A Charmed Life

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Chapter eight

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"Erm, my... my stepdad got a... new job, and I couldn't stay with him anymore, so I m-moved in with the Spen-Spencer's." it wasn't a complete lie. I'm sure they make you work in prison, and I couldn't stay with him anymore... so, it's half a truth... and I was okay with that.

"Hold up, did you just say 'the Spencer's'?! Are you serious! You live with the Spencer's?" Kim had screeched to a stop, her hand went around my arm to halt me and it took all my energy to not rip it from her grip. Old habits.

"You know them?" I asked, moving from her grasp slowly. Obviously she must have known them to be that shocked, but they weren't celebrities, and I was glad the conversation hadn't centred on the stepdad/ new job section.

"Do I know them," she scoffed "Everybody knows them, they're like celebrities around here." I internally laughed at her choice of words.

"I knew them when I was a kid," I explained quietly, trying to get her to start moving again. I didn't want to be late for Art.

"I can't wait to tell Anna, she's going to flip her shit, she's like, in love with Sam Spencer," she paused a moment "Have you seen them naked? Or at least getting out of the shower?"

"Nope." I lied. I didn't think she'd be able to handle me seeing Sam fresh out of the shower, and I didn't want to embarrass him if word got out.

"Shame. Oh!" She grinned "We are so having sleepovers at your place." Laughing to herself we carried on through the corridor, stopping at an open door that I could already see Anna in... and to my surprise; Sam.

Speak of the devil.

I followed Kim inside and she took me over to the main desk where a pretty, petite Asian woman was sat, she looked up and smiled warmly at me.

"You must be Alexandra," I nodded "welcome to Art, I'm Phoebe Okubu, you can just call me Phoebe, and we're working on charcoal pieces at the moment, so for today could you just draw me anything you want in charcoal so I can get a feel for where you are in the group. Looks like Kim's looking after you, so you can sit on her table if you'd like." She smiled again.

"I'll sit with Kim. Thanks." She didn't know it, but I was thanking her for not even bringing up the 'introduce yourself' to everyone bit. I was liking this school more and more with every passing minute.

I followed Kim to a table that sat Anna, and a boy I didn't know;

"Alex, this is Kyle, and Kyle this is Alex, now that's over with I have the most amazing, fantastic, ginormous news you've ever heard!" Kim was practically dancing with excitement.

"How's that possible, I left you like 5 minutes ago, how have you acquired this amazing, fantastic, ginormous news?." Anna questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Because my curious friend, I happened to walk at a normal pace with our new pal Alex, and you raced off like always, therefore I have information you don't and trust me, you're going to die when you hear it."

"I don't race. I just don't like being late to things... Well go on then, tell me this news that's worth dying over."

"Alex here," Kim pointed to me unnecessarily "just so happens to live with none other than Sam Spencer, his brothers included obviously, but I figured that name would stand out more for you."

It took Anna a minute to digest the information given to her, and then she let out an almighty screech.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?"

"Anna, settle down." Phoebe muttered from her table, not even bothering to look up. I figured she was used to Anna's outbursts.

Anna quietened down, but stared at me until I slowly nodded, wishing I could seal my ears just in case she decided to scream again. Luckily she didn't, but she did look at me for an unnervingly long space of time.

"Wow, how lucky are we, picking to befriend my future husbands house mate." She jokingly pointed out.

Kim and Kyle sniggered at her words before starting to get their sheets and other necessary art supplies out.

I followed suit and grabbed a fresh A2 sheet and some charcoal from the middle of the table.

A small time later, Sam was walking past my desk, he slowed down when he neared me and finally halted at the side of my chair.

"How's your first day been?" He asked quietly.

"It's okay."

"Any trouble?" He enquired, looking down at my art work instead of me.

"Not yet, but there's always time." I whisper joked. I was weirdly at ease with Sam, whether it was because of his embarrassing shower show, or from how close we were as kids, I didn't know. I wasn't complaining either.

He gruffly chuckled before nodding and walking off.

I turned to look at my table and three pair of wide eyes were gaping at me.

"He talked..." Kyle exclaimed quietly. He seemed stunned.

"He actually voluntarily said more than two words to someone other than his brothers. Woah... how long have you known him did you say?" Kim asked, just as flabbergasted as Kyle. Anna had yet to say anything.

"Since w-we were kids. B-but I... uhm haven't s-seen him in years." I stumbled a response out, I was still unsure as to why they were so shocked. I knew he was shy by nature, but surely he spoke in school and had friends.

Anna explained. "Sam is the quiet one from his family. He's polite and kind. But he's a mystery to everyone. He keeps to his small group of friends and doesn't do anything outside his regular routine. That just then... that was out of his routine."

I looked over at Sam, head bent over his work, unknowing that he was the topic of our table. He swept his hair out of his face, fully concentrated on the sheet in front of him. He was quite something to look at; just like the rest of his family.

I couldn't imagine him needing to be shy; his looks should give him the confidence to do and say whatever he wanted. That's what his older brothers used to their advantage... I knew that just from observing them over the weekend.

I let the other three continue their conversation whilst I carried on with my work and before I knew it the class was over and people were packing up.

"Ah break time. One of my favourite times of that day; this, lunch and hometime. See you at the table." Kyle grinned before nodding goodbye to us and walking, almost sprinting out of the class.

"Kyle likes to get to the canteen first and make sure we have a table. And so he can consume as much food as possible in the fifteen minutes we get. You can sit with us if you want?," Anna suggested and I nodded following them out of the classroom and back into the crowded hallways.

This time Anna stayed in line with us.

When we got to the overflowing canteen my eyes automatically sought out and found the Spencer's.

They all sat together with a few other guys. It was a big table. One I wouldn't be comfortable joining and I sent a silent prayer to whoever made it possible for me to meet Kim and Anna.

They led me to a table that was already occupied by two boys; Kyle was there and another boy who was busy typing away on his phone.

"Georgie, this is Alex, she's joining us for break and lunch. Get used to her." Kim introduced before sitting down and opening her bag rummaging around, she pulled out a bag of chips and a carton of apple juice.

I shyly nodded at Georgie while taking a seat next Anna.

"Nice to meet you." He muttered still typing away on his phone.

"Georgie has an online girlfriend and they are constantly texting each other. You'll barely hear him contribute to the conversation." Anna rolled her eyes.

"Rude." He huffed out "I contribute if it's worth my contribution." And then he was back at his phone.

"Hey Ally, I brought you over some chips and a drink," a voice started from behind. I made a small squeak and swung my body around. It was Lucas, carrying what looked like paprika flavoured chips and a can of cherry cola.

He leaned over me to place them on the table and his hand skimmed across my shoulder while he was moving back. A small shudder ran through me unintentionally; Human contact, sometimes even small touches like that unnerve me. Especially when the are unexpected.

"Oh. Th-than-ankyou." I barely managed to get out. Cringing slightly at how badly I could screw up a simple thank you.

He chuckled, probably assuming he'd made me nervous for a completely different reason.

"No worries, I figured you didn't grab any food or money this morning so I packed for you. Come find me at lunch and I can buy your food while I get mine. You can even sit with us as a thanks." He cheekily winked at me.

"Oh tha... it's okay. I, I'm goi-ing to sit with these at-at lunch. I won-won't need more food."

"What?! Of course you'll need to eat again. That won't last you all day. And we don't mind you sitting at their table. I think it's nice he wants to sit with you. Make sure you're getting food down you. Looking after you." Anna startled to babble so Kim kicked her under the table to stop her.

"What she's trying to say is. We've no problem if you sit with Lucas for lunch. Maybe we can eat at breaks with you and they get lunch."

"It's settled then. See you at lunch Alleycat." Lucas waved goodbye without letting me protest. Not that I would have argued with him, or let them know that I'd gone much longer with much less food in me and I'm entirely capable of doing it again.

"Oh he has a nickname for you. That's cute" Kyle piped up nudging Anna who coos and then giggles.

I go red in the face, a memory resurfaces of when that nickname was first created.

Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

We were watching Aristocrats and I was happily kicking my legs against the sofa in time with the tune.

"Hey! That's what I'm going to call you!" Lucas exclaimed noisily. Interrupting the film and getting everyone's attention.

"What? Thomas O'Malley" Jamie asked scrunching his eyebrows in confusion.

"No you dung beetle. Alleycat! You're totally like a street cat Alex. You look like a ball of fur but you've got some nails hidden ready to scratch." Lucas laughed at his description of me.

I sat in silence mulling my new nickname over. I like cats. I always like to pet them when I see one. Mom says to be careful because they can be sneaky and unpredictable. I guess that's me.

"Okay," I give my permission "I guess you can call me Alleycat." And we go back to watching the movie.

I inwardly smile at the memory; I was feistier back then. I wouldn't be called an alley cat now. I wouldn't even say I was a mouse; even they can scare people... and elephants. I wasn't any kind of animal anymore; nope, instead I'm a flower, easily trampled on, or picked and torn apart.

My smile soon faltered at my new negative thoughts and I stayed quiet the rest of the time we had. Realising I hadn't eaten the chips, or touched the drink I shoved them in my bag and filed out with the rest of the canteen.

I had Math now; both Jamie and Lucas were in my math class, I was in advanced math. I knew math. I liked it; It wasn't evasive... And you couldn't have the answer change on you, it was stable.

After Math it was General studies; a waste of a class if I ever knew one, especially for me at the moment as I had no outstanding homework or essays to complete. So I spent the hour doodling on my notebook.

Lunch had finally arrived, and since I had no one in my GS class I had to make my own way to the canteen. This time the classroom was on a completely different side to what I had been on all day and so naturally I got lost.

I continued down a hallway I hoped would lead me to the canteen.

I slowed down on my next turn; a little in front of me were four loud lads talking and pushing one another.

I breathed in, in a hopes that I shrunk some and became invisible. I figured they were having a good time in each other's company they wouldn't pay attention to me passing them.

I was wrong...
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