had just grabbed me around the waist to stop me from kicking the ball, lifting me up higher as I start to laugh and struggle against him.

That's when I hear Karl angrily mutter "What the hell is he doing here?"

Distracted I look over to where his gaze has landed, but don't recognise the man from this far out, obviously he was someone Karl didn't want here and the rest of us notice the tension coursing through him as he storms purposefully over to this stranger.

Even in the distance there's something familiar about him and I can't help edging closer, when it finally strikes me who he is I stumble backwards and almost fall, Lucas, who had been following closest behind me, steadies me while I listen to Karl growl at the man.

"I told you I would tell you when the right time to come over would be! I said she wasn't ready yet!"

I'm mentally pushed back to my first week here when I almost walked in on an angry Karl on the phone, telling someone it was too soon, it'd only been a week...

He been talking to my father.

"I couldn't wait any longer Karl, she's my daughter and I wanted to see her!" The man... my father yells back.

I take a quick look around the garden before pushing my way closer to the arguing men.

"How about you both shut up and wait until the younger ones aren't within hearing range of your arguments." I'm angry, and I feel betrayed, but I won't cower down and let Ben or Taylor listen to their father, or mine shout at each other.

Sandra moves to action, asking Carla to help bring the kids in, Nathan who was already playing with Ben, scoops him up and suggests they go watch Sponge bob - a sure fire way to get him in doors.

Everyone else is silent while this goes on. Aiden has moved himself closer to me, along with Jamie and Sam. I'm surrounded by my four boys, but they've let me stay up front. They knew this was my battle.

"Alex, I'm so sorry, I should have told you but I was waiting for the right time." Karl pleads with me to believe him, and I do, that wasn't the issue.

"Why were you talking to him in the first place?" I ask still refusing to look at the man in question.

"Ally, we've been friends since college, I've stayed in touch with him for years. I didn't just seek him out to hurt you I promise."

"Why tell him about me?"

"I didn't want him to do this and come over, I'd told him, to warn him away until I could figure out a way to peacefully do this. But he just couldn't listen." He adds the last part while glaring at his friend.

"Alexandra, please... will you at least look at me?"
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