A Charmed Life

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Chapter forty four

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Chapter Forty Four.

I wanted to be as ecstatic as everyone else was, when after days of going back and forth and reliving all my past horrors, and having to hear and see Derek everyday, that the verdict had been Guilty and Derek had been charged with every crime he'd ever committed. He didn't get away with anything and it showed, thankfully in his sentence that ended with life in prison with no chance of parole.

The whole event had drained me and I could see it had done the same to the Spencer's; there eyes shone less and less with every story I had to speak about, but all of them had come back everyday to support me.

I hadn't seen Mike since the first day and wondered if my fear induced mind had made him up.

I wasn't naive enough to not take precautions though and made sure I was with at least one member of my family at all times around the courthouse.

When we all piled into our separate cars, I allowed a small sign of relief, Derek was gone. He'd never be able to hurt me again, the feeling was indescribable really, but I was mentally and physically too drained to express much glee beside straining a smile up every time someone looked at me.


I'm being carried, and my delirious lack of whereabouts has me reacting out defensively.

I thrash abruptly in the arms of whoever is moving me and they almost drop me.

"Alex, relax it's just me. You fell asleep in the car." Aiden soothes my terror quickly and I apologise.

"It's okay, you've had a tough couple of weeks."

He'd been getting progressively more worried about me with every meal I skipped or would end up throwing up. Even being in his arms at night - something Karl had agreed to during the trial - hadn't been able to stop the nightmares and I woke every night screaming and crying in fear.

I know he hoped now that it was over I'd be able to start healing again, but the added stress of Mike was pressing down on me.

Did that really happen?

"Do you want something to eat?" I'm inside the house now, still curled up in his arms and he's walking towards the kitchen.

Before I can shake my head and say I wasn't hungry we're already in the kitchen and all the Spencer's are there.

"Surprise!" They shout, and I force a wide toothy grin on my face.

The table is filled with food and a cake, ready to celebrate our win and I let out a true smile, they were always trying to make me happy.

"We just wanted to show you how proud we are of you, you did amazing this week sweetie," Sandra has tears in her eyes and Karl wraps an arm around her in comfort.

I see how tired they all are and make sure they all know how much they mean to me;

"You've all been amazing this week. You've stuck by me, kept me going, made me feel like I could get through this... get through anything really and I'm just... I'll be forever grateful for you taking me in." I try to hold back the quiver in my voice, and blink away stray tears waiting to descend.

"We'd do anything for you Alleycat." Lucas says and his family nod in agreement.

"Can we have cake now?" Ben shouts from the group, not understanding what was going on around him and just keeping his focus on the food.

We all laugh and it's a brilliant way to ease the strain from a stressfully long week. It was finally over.


I'm entering my room after showering and getting ready for bed when I see Aiden already sitting under the covers waiting for me.

"I'm pretty sure Karl only relaxed this rule for the trial week, don't you think you're pushing you're luck." I raise an eyebrow.

"I don't care, I'm staying with you and there's nothing he can do." Aiden puffs out his chest jokingly and I giggle, it's getting easier to breathe with every hour that passes.

"Well aren't you my big strong guy, you're so tough, not even afraid of your dad shouting at you for staying in a girls room, what if you get grounded?" I tease and see his eyes light up, it's been a while since I was able to make a joke and I see the relief flow through him.

"That just means I get more time to spend with you." He answers, I crawl into the bed and snuggle close into his chest. His arms wrap around me securely and I feel protected.

"What if his forbids you from seeing me?"

"No one can do that... I'm afraid you're stuck with me."

"Sounds good to me. Perfect even." I declare boldly "I don't know what I'd do without you."

"It's a good job you don't have to find out then isn't it, because... you're it for me."

I look deep into his eyes, his beautiful blue-green eyes that are staring back at me with nothing but love, and I can feel it, feel it wash over me like sinking into a deliciously hot bath.

Prickles coat my skin like a nervous rash, and I know I'm breathing heavier than usual, but if I don't get these words out I'll never be brave enough to do it.

"Aiden... I don't deserve you, but I can't help myself, I'm completely in love with you."

My heart is beating fast and hard, I don't remember ever feeling this full, with love, with nerves, with fear that he didn't reciprocate my feelings.

"You're wrong," he starts, eyes connecting with mine "you deserve me better than anyone, you were made for me... and I love you more than I ever thought was possible to love someone."

I radiate happiness and before I can control myself I've pressed my lips to his in a heat searing, love binding kiss that breaks my heart and pieces it back together perfectly.

If I was it for Aiden... he was everything for me.
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