A Charmed Life

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Chapter six

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Chapter 6

I had a dreamless sleep and woke up feeling unusually refreshed on Sunday morning. Looking at the time I realized I would probably be the only one up at 6:15. I knew once I was awake there was no nodding back off and so I decided to cook breakfast for when everyone woke up.

I loved to cook when it was what I desired to do and not what somebody was forcing me to do; cooking meals for Stephen and Derek had made me quite the little chef and was the only thing I was actually proud of about myself.

Looking in the overstocked cupboards and fridge I decided on pancakes, cinnamon buns with bacon and eggs.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and everything was prepared and cooked, the door opened and Lucas walked in rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He stopped short, seeing me finish setting the last plate on the table.

"Morning," I greeted him politely; staring at a spot on the wall and making sure my gaze didn't trail over his bare chest. Did everybody walk around without tops on in this house? When Jamie followed in after his brother looking identically half naked I figured the answer was yes.

"Whoa," Jamie bumped into the back of Lucas when he saw the table. "Did you do all this?"

"Was I not allowed?" I asked panicked, I didn't know if there was a rule about who cooked breakfast.

"No, it's- it just looks great and smells amazing, what are those things?" he pointed to my cinnamon buns and I blushed a little in pride.

"Th-they're my cinnamon buns, you can have one." I moved the plate full of my special treats towards the twins and they both grabbed one each. My cheeks warmed further when they both made similar groans of approval with the first bite.

"Oh my stars," Lucas moaned "they are amaze-balls." He went to grab another but I swiftly moved the plate out of his reach. Puppy dog eyes greeted me but I stood my ground.

"You can have more when everyone is here. They'll be none left, if you're as big a pig as you were when we were little." I smiled warmly.

"Have you seen my body? Do I look like I pig out?"

He had a point; with his toned chest and defined lines leading down into his gray sweatpants it was clear he didn't laze around all day eating junk food. I diverted my eyes quickly and busied myself with making sure everything was set up properly.

More bodies walked into the kitchen and after their initial shock and my repeated explanation, everybody sat down and silence ensued. Light moans of appreciation flittered around the quiet table and I grinned to myself.

"That was gorgeous Alex, you really didn't have to but it was lovely that you wanted to." Sandra smiled brightly at me in pleasure; I could see her beaming inside that I was settling in alright.

"Well they never praise my food this well, and I can't remember the last time this table was quiet so you have my gratitude Alex, the food was delicious." Karl added and I bent my head lower in embarrassment. As nice as it was to hear the compliments it just didn't sit well with me; I wasn't used to them.

"Will you make me these bums everyday Alex"' Ben asked and everybody laughed when they heard him say bums instead of buns. I admit to chuckling lightly at his cuteness.

"Maybe not everyday sport, you'll get fat." Aiden ruffled his little brother's hair and grinned at me. I looked down at the table once again and then stood up preparing to do the washing up.

"Oh no, sit back down," Karl shook his head at me "You will most definitely not be washing up after all that. Jamie, Carla, your turn."

"You can watch Sponge-bob with me Alex!" Ben jumped out of his chair and ran around to me, his eyes widened and his lip pouted out in an almost uncanny impression of what I'd seen his older brother do earlier that morning.

I let the 5 year old lead me into the family room, not knowing I would be stuck in there for two straight hours, watching episode after episode of a yellow sponge and his pink starfish friend.

When 'who lives in a pineapple under the sea' started up for what felt like the hundredth time I stood up.

"I'm going to the bathroom Ben; I'll be back later ok." I lied. I wasn't coming back, but he was too pre occupied to notice or care. As funny as the show was I couldn't take anymore.

I walked towards the bathroom as I did desperately need to use it only to stop halfway there when the door swung open and Sam walked out in nothing but a towel...

I stared at him, he stared at me. Cheeks went pink from both parties and Sam started to stutter.

"Al-Alex, Oh man, I- I forgot about you, crap this is em-embarrassing." I felt his embarrassment but didn't know why; his body was nothing to be embarrassed about, but he seemed like the shy type, unheard of from the Spencer's but somehow it had happened. He had been very quiet towards me after our first greeting and I thought back to the overheard conversation when Lucas had mocked him for his inability to talk to girls. I strangely felt the need to comfort him.

"Hey, stuttering is my thing," I smiled at him "I'll pretend this never happened, so don't sweat it." I walked around him and into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door.

I was in my room later on fiddling with the strings on my hoodie when somebody knocked on my door; Aiden was outside my room, I raised an eyebrow after I opened the door to find him there.

"You haven't had the tour yet, now I know you know where the most important rooms are; your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen ...my room..." he smirked and I shook my head at his foolishness "but you haven't seen one of my favorite rooms, and I have a feeling it's going to be yours too."

I hesitated and my heart skipped up a beat, I scrunched my eyebrows into a deep frown at my random emotions; how could I be fine and light-hearted one moment and then fearful the next? Maybe I was crazy. Maybe all the crap that had happened to me had made me crack.

Aiden's eyes widened and I laughed out a little, my momentary fear disappearing "Does everybody in this house do that puppy expression. Is it a Spencer trait or something?" I closed my bedroom door and motioned for him to lead the way sending out a silent prayer that I didn't end up regretting this.

We walked in silence and I realized that I'd talked more today that I would normally do in a full seven days combined. Could I be adjusting and changing that quickly? Surely something bad was going to happen soon, I was never one to be optimistic. The other shoe was going to drop; it was just a matter of time.

The room we entered had all thoughts of shoes and adjustments shoved to the back of my mind. The Spencer's owned a library. I was instantly jealous until I remembered I lived here too... Could I come in this room?

My expression must have been amusing because Aiden chuckled out loud "I know; it's great isn't it. I remember you used to love to read and hoped the habit hadn't gotten lost in being a cool teenager with no time for loser-ish things like reading. I'm glad I was right."

I had always loved to read, the 'habit' had only increased with age, my life was so crap it was a reprieve to delve into another world, into someone else's life, even if it wasn't real.

"This is amazing," I whispered out in awe. Aiden smiled warmly at me.

The room was filled with books, floor to ceiling, the room wasn't enormous like beauty had at the Beasts' castle, but it would supply me with hours on end of fantasy and adventure, maybe a little romance and comedy.

"This is officially my favorite room." I walked over to the one wall not filled with books, a fireplace was situated in the middle and a fluffy rug sat in front of it. Three comfy looking chairs were positioned spaciously around the fireplace and all had throws over the top of them, I visualized myself sitting there, fire and quilt making me feel warm and safe while I lost myself in a book.

A warm presence crept closer towards me, Aiden was still here with me, and he was very close. I'd been distracted and not noticed how close he was until I turned around and was now chest to chest with him.

I froze in shock, and my heart rocketed into an uncountable pace. Aiden looked down at my motionless body and took a step back.

"Alex, are you alright?" he sounded worried and it worked in defrosting me enough to breathe out and try to regulate my heart rate.

"You- s-startled me," I moved further back and moved my eyes down to the ground.

The minute spent calming my body down had been for nought when a hand touched my chin and lifted my face up to look into his emerald concerned eyes, making my skin prickle and my gut twist up inside me. His touch wasn't harsh or really unpleasant, I just wasn't a fan of being touched and with my track record I only expected the worst.

His eyes softened and his hand reached up to cup my cheek softly. I stayed still not knowing what he was going to do; his expression didn't suggest any anger or hostility, more like admiration or awe. It was confusing and I didn't know what he was going to do, it was worse than knowing I was going to feel pain. The uncertainty of his actions had thrown me.

Aiden moved backwards again suddenly and my cheek went cold without his warm hand over me.

"Sorry," he shook his head slightly "Anyway, um this is what I wanted to show you so I'm... I'm going to go make sure I've got everything ready, big day and everything tomorrow."

"Are you nervous?" I asked. I hoped he was; it would make me feel better knowing I wasn't the only one scared.

Aiden smiled at me and something inside melted, knowing he wasn't angry at me.

"Yeah... I'm very nervous, but don't tell the guys that. I was the king of that school; it's not in my nature to be scared to go back, what about you? Nervous?"

"Yes," I admitted "shall we just ditch it together." I joked and we both laughed. The air grew less tense by the second.

"If only... I might even be one of your teachers, you'll have to be nice to me or I'll give you detention." He chuckled at his joke but my smile dropped. Memories sprung to my mind and I tried to push them back; this was no place to be bombarded with memories of my old life.

"Alex..? I was just joking, are you okay?"

"Yeah, um I – you're right, we should... should make sure we're ready-" I didn't wait for him to say anything and walked out of the library and back into my room.

Moving over to my bed I dropped on top of the covers. Don't think about him, don't think about him! I demanded myself but in doing so I was already thinking about him and then it all came rushing back...

"Good morning class I'm Mr Gold and I'll be your new biology teacher." I looked up from staring at my desk so fast I cricked my neck in pain. What the hell was he doing here?

Was this a joke? "You're new biology teacher." this had to be a joke!

I heard the intake of breath from the girls and looked at them discreetly behind my hoodie in disgust; If only they knew who they were undoubtedly forming crushes on. I wanted to stand up and slap them all individually but I was in too much of a shock.

Not only did I have to deal with this bastard at home, but now I didn't even have the sweet relief that 6 hours of school gave me. Stephen Gold was my own personally torturer and he loved it.

"You there, with the hood up, you're not outside and it's certainly not raining, so why don't you take it down." He was looking at me and I could see the smug, self satisfied glint in his eyes when he told me what to do.

I did as I was told and looked down at my desk; my life was even more ruined than it already was.

"Now today we can spend time just getting to know one another.....-"

I cut him off for the rest of the lesson; I didn't want to hear the girls in class ask him stupid and completely inappropriate questions. At 14 years old they thought themselves almost ladies and in need of romance in their lives. If only they knew...

"You... hoodie girl, you've ignored the whole class all lesson. Stay behind after class and we'll get to know each other then, in detention." Stephen would have sounded like any other scolding teacher, but I could hear his real intent and I wanted to cry out and tell him to jump off the building.

I didn't do either and when everybody started packing up whispering about how awesome the new teacher was I stayed seated. Sweating, I could hear the blood rushing around my body and pumping through my ears.

The class emptied and it was just the two of us. I watched him stand up from his desk and go to the still open door; I saw it as if in slow motion; the door closing shut and the key turning. He was locking us both in here.

"You can't do that." I don't know what possessed me to say it, but it was too late to take it back.

"Oh can't I? My mistake, you can leave then." I didn't dare close my eyes, even to blink. I knew he'd be over to me in a second and I didn't want to miss my opportunity to move from the first hit. I couldn't help but try to protect myself, even when I knew it caused more pain in the end over my defiance.

Like I predicted Stephen was over at my desk and I had pushed my chair back and stood up instantly, giving myself more room to maneuver around him.

"Aren't you excited I'm your new teacher? We can spend even more time together now." He was sarcastic, cold, and evil.

I didn't say anything, I just watched and waited, he would strike and I would be ready.

The hand came out fast but I dodged it. his eyes narrowed and I stepped back further, he followed my movements, if I moved back a step he moved one forward grinning like the deranged psychopath he was.

"Please Stephen," I tried "not at school."

The slap was expected but too fast for me to dodge. I was disorientated and he took this chance to grab me and pull me into his body, his mouth went to my ear as he whispered to me, making me shiver in repulsion.

"Don't tell me what to do ever again princess. Besides you know Teacher/Student relationships are super hot. It was only a matter of time before I added it to our role plays." His tongue slid up the side of my neck making me want to heave as I struggled in his grip.

His hands moved over my body and I tried to block him from my mind, I always tried... and failed at this, but I didn't want to feel his hands on me, feel his lips glide across my neck, chin and then finally capture my lips in a painful kiss. He was always rough, no matter what his mood, so it didn't matter if you made him mad beforehand or if he had just been out and had a great laugh with his friends. It was his way.

My hour long detention with him became a regular thing and just something else to add to my everlasting crap-tastic life.
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