A Charmed Life

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Chapter seven

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Chapter 7

Baggy jeans..? - Check.

Black hooded jacket..? – Check.

Hair down for maximum coverage..? – Check.

I was as ready as I'd ever be when I stepped into the kitchen the morning after. Sunday night had gone by too fast, as it usually did when you don't want it to.

"Morning Ally." Aiden was the first to speak to me and I smiled in greeting; we'd starting casually talking last night after dinner about unimportant nonsense and the tension soon disappeared over the laughter.

When my eyes met him I couldn't help but stare just a little longer than I would have liked to admit. He looked perfect; smart black pants coupled with a gray shirt and a darker gray almost black vest over the top. He'd pushed the sleeves of his shirt up half way and his forearm muscles tensed with every sip of his coffee or move of the morning paper. His hair had been styled to look professional without looking douche-y at the same time and I had to say he'd perfected it.

He looked...

I coughed awkwardly and looked towards the rest of the family still around; Sandra and Karl had gone to work and Marge had taken Ben and Taylor to play group.

"Just pass me the jam, dick." Lucas glared sleepily – clearly not a morning person - at Jamie – clearly enjoying annoying his twin brother.

"What's it worth to you?" Jamie teased holding the jam high above his head, Carla swooped in and grabbed the jar out of his outstretched hand and passed it to Lucas who grunted in thanks.

"You're such an idiot Jay-Jay, no one is in the mood for your immaturity this early in the morning." she scolded her older brother.

Nathan was sat next to Sam and they both had an ear bud each listening to music on Sam's phone.

"They're good right?" Sam turned to Nay who nodded before going back to listening.

"Right guys, let's move out," Aiden ordered "Alex you can ride me today," silence. "I mean ride the car... in the car that is with me, and Carla and Nathan will be there as well." his expression read 'what the hell did I just say, I'm a moron' crystal clear and nobody spoke a word for a minute before loud laughter erupted.

"What the ... Have you gone full retard Aiden?" Lucas snorted out between full blown puffs of laugher.

"Never go full retard." Sam finished for his brother, quoting the movie Tropic Thunder.

"Alright calm down, it was an accident. It's early," Aiden defended only slightly pink in the face. "Now let's go."

Still chuckling away everybody followed him and I grabbed an apple before taking up the end of the line.

"See you at school Alex," Jamie shouted out of his rolled down car window, Lucas nodded to me finishing off his toast and Sam gave me a small smile.

"I'd say we'll race you but the way Aidy drives it's clear who the winners would be. Us." they pelted out of the drive way and left us to shake our heads at their idiocy.

We all climbed in the car, the twins jumped in the back so I was left with the space in front sat next to Aiden.

Music automatically came on when he started the engine; it was cheap trick - I want you to want me. I leaned my head into the headrest and smiled, this was a good song.

"Are you smirking at my choice in music?" I looked the side to see Aiden raising an eyebrow at me.

"No," I answered "cheap trick are great. Your music is just fine"

"Oh good, thought I'd have to kick you out of my car then." he was grinning at me jokingly and I rolled my eyes at his silliness.

"What? you don't believe I'd kick you out for complaining about my music taste..? Nathan," he got his little brothers attention "remember when you laughed at my tunes? I made you walk the rest of the way home didn't I?"

Nathan groaned "If I'd known you were a little girl when it came to somebody else's opinion, you know with all that freedom of speech thing going around, then I wouldn't have said anything."

Carla laughed at her brother's misfortune "Don't be a baby we weren't even five minutes from home. You literally had to walk up our driveway and Aidy knew that. That's why he waited until the house was in view before making you get out. I remember you crying because you thought you'd never make it." Carla giggled to herself while Nathan glared red faced at her.

I tried to keep my chuckle inside but a little bubble of laughter forced its way out. Aiden glanced at me before concentrating on the road, a warm happy grin spread across his face.

"I'll take you to the main office," he told me "I have to go there to sign in and get my class schedule anyway." he tacked on at the end.

"Thank you." I said looking out of the window, I saw him shrug through my peripheral vision like it was no big deal, but someone doing me a favour wasn't an everyday thing for me.

We were driving up to a large building; I knew it was my new school, not because of the weather worn, peeling sign that stated the school's name proudly, but because of the automatic feeling of imprisonment and dread all schools held.

The gray brick walls looked cold and uninviting but the further we walked inside the building the more welcoming it became.

We entered the front office; green, healthy plants were plotted about the room and the interior only furthered the welcoming aura of the school.

We were greeted by a little old dear of a lady with fading red hair, streaked with silver. Her eyes were warm, soft and wise; they widened when we walked inside the room and seemed to smile at you.

"Ah, Mr Spencer, excited for your first day?" She smiled looking at him appreciatively "You look just the part, why if I were 40 years younger and single," she shook her head "anyway dear I've got your schedule and class number here. You'll be taking over Ms Coopers English literature classes."

"Well thank you Mrs Green, you know how to flatter a man, Mr Green is a lucky man." Aiden laughed at her small blush. I guess even old and unavailable women are affected by his good looks, I felt better that I wasn't the only one. "This here is Alex Clarkson and it's her first day as well." He looked down and gave me his signature half smirk, half genuine grin, and topped it off with a quick wink that had my heart fluttering lightly. What was that about?!

"Hello dear, I have your paperwork as well, are you excited for your first day?" she asked me standing up and bringing over a pile of papers.

"Y-yes." I stuttered. She smiled kindly and handed both Aiden and I our separate information.

Aiden looked down at his sheets and then leaned his head over my shoulder to look at mine, his warm breath fanned across the side of my neck and cheek and I felt myself shiver in response to his closeness.

"Well we're in completely separate parts of the building right now but after lunch guess who's got their last class with me..? That's right lucky thing. You."

I smiled up at him "I'll see you later then, Sir." I watched his eyes darken at my words before he furrowed his eyebrows and then as if nothing had happened, smile down at me.

"See you later then, come find me in room 206 if you need anything, or someone gives you any trouble." I nodded even though I was so not going to be doing that, and we both went our separate ways.

I used the map to guide me to my first class; Biology with Roger Peters. Oh joy, Monday mornings I get biology. I comforted myself with the fact that there was only 2 months left of this year before the summer holidays came along; If it was bad, at least I only had to endure it for a short time.

I stood outside the classroom door and took even breaths to try to school my rapid heart rate. I hated this; meeting new people, well people in general really. I could already see how today was going to pan out; awkward front of the class speeches that I'd obviously botch because I can't speak more than three sentences without stuttering or mixing up my words. Getting lost and ending up late to classes drawing even more unwanted attention to myself. Getting questioned on my life until they realise I'm not going to speak and then ultimately I will be deemed one of the 'losers'

The door creaked open, and I held my breath, cringing internally when every head in the room turned to me, eyes looked me over already judging me, but I averted my stare and looked to the floor.

"Welcome! You must be Alexandra," I cringed outwardly this time at the cheerful man's use of my full name, looking up I saw a balding slightly pudgy man, in his early 40's who had a happy rosy cheeked smile and excitable bright blue eyes.

I nodded, willing myself not to heat up in embarrassment at everyone's attention being set upon me... I say everyone but there was one boy in the back of the class with his head on the table, hood up, possibly asleep by his unmoving figure... so everyone but him.

The class was small, maybe 12 students, if that. For my first introductions I couldn't have asked for a better first class really. 12 was nothing compared to what I knew lay in store for me.

"Well I'm Roger Peters; you can call me Roger, Peters, Sir, Mr Peters, Rog... well you get the picture, As long it won't hurt my feelings you can pretty much call me whatever. For example 'balding old fart' is a big no, no."

The class burst into uncontrollable laughter; at his out there words or my open mouthed, open eyed expression I wasn't too sure. Was he for real? This was my teacher..?

After getting the class to quieten down he turned to me again "Welcome to biology, we're a small group but that doesn't deter from our ingenious intelligence. Get ready for some hard work kid, now, would you like to tell us about yourself or skip the embarrassing intro's and just sit down?"

"Sit down." I whispered out, I kept my eyes downcast because if I looked up I'd see everyone –bar sleepy guy – watching my every move; my every awkward shuffle and every zip and unzip of my hoodie.

"Well then you can go find somewhere to sit, anywhere that's free, I do have a 'no laps' policy to uphold though so if you can refrain I'd be much obliged, let's stick to desks and chairs ey? We need concentration in this lesson." Roger Peters barked out a laugh and his students were quick to follow.

I manoeuvred my way to the back of the class, praying I didn't trip on a stray book bag or someone's foot. I got to a free desk with no incidents and breathed a sigh of relief that I'd made it.

My desk was in between sleepy boy and two girls sat together. In a class this small you had the luxury of sitting alone; something I was obviously going to take advantage of and it seemed sleepy boy was taking it as well.

I looked to the girls on my right and they both gave me easy smiles as I quickly observed them;

The one closest to me had bright blond hair ringed up in massive crazy curls that flew out in all directions, she had big blue doe eyes and naturally pouty cupids bow lips. Her outfit consisted of a denim skirt, white ballet pumps and a pale pink ruffled vest top.

Her desk buddy couldn't have been any more opposite; bright cherry red dyed hair cut into a short and choppy bob, her pixie features worked well with her nose stud and makeup, and her outfit was made up of tight black skinny jeans, luminous green doc martins and an equally bright green camisole with a black meshed top over it. She looked cool. Her friend looked girly... they didn't look like they had much in common.

I turned my attention to sleepy boy; his face was turned to me and half covered by his hoodie, but what I could see was worth looking at; strong jaw covered in stubble, lip ring over a full bottom lip, I didn't know what colour his eyes were but I imagined them to be dark and intimidating, his sleeves were pulled up and I trailed my eyes along his tattooed muscular arm, the ink carried on up into his sleeve so I didn't know where it ended. He was undoubtedly good looking but even asleep you'd be stupid not to notice the danger vibe floating around him.

I would be staying far away from him, but while he was asleep - music coming through his ear buds (surprisingly Peters didn't notice... yet) - I could admire him undetected.

Giggles to my side made me flip my head to see Blondie and Red chuckling at me. I immediately went red after getting caught, you couldn't blame me but I didn't want someone to see.

"That's Cameron Fitzgerald, major hottie, but you don't want to get mixed up with him," I was intrigued by Blondie's words but stayed silent waiting for her to continue "he got into a fight a few months ago and ended up killing this guy.. I heard-" she was interrupted by a snort coming from her desk partner.

"Bull shit," she whispered careful of the teacher who I'd not paid any attention to so far "He never killed anyone, how do you expect to make any other friends with the lies that you spew? He didn't kill anyone," she directed the last bit at me "he was just in a coma for a few weeks."

My mouth gaped open, a coma?! More laughter came from there table and I realised she had been lying as well. A small smile grew on my face at being played.

"Sorry, but your face," Red chuckled "I'm Kim," she introduced "and this is Anna." Blondie, now Anna nodded at me.

"Alex." I told them, even though they already knew.

"He is bad news though. Just a fair warning not to try to get to know him." Kim said.

"I wasn't planning on it." I said distracted by looking at him again.

I saw Mr. Rogers coming over to the back, a mischievous smile on his face and a book in hand. He stood in front of Cameron's desk and lifted the book up, before slamming it down next to his face. The boy's eyes shot open; dark stormy gray, and surprised, they soon turned to slits as he pulled his ear buds out and glared at Roger.

"What the hell Peter's, so not cool." he growled out. He pulled his hoodie down and auburn messy hair popped out, he had the 'get out of bed, run fingers through hair and go' technique down perfectly.

"Well Mr. Fitzgerald I figured if you were able to sleep during 70% of my lessons you must know everything. That's why I'm assigning you as Alexandra's little helper. You can go through the sheets for today; we're going over our last module. That won't be a problem will it?" Roger looked at me and Cameron followed.

He looked me up and down as my mind reeled in worry; I'd just been warned about him and now I'm going to have to spend time with him. What a great start to the day.

"There's no problem." Cameron finally said turning back to the teacher.

NO! There is a problem I wanted to shout. There's a big one. I don't want to be murdered on my first day!

I stood up silently, knowing I wasn't going to say those things and took the seat next to Cameron. Our arms brushed against each other and I quickly moved it closer to me. My eyes stayed trained on the desk and waited for him to speak.

It was a long minute later when I couldn't take it any longer and looked up at him to see him staring straight at me already. I wanted to stand up and run out the classroom screaming. I gulped my excess spit down and licked my dry lips.

His eyes followed my movements and I felt even more uncomfortable until he raised an eyebrow. Scrunching my eyes together in confusion he shook his head.

"Well... get on with it, fill the sheet out." after that he pulled his hood back up and leaned back on his chair closing his eyes. He wanted me to do all the work.

My heart started to strum against my chest with every question I read... and didn't know the answer to. I wanted to cry, was he going to kill me because I didn't know what to write? I'd never been taught any of this before. It didn't strike me as odd that I felt stupid for not knowing something I hadn't been taught yet. If it were Derek and Stephen they would have hurt me regardless.

A few minutes went by and I prayed, begged and willed my brain to come up with some answers but no miracle was going to happen, and certainly not to me.

"You need a pen or something?" his voice asked at the side of me, and a small whimper involuntarily came from me, it was quiet, but not enough to not catch his attention.

"I... I d-don't know the-the answers." I admitted lowering my head and not daring to look at him.


His one word had me looking up before I could stop myself... Oh? What kind of a response was that?

"I thought you were a nerd. You look like a nerd," he explained. There was no anger, no humiliation - apart from the nerd comment which was to be expected – that was all I was going to get, no punishment?

"Guess we'll have to do this together then." he shuffled closer to the desk and put the sheet in between us both. I looked at him wide eyed, and I kept looking at him, until he turned to me.

"What are you looking at?"

"I'm not a nerd." I whispered out. It was the first thing to come out of my mouth and he quirked one side of his mouth up into an almost smile.

"Well... obviously, you can't even answer a few simple questions. Still look like one though." I laughed softly at his words.

We started to complete the worksheet and Cameron surprisingly had me laughing multiple times that lesson.

"I'm telling you, the answer is duck, why aren't you writing it down? I've been in this class since the year started; I think it's safe to say I know more about what I'm talking about. Now, are you going to write duck or not?" Cameron had been trying to convince me for 15 minutes that the answer to an unrelated duck question was in fact 'duck'

I shook my head "you fall asleep in this class."

"So, that's because I'm a genius and I don't need schooling," his eyes grinned at me but the rest of his face stayed emotionless. I shook my head again.

"I'm not writing duck. We'll get in trouble." by the end of the lesson my stutter had become nonexistent. Cameron had a way of making you feel calm, even after what I'd heard about him.

"So what..? Trouble is my middle name; I live for this kind of danger. The 'will the teacher shout at me for getting an answer wrong' kind of danger is the best, such a thrill," he was sarcastic and a chuckled lowly at his words, before grabbing my pen and writing duck in the answer space.

"If we get shouted at," I warned "I'm blaming you."

Cameron laughed out loud this time; it was gruff and made you shiver.

"Nerdy just turned bad ass." he chuckled, winking at me.

The bell rang to end the lesson and we all packed our stuff away. Kim and Anna walked over to the desk. Cameron nodded once to me before walking out of the class, students parted to let him leave and I tilted my head in wonder; why was everybody afraid of him? He had to have done something, right?

"What's your next lesson Alex?," Kim asked and I reached for my sheet and read off Art.

"Oh good that's what we've got, we'll walk you."

Anna skipped chirpily ahead of us while Kim rolled her eyes at me "You'll get used to her." she smiled kindly.

"So why'd you move here?" she asked making conversation.


What was I supposed to say to that..?
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