A Charmed Life

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Chapter forty seven

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Chapter Forty Seven.

I'm sandwiched between Ian and Riley while they walk me up a path to a small warehouse style building.

When I step inside, I see a number of Mikes men working and wooden boxes being moved around to different loading tables, everyone is in a blur of activity and I know that they're getting it ready to move out before the night is over.

It wasn't the first warehouse filled with illegal trade I’d been in, so I didn't spend much time observing my surroundings. I had more important things to worry about.

Ian leaves me with Riley to take me the rest of the way and I feel the heat of his hand land on the small part of my back pushing me along a corridor and up a flight of stairs.

"Glad you've come home Alex, he's been a real grouch without you... and I can't deny I've missed you a lot too." His hands quickly slides over my rear before leaving my body completely.

I grit my teeth so I don't say something that will undeniably get me a smack to the face and instead up my pace so we reach the end door faster.

"Leave us." Is the first thing Mike demands when we walk into his office. It was dinghy and not really his style, so I wonder if he's just using this place temporarily.

He catches me assessing and turns his nose up.

"Yeah, it's a bit of a shithole, but I needed somewhere to move the goods while I was waiting for you. We weren't supposed to be here this long." His words confuse me but I don't get long enough to study them.

He's around his desk and in my personal space before I can blink, not that I would have moved out of his reach either way.

Mike hated it when I retreated from him.

"I didn't want our reunion to be so rushed, but we only have an hour or so before we have to get everything loaded out of here before we leave for good. So I won't be able to spend as much time on you as I'd like."

"Leave for good?" I question, but he's already descending his mouth on mine. It's nothing like Aidens and I force myself not to gag on reflex.

His mouth is hard and demanding, pushing his tongue inside too fast and too rough, I gasp at the pain and he smiles, thinking he's doing something I enjoy.

"Yeah, we're leave tonight to a new house I've recently acquired." He says when he lets go.

I feel hope bubble inside me. I only had an hour with him before he had to go. This was fantastic news...

The words swirl inside my head while his tongue does the same in my mouth. By the time he's trailing his lips across my neck, dread has settled in the pit of my stomach.

"When you say... 'we' who do you mean?" I ask quietly. He didn't usually allow this much talking but he was preoccupied, nipping against my flesh and pulling me towards the stained couch on the other side of his office.

"We as in we, sweetheart... you didn't think I was going to let you go now I can finally have you to myself did you?" He's flicking the clasp on my jeans and pulling them over my hips when I finally snap out of it.


Pushing against him above me, I fall backwards on the couch, he quickly regains his stance and hovers over me, glaring angrily down at my hyperventilating body.

I can't stay here with him. I needed to get out. Needed to get back to the Spencer's.

"Did you forget who you're dealing with?.. Nobody says no to me." His fingers are digging into my hips as he rips my jeans off, I struggle against him and receive my first backhand in six months.

It renders me motionless for long enough that he's stripped me down to just my underwear and has used my T-shirt to lock my arms together above my head.

Just like the first time.


He's dressing me afterwards and I let him, the fight in me gone. I had hoped it would be easy to remember the steps I took to block it all out. It wasn't.

Mike had already confiscated my phone and crushed it under his boot before dragging me out of the now desolate warehouse and into a tinted truck.

I let the tears fall slowly down my cheeks and land into my lap, I was leaving with Mike and there was nothing anyone could do...

...I knew I had to say goodbye to my family... to my charmed life.

The end.
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