A Charmed Life

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Chapter forty five

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Chapter Forty Five.

Only when I can no longer breath do I let up from Aidens lips. I take in a massive gulp of air and let it out with an audible gasp when his hands grab my hips and lift me on top of him, legs astride but pressed firmly against his own.

"I love you." He repeats, clearly enjoying the freedom of being able to say it aloud.

"I love you too." I grin, grabbing his tight, muscular shoulders and squeezing the tendons as if giving him a massage. He groans lightly.

He seals his lips over mine again and licks his way into my mouth, tasting and eliciting light breathless moans from me.

In a whirlwind of emotion I hear myself whisper in his ear before biting and nipping at the lobe.

"I want you Aiden, all of you."

He grunts underneath me before cupping my face and pulling me away just enough so he can read my true emotions.

"Are you sure? There's no rush... I'm going to love you forever, so..." he doesn't finish his sentence. I don't let him.

I free his mouth from mine before speaking again, I make sure he understands how serious I am.

"I don't want to wait anymore, I want you to make love to me... and, I" I hesitate and he strokes a hand soothingly over my face, I lean my cheek into his palm and kiss the inside. "I want to imagine that this is my first time... I want you to make me forget everything else but you."

"I love you so much." Aidens voice is deep and low with raw emotion, that I can see shimmering in his gaze.

I take my hands off him and slowly lift my top over my head, his hands go to my bare waist and zero in on my naked breast.

I'd been self conscious about baring my upper body, knowing how much easier it would be for him to feel, to see the scars on my back, and I make sure not to flinch when he traces his fingers up my spine and over my shoulders.

"You're beautiful... every inch of you."

My head leans back, and I let out a quiet moan when his hand curves the side of my breast before cupping it whole, I see his head lower and mewl when his wet tongue connects with my nipple.

"Perfect." He whispers before suckling again, I tighten my legs around him, and feel him press his palm flat against my back holding me close.

"Please." I beg wantonly, his hand on one breast and mouth on the other was stirring my insides and heating me up ready to boil over.

I feel his leg muscles tighten as he lifts me enough to remove both his and then my, pyjama bottoms, when he gets mine to my ankles I kick the rest off, I'm completely bare to him now, just as he is.

I lower my naked flesh against him and feel him jut up automatically at the touch.

"If you're going to back out, I suggest you do it now before my control is lost." He's gritting his teeth and I wonder if the control had already gone.

I lift my body up again before pressing down more firmly, feeling him against my core but not yet inside me was rendering me speechless and needy.

He tests the waters with his fingers first and grunts in satisfaction at how ready I am for him, before weaving our hands together and pressing up inside me.

We moan together at our union, I'd never imagined the act of sex to be so perfect, so soft and sensual.

With Aiden though... anything was possible.


I wake to a tickling sensation running down my nose and across my forehead, before the process is repeated.

When my eyes open I find them staring right into the loving gaze of Aiden, his hand stroking my face and his smile growing.

"Morning beautiful." His voice is husky and I shiver, feeling the delicious ache in between my legs.

"Hi." I whisper, eyes fluttering shut again at his tender caress.

"Guess what?" He murmurs and I hum in response.

"I love you."

I'm grinning from ear to ear and let out a light tinkling giggle, touching my nose to his and rubbing it from side to side.

"I love you too."

I let him capture my lips and let out a half groan half moan before pushing him back.

"I have to pee." I answer to his raised eyebrow.

His chuckle continues as I quickly dress and make my way out of the door and into the bathroom.

I'm checking my appearance once I've brushed my teeth and notice a glow of happiness surrounded me, cocooning me and I smile at my reflection.


We're all sat at the breakfast table enjoying the spread Karl had set up for us, and I keep glancing around at everyone, making sure they haven't some how figured out what happened last night.

No one seems to be acting any different, except for Aiden who can't look down at his plate for longer than five seconds without glancing back up at me; something I obviously knew because I was doing the same.

I give him a pointed look to stop it or else someone will become suspicious and he chuckles low, bending his head and focusing back on his food.

I pretend to look just as mystified as the rest of the table, and watch them shake off his weird behaviour.


I spend the next couple of hours calling around, first my dad, who I'd been keeping up to date with the trial but told I didn't want to come along to them;

It wasn't just because I wasn't ready to spend face to face time with him, but because I'd already seen his face crumble at the information I'd nastily bestowed upon him when he showed up unannounced. I didn't think he'd mentally be able to recover from a week of listening to my childhood.

It was awkward on the calls, and I kept it very clinical, giving him the basic facts of how each day turned out and the end result.

"That's amazing news Alexandra, I ... I'm glad you got some justice. I just wish..."

"I know. Me too." I cough, "anyway I better go, I'll uhm, call you next week sometime."


The conversation with Cameron, who I'd also kept up to date but refused to come to the court, went by a lot smoother and he was equally pleased at how the trial ended.

"Still think they should bring back the death penalty. Even if it was just for that jackass." he tacks on near the end of our call and I laugh.

"Oh Cam, you and me both."


"And how are you feeling?" Dr Greene asks. She's the last on my list of people to call and I'm feeling a headache press painfully in between my eyes.

Pinching the bridge of my nose I answer her as honestly as I can;

"Happy, scared, disbelieving... pretty much every emotion there is, I've got it."

"It's understandable to be overwhelmed, it will take time to adjust to the reality, and you need to give yourself that time. Don't expect too much from yourself, and don't hide from the people closest to you to make them feel better."


"Alex! It's show time." Nathan announces later on in the evening and I, without hesitation follow him into the living room.

"I'm sad we're up to date and have to wait patiently like everyone else for our weekly dose" he says, plopping down on the couch and flicking the tv on to our most beloved program.

"I know," I agree. "I think we spoilt ourselves by rushing through them so quickly, but it gives us something to look forward to every week."

During the commercial breaks we chat, and he asks how I'm really feeling about everything.

"It's a lot to take in, I still can't really believe it's over, I feel like something is going to go wrong and he'll somehow be allowed out again," I bare my true fears for him to see.

"We would never let the happen, we'd protect you with our lives, surely you know that."

I did, and that's what scared me the most; the vision of Mike threatening them pushes to the front of my mind but I shake it away; he couldn't hurt them, I wouldn't let him.

Changing the subject I ask him if he'd seen or heard anything from the cute guy he'd bumped into at the start of the summer break.

Nathan had told me I was the only one he'd confided in about his true sexuality, and I promised to keep the secret with me until he was comfortable telling his family.

I see him take a quick glance to the closed door before a grin splits over his face, he was just as good looking as his older brothers, and I wonder how any guy would be able to resist him.

"I have actually," he's brimming with excitement. "I saw him at that little coffee shop down the street so I'm guessing he must live close by. He smiled at me and asked how my summer way going. I think I'm going to marry him." He chuckles and I giggle along with him.


I feel myself being carried again and press into Aidens arms; his scent consumes me and I breathe in deep.

He kisses the top of my head before resting me on top of my bed, he starts to undress me, not in a sexual way, but I still shudder naturally at his touch.

He pulls the covers over me and slides in at my side, pulling me close and letting me snuggle into his warmth.

"Goodnight love" I hear him whisper and I kiss his chest before falling under again.
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