A Charmed Life

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Chapter forty two

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Chapter Forty two.

I was lay in bed later on still reeling from everything that had happened today when a soft knock breaks me out of my questioning thoughts.

I knew who it was going to be as this had become a regular thing so I wasn't surprised when Aiden opened the door and walked in, he doesn't speak while he settles down under my duvet and turns to face me, elbow on the mattress being used to hold his head up.

I'm admiring the strain of muscle being used and am once again grateful that he sleeps topless; I'd been witness to the vigorous workout Aiden set himself, to keep his lean figure staying perfect.

And perfect it was; my eyes follow past his shoulder and down to his strong chest, past his toned abs and to the inviting V shape that continued into his boxers.

"Fuck Alex. I didn't come here for any of that, but if you continue to look at me that way I won't be held responsible for my actions." His eyes are dark but playful when I finally meet his gaze.

I pinch my lips together to keep from either laughing or telling him to bring it on; Aiden had, with every date or night that he would sneak into my bedroom, made me feel more safe and deserving of him than I ever thought possible. I had complete trust in him by now and although I still wasn't a massive fan of being underneath a body, I was getting better.

"What did you come in here for then?"

"To tell you how proud I am of you today, I know how hard it must have been to see Dom after all these years... and I know you wanted so badly to keep up your anger, but I'm so glad you didn't. It's just not you. He deserved your words, and so much more, but you could barely let him leave without the guilt creeping in. I think you handled him on the phone wonderfully, and it's really great that you're trying to push past it all. You're truly incredible."

I can feel my face heat up and can't fight the grin from pushing out, he always made me feel... like I wasn't damaged goods, like I was the best person he'd ever encountered and he was just grateful to be apart of my life.

He made me proud to be me.

"Well, a part of me wanted to never see him again, I've held onto this hatred for him for as long as I can remember, but seeing how broken he was and how upset I'd made him, I felt like the worst person... and if it had been the right thing to do I would have felt good about it, which is what I felt after I got off the phone with him."

"Like I said, incredible." Aiden half smiled down at me showing off a dimple.

"Now you've finished what you came in here to do..." raising my eyebrow, I leave the rest of my sentence blank... he knew what I wanted.

Most nights that he snuck in; breaking rule number one from Karl - we would end up getting more intimate, I'd gotten so much more confidence and comfortable with him and he always praised me after our, practice sessions I like to call them.

"What's on the agenda for tonight?" He asked teasing me, a glint in his eye of laughter mixed with lust.

I pretend to ponder, tapping my chin as if I hadn't already got it planned.


Aiden chuckles gruffly "out with it you tease."

I laugh with him before biting my lip, what I was going to request wasn't something I had done with him before, and the thought scared me because every time I'd be forced to do this, it had been demeaning and degrading.

Breathing out I chose to show instead of tell and instigate the first move of the night; leaning up I let my lips press firmly against his and when I feel him about to push me backwards I beat him to it.

Now I was leaning over the top of him, lips tasting and exploring, when I lift up for a breath he laughs lightly again.

"Not a bad start to the lesson." He grinned at me before moving upwards and capturing me again, nibbling on my lower lip.

I let my lips move, passed his chin, into the crook of his neck and then further down over his chest, nipping at him before soothing the bites with a lick. I traced my tongue over the grooves of his stomach and then, trying to stay in the moment and not let my mind wander, I trailed over the indented V getting closer to the elastic of his boxers.

Understanding my intentions Aiden freezes. He's already standing to attention and I grab him through this boxers, this wasn't something I was new to, I had become acquainted with Aiden Jr some weeks ago.

I hear him groan deep above me when I move and squeeze my hand around him.

When I start to pull him free, Aiden closes a hand around mine making me look up at him.

"Are you sure baby?, because I don't want to rush you, honestly I'm really fine with how we've been progressing and I don't want you to do something you're not ready for." He always had me pause before trying something to really think about it. I had to make sure I wanted to do it and I had to be completely honest with him.

I never feared his anger if I ever stepped back and said maybe it was too soon, but I didn't get that feeling with this. I wanted to try it, and I wanted to bring him pleasure.

"I'm okay, I want to do this."

I always had to be verbal with him as well so he could know 100% that I was ready.

Finally pulling him free I watch it slap against his stomach, marvelling once again at his sheer size, I should have known with how tall and built he was that everything about him would be big, but it still shocked me every time I was within eye sight of him.

Licking my lips I look up at him and see his eyes aflame with desire and excitement, but there's also adoration and awe which spurs me forward.

If ever I had been forced to do this it was always with me on the floor, on my knees, and a hand would be roughly grabbing my head, pushing me on them. There wasn't any skill set I could have learnt from that.

So I pretended this was the first time, I did that a lot with Aiden, just blocked my past out and saw this all as something new that I'd never done before.

I lick along a thick vein from the base to the tip hearing a grunt above me, his hips shoot forward before he settles down again.

I continue to trail my tongue around him completely before opening my mouth and taking him in as much as possible; I use one hand to steady myself on his leg and the other to grip the base of him that my mouth hadn't been able to reach.

I found, that once again this task was a lot better with me being on top, I wasn't sure how I would have reacted had I been in a similar position to what I always associated this particular act with, but being in control and hearing him moan under me was making me feel powerful and desired.

"Fuck Alex, that's good, you're doing so good." Aiden grunted out, his hips had begun slowly meeting my mouth and when I felt a hand gently being placed on my head I didn't panic. He linked his fingers through my hair and used it to guide me down with every thrust up.

It didn't take me long to find the rhythm I could tell he best enjoyed and finally push him over the edge.

I lifted up on my knees, jaw and neck aching but still grinning while I watched Aiden recover, I was more than a little pleased with myself and when Aidens dark eyes met mine I could see his pride shining though as well.
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