A Charmed Life

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Chapter four

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Chapter 4

I woke up again at 8 with a bursting bladder, I hadn't yet been given a tour and the need to use the bathroom had only just set in. I jumped out of bed and raced out of my room. There were too many doors; I just had to take a guess and hope it was the right one. Moving to the door next to mine I swung it open only to squeak out in surprise.

"Morning Ally, is this your way of repaying me? I wake you up, you wake me up." Aiden joked from his propped up position in bed. I didn't wait to say anything and just slammed the door shut. I breathed out once the door was closed and tried to cool my burning cheeks.

I hesitated trying the next room but when I stuck my head around the door, relief washed over me. Note to self: bathroom is two doors down.

Washing my hands I took this time to look at my reflection in the mirror. My chocolate brown waves were shoved in a messy bun and I pulled the elastic out and let my hair fall down my back. I had natural waves and usually had my hair down so I could hide behind it. It was only at night when I knew I would wake up in a sweat that it was pulled up and away from me, because nothing was worse than hair stuck to your face after a nightmare.

I had doe eyes, big and brown that I kept mostly looking at the ground to avoid contact with people. Trailing them across the rest of my face I stopped at my button nose that had surprisingly, never been broken, and then to my plump red lips that seemed to be naturally pulled into a frown.

Going further down I moved past my larger than average breast and curvaceous hips. I had been told my figure was one to be desired, but I hated it. It got me all the wrong attention from all the wrong people and I was always covering myself up and hiding behind baggy clothes in an attempt at becoming invisible.

Right now in my black vest and jeans from yesterday, I scowled at myself. My jacket was in the bedroom after I'd taken it off last night. I'd gone into the kitchen with Aiden looking like this. Shaking my head and walking out of the bathroom, I was in a world of my own, but was soon brought back to reality when I slammed into a warm body.

"Hey sorry Alex, my bad," Lucas winced rubbing his bare chest that I'd just smacked my nose into.

"No I- I wasn't l-looking where I was g-going." I stuttered to the ground rubbing my nose, the sting caused my eyes to water.

Lucas didn't move or say anything so I looked up to gage his reaction; was he angry?

My heart jumped in realisation; he was staring at me with a look I had become accustomed to; lust.

I gulped before stepping backwards; Lucas shook his head and then looked me in the eye with a smirk.

"Like I said, it was my bad. But... if you wanted to make it up to me, I can think of a few things," he chuckled huskily and I stepped further back. Watching my retreating form he laughed slightly.

"It was just joke Alex," He rolled his eyes at my reaction "Anyway moms making breakfast so I'm here to escort you to the kitchen."

"O...Okay, could I h-have a shower f-first?" I asked.

Lucas shrugged "You don't need to ask, this is your house now. I'll go down and let her know... Unless you need some help?" he smirked again.

I realised what kind of guy Lucas was there and then; a joker. I decided not take everything he said too seriously. Of course I didn't trust him, but unless real intent could be seen in his eyes I wasn't going to assume either.

"No thanks." I told him before quickly going inside my room and grabbing some clothes to change into after my shower. When I came back out Lucas was gone.

Hair still wet, I silently walked downstairs. Breathing in deeply, before opening the kitchen door I schooled my expression so they couldn't see my nerves. I'd perfected the cold emotionless wall that surrounded me. It was easier, especially at school, I didn't have to answer questions when people didn't talk to me; I was the unapproachable, silent loser. Nobody noticed the bruises and the limps... they didn't know what days I missed or when I flinched if someone got too close. I much preferred it that way.

"Morning Alex, how did you sleep?" Sandra was the first to notice my arrival, the rest were busy taking in as much food as possible and talking animatedly to each other.

"Pass me the toast." Nathan ordered Carla who grabbed two pieces and lodged them at her twin brother; they hit his chest and fell forward landing on his plate. Glaring at his sister he moved them over and carried on shovelling found into his mouth.

"You're welcome." Carla smirked.

I noticed Aiden look up at me after hearing his mom question my night's sleep, and I kept my eyes on Sandra trying to ignore him.

"Morning" I greeted quietly, they may not have even heard me "Uhm fine th-thank you."

"That's great. Well I'm sure you're starving... You didn't eat at all yesterday," Sandra frowned at her own words, as if just realising I'd gone without food. Once again I purposely avoided Aiden's gaze "Well there's a plate on the side for you and just sit wherever's free." She smiled at me, gesturing towards a lone plate on the side. I moved closer to it and took in the food that was piled high before grabbing it and sitting next to an over excited Ben.

"Thank you." Usually it was me making Derek and Stephen breakfast so it was strange to come down to food already made.

Strange, but it wasn't unpleasant.

"We were talking about you last night," Jamie started. It was the first thing he'd said directly to me since my arrival and I immediately went to the conversation I overheard outside the kitchen. Were they about to tell me they thought I was hot?

My questioning gaze had him continuing.

"About the old days, just some of the stupid things we got up to," he laughed reminiscently "Remember when we dared you and Sammy to give Aiden a make-over while he was sleeping," he laughed out loud "We still got the pictures mom?" Jamie turned to Sandra while my eyes shot to Aiden.

I did remember. I had spent a long time blocking out old memories; especially the good ones, but just that small reminder brought it all back. Sam and I had perfected his look; Bright blue eye shadow and red lipstick over the top of his natural lip line was a good look on him. Aiden had been so angry when he had woken up; we had been chased all around the house screaming and laughing until our moms caught him before he could grab either of us.

"I never did get my revenge." Aiden said looking straight at me with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Like you would have actually done anything to her," Lucas laughed giving Aiden a knowing smile.

"Oh yeah," Jamie snorted "Aiden would let Alex get away with everything. Special treatment ey Aid... I wonder why." He wiggled his eyebrows at his glaring older brother.

Before I could ask what they were talking about the kitchen door opened again and someone I didn't think I would ever see again walked in.

Her eyes shot straight to me and they widened in clear shock.

"Alex..?" Margery Potts wrinkled eyes narrowed slowly making sure she wasn't seeing things. She hadn't changed too much since I'd last seen her...

I was looking down at Gregory Potts body; I'd never seen a real dead person before today... I'd never seen anybody killed before today.

I had dreaded the walk over to Gregory's house, knowing what lay in store for me; I'd considered just walking passed his white picket fence and carrying on until nightfall. I could walk forever if I knew deep down they wouldn't find me. My back tingled in pain just at the thought. So, I opened the gate and rang the door bell.

When he opened the door the little ray of hope I had that he'd forgotten and was out washed away.

"Alex, great you're here. Come in sweetie," Greg looked like your average Joe; thinning brown hair, nose that didn't quite fit his face and constant red cheeks like he'd just run a marathon. He looked innocent and everybody believed it... even his wife.

He was actually a sick little man who had a nasty drug habit. I'd gathered that my being here was payment for drugs that Gregory gave to Derek and Stephen. Thin walls make for easy eavesdropping.

"You've just come from school I see," Greg said trying to make conversation while I quivered and tried to keep the frown off my face. One time, that's what they promised, and then I get a week of no chores, no abuse, and no pain.

"Yeah," I was usually quiet in front of the Potts' so Greg didn't think I was being any different than my usual self. We occasionally came round for dinner (and for Stephen and Derek to make deals with Greg)

That's what confused me the most; it was usually money for drugs. I didn't know when I had become a part of the deals.

As if reading my mind Greg spoke up "I'm betting you're wondering why you came into this huh? You want something to drink?" I shook my head; he understood I was answering the second question.

That's when he moved closer to me, when his hand reached out and stroked the top of my hair I closed my eyes trying to block his touch from my mind.

"You're a very pretty girl Alexandra, and sometimes when a man doesn't get what he needs for such a long time he starts to crave it elsewhere. Do you understand what I'm saying?" he was speaking to me like I was a child. And at fourteen years old he was right to speak to me that way.

"So because you're not getting any from the misses you want me instead." I was sarcastic in my words as well as shocked. I didn't know what came over me.


I expected some kind of reaction, an angry one was my best guess, but I looked up to see a small smirk on his thin lips.

"Well, you've got a little bite haven't you... that's good. Me too," Before I could wonder what he meant he leant down and nipped the side of my neck causing a hiss to escape my clenched teeth before he was licking the sting away and moving back again.

"Take your jumper off." He ordered and I stared wide eyed at him. I think deep down I'd thought him seeing me would make him come to his senses and backtrack on his plan.

One week of freedom I repeated in my head as I closed my eyes and started to peel my jumper off. It hit the floor at the same time as a knock at the door came.

"Follow me," Greg hissed and I grabbed my jumper off the floor, breathing a sigh of relief that this visitor had interrupted us. Greg took me to the coat closet and in his haste to get to the door he neglected to shut me in completely leaving a slice open to see through.

My vision of the hallway soon turned to three men stood with a now quivering Gregory. They were intimidating in size and expression.

"Mike, what brings you here?"

The man he had questioned stood at least 5 inches taller than Greg and although he would be classed as good looking the furious expression he was modelling completely detracted from his appearance.

"Don't act fucking stupid Greg! You know what you did, you prick. You must have no brains to think you'd actually get away with this." His voice held nothing but malice and I could see Greg turn so pale, even his red cheeks lost all colour.

"I...I don't know what you m-mean?" he stuttered.

A gasp left my mouth at the same time as one left Greg's, only his wasn't from shock like mine. A punch to the stomach would make any man breathless.

"I'm sorry," he gasped out keeling over "I don't know what I was thinking, I... I'll make it up to you."

Mike's foot swung upwards and landed in Greg's already tender stomach but I kept my gasp in this time.

"Too fucking right you'll make it up to me, and you can start by giving it back. Now,"

I didn't think Greg could get any paler, I was wrong.

"I can get it" he rushed out.

"You sold MY coke?!" Mike asked incredulously. "Money, I want the money right now and then you need to beg for your pitiful and meaningless life."

"I didn't get money for it," the words were barely audible, his head was bent down refusing to look at this Mike character, nobody else had spoken yet they just looked emotionless like they saw this every day; they probably did.

Mike grabbed Greg's chin roughly and forced him to look up "You gave my coke away?" His eyes were as hard as steel, looking at Greg with distain.

"No. No. I..." Greg paused and I froze. Was he going to mention me, my blood ran cold when I saw his eyes flicker over to the closet, I could feel myself heat up and start to perspire in fear. I didn't know these people.

"You what..? What did you get in return for taking what didn't belong to you and making a deal, because it had better have been worth it" Once again Greg looked fleetingly over to the closet door again and my hand shot to my mouth when I saw Mike follow his quick gaze.

"Is it in there?" he asked. Throwing Greg onto the ground he motioned for one of his men to see what was in the partially closed room. I moved backwards quickly and tried to hide myself behind coats and scarves. Margery Potts perfume consumed me and I promptly held my breath and sucked in trying to appear smaller.

A hand latched onto my arm with a vice grip and I let a scream out in shock. While he dragged me to the now even more intimidating Mike I tried to get free. Derek and Stephen hadn't said I had to stay here for this. I hadn't agreed to anything else.

Mike looked confused. I looked petrified. His eyes moved over me and then back to Greg.

"Who is this? You're daughter?" his eyebrows bunched up and I struggled against the man stood behind me.

"No," Greg started, his eyes closed as he continued "she's... my payment."

The confusion lasted a few seconds more before realisation dawned on Mikes face.

"You sold my drugs so you could have sex with her," Mike laughed humourlessly. He looked at me again taking his time to scan my face and entire body. "Well you're taste is impressive, I'll give you that. You're a pretty little thing aren't you?" he tried to trail his hand over my face but I flinched out of his grasp looking at him in disgust. Mikes eyes widened at my action before a mocking smile formed on his now surprised face.

"Do you know who I am darling?" he asked moving closer to me. He grabbed my chin and tilted my head roughly up to look at him, much like he'd done to Greg.

Defiance ran through me "I don't care." I spat out. Trying to get out of his grasp I moved my eyes so I was looking over his head instead of at him.

These actions were so new to me; I was the obedient, quiet type. But I didn't know this man and he wasn't part of the plan I'd agreed to.

A chuckle blew out of him and washed over me. It was sinister and I instantly regretted my words.

"You've got some spunk little one. That will have to change." he didn't continue and I forced myself to look at him properly. That's when his hand released me only to smack me across the face. I fell to the ground from the power but no sound other than a small gasp came from me.

It stung like a bitch and I wanted to cry out in pain but I gritted my teeth and stood back up quickly, the man behind me grabbed me again. Mike raised an eyebrow; he looked impressed at my pain threshold.

A really stupid part of me wanted to say "is that all you got?" but I still had some sense of self preservation and my mouth stayed gritted together.

"I like you." Mike stated before turning back to Greg.

"You took my drugs; you have no money to give me. You have no way of repaying me," He paused a moment. "I think I've got it all.' without another word he nodded once again to the second man who took a gun out and shot Greg. Just like that.

I lost my breath and almost fell to the ground in shock. I think I would have if the man behind me wasn't holding me tightly.

I couldn't breathe, my eyes refused to blink or move from the still body on the floor. Blood started to pour from his forehead and I watched it trail over his face and into the carpet. I hated the guy but... Now he was dead.

"Hey, look at me!" Mikes voice sounded like I was under water. Was I having a panic attack? Was I dying? Had I been shot as well?

Hands were tapping my face and every noise suddenly cleared up. I looked up into Mikes brown eyes and tried to focus on what was happening. I'd just seen somebody get shot.

"Breathe sweetheart,"

I listened to him and then I felt his arms go around me. The man behind me dropped his grip as Mike embraced me. I couldn't move and just continued to breathe as instructed, using his heartbeat to count my breaths to.

It must have been minutes later when reality set in and I harshly ripped myself from the hug. I stepped backwards and was quickly grabbed up again.

"Well now you're all better, we can talk, get to know each other a little better." Mikes smile was charming and fake.

"Get off me!" I shouted in vain.

"I don't think so darling, I just helped you, you owe me."

I struggled even more when his face moved into the crook between my neck and shoulder breathing in my scent.

"Boss, the wife is coming up the drive way." The second man, who had shot Greg, stated in his monotonous voice.

"I guess our first meeting is going to be cut short. I'll be seeing you again sweetheart. I suggest you keep your mouth shut unless you want to join Gregory, okay?" and then they were gone.

I remembered the door opening, Margery screaming and me begging her not to mention me to the police. That was the last time I ever saw Margery Potts... That was until now.
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