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Chapter 12: Mine

" I got no excuses
For all of these goodbyes
Call me when it's over
'Cause I'm dying inside

Wake me when the shakes are gone
And the cold sweats disappear
Call me when it's over
And myself has reappeared"

Zack Brian sits on his bed alone, trying to make sense of the voice in his head that tells him he's weak, that he's not good enough, that he never will be. The voice is his own, he knows it isn't true, he knows he shouldn't listen to it, that what it says cannot be true.

Anxiety is cruel, how it steals your breath away, and leave you gasping for something that should be easier to achieve. Its like a shot of novocaine the way your body just numbs away, and even though you want to you can't get yourself to move or speak.

"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know why
I do it every, every, every time
It's only when I'm lonely
Sometimes I just wanna cave
And I don't wanna fight

I try and I try and I try and I try and I try
Just hold me, I'm lonely

Momma, I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore
And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor

To the ones who never left me
We've been down this road before
I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore"

Anxiety is funny, the way it turns you against yourself. Makes you doubt every decision you make, or have yet to even think. Turns your fears into nightmares that haunt you in your sleep. But even when you're fully awake you can hear it all the same.

You know what's wrong, you know you're to blame, for the reasons why it feels like you can't fight another day. The voice inside is yours and you're the reason here for blame. But how can you fix yourself when yourself holds all the blame? When your worst enemy is you, and it knows just what to say.

"I'm sorry to my future love
For the man that left my bed
For making love the way I saved for you inside my head

And I'm sorry for the fans I lost
Who watched me fall again
I wanna be a role model
But I'm only human

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know why
I do it every, every, every time
It's only when I'm lonely
Sometimes I just wanna cave
And I don't wanna fight"

Just pull yourself together, if its in your head then suck it up. You just need motivation and some confidence to save. They think it's just laziness or looking for attention, no one understand the struggle of fighting with yourself. It seems easy to solve, just get some exercise and tough it out, but when the problem is caused by you then how are you supposed to do it so soon?

You want to do better, you want to be yourself, but your body is frozen and your lungs are squeezed shut. Your mind assaults you with what you fear might be true, even when 100 people tell you no its not, that voice inside screams yes it is.

"I try and I try and I try and I try and I try
Just hold me, I'm lonely

Momma, I'm so sorry I'm not sober anymore
And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor

To the ones who never left me
We've been down this road before
I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore
I'm not sober anymore

I'm sorry that I'm here again
I promise I'll get help
It wasn't my intention
I'm sorry to myself"

Zack Brian is tired.

He sits on that locker room bench, alone with his thoughts. His thoughts are vicious to him, they thrive when he is weak. His fears and his doubts are amplified and enhanced, and he can feel an anxiety attack begin to form inside his chest.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

He's used to physical labor, to feeling sore after being pushed too far. And he's used to feeling short of breath from exerting himself too fast.

He's felt his knuckles bleed and his eyes swollen shut, to bruised ribs and cracks that make sleeping a pain in the ass.

He's felt this pain and shrugged it off, just a small price to pay. But when his mental state tags in? It does so with a steel bat.

Zack Brian is tired.

Mentally, that is.

He's feeling like a failure and that nothing he does works out right. He can't protect Skyler, he can't be who he wants to be. His parents don't understand him and there's nothing here to brag.

What makes him think he's good at anything at all? Certainly not himself, as his inner voice reminds him once again. He's his own worst critic, but this voice isn't playing nice. This voice wants to break him down until he cries throughout the night.

But what can he do? He can't let the voice win. Can't spend his life frozen from the fear and from the dread.

It takes so much strength to keep the voice at bay. To fight it back and try to keep its head below the sand.

He breathes in deeply, lets it resonate within. Life has uncertainties, so he'll work with what he can.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

"Everything is going to be okay," he says.


Today is the day. It has to be. It will be.

Skyler is terrified.

He knows what he wants and he knows how to do it. But the way his heart is thumping makes it hard to clear his head.

Zack sits across from him, his Medium-Drip in hand. He's laughing at what Sky had said and smiling ear to ear. Skyler smiles back a little, his heart beat hurting his chest. He sips his Nonfat-Mocha to hid his fear instead.

"You're so amazing, babe." Zack says to him, his eyes shining with mirth. "I don't know how I got so lucky to be someone worth your time."

"You're worth everyone's time," Skyler shoots back instantly, and Zack's ear turn a little red. "I know you may not believe it, but I'm the lucky one instead."

"Is this a challenge, my good sir?" Zack teases, his head resting in his hand. "I'll have you know when it comes to you, I intend to win."

Sky blushes now himself, his pale skin flush with heat. It brings a spark of hope and love deep within Zack's chest.

Skyler looks down at his hands, unsure of what to say. He's rehearsed in his head so much, but finds his brain will not compute. The feels that he has are real, he knows this to be true. With each passing day and night he fears they risk being left to fade and fight.

"Zack?" Sky starts, his blue eyes meeting gold. "I have something to tell you, and I need to say it soon."

"Of course, Sky," Zack reassures, taking a pale hand into his own. "You know you can tell me anything, anything at all." His eyes swim with warmth, though a question beings to form.

Skyler stares into those eyes, his words come to a halt. When this boy is around his brain turns to mush and his tongue forgets how to work. He opens his mouth to speak these thoughts, and hears nothing coming out.

The Coffee Bean is quiet today, not many people are around. The moment they have is private and don't worry about other ears. Still Skyler can feels the fear in his throat, the way it swells and builds and bobs. He wants to speak but finds his voice is quite MIA.

"Is everything okay?" Zack asks, concern clear as day. Sky can see deep in those honey eyes a hint of guilt and shame and pain.

Skyler closes his eyes, and squeezes them tight. His hands do the same as he holds Zack's tighter to himself. He looks down at the ground and looks away, afraid of what might come to be.

"I don't want to do this anymore, Zack."

Zack's heart hits the floor as those words begin to stick. The voice in his head beings to scream a thousand things at once.

Is this the end? He can't let this be. He may be tired but he's willing to fight.

"Skyler-" he begins, but stops when Sky raises his head. The look in his eyes are fiery and alive, a sudden strength that had not been there before.

"I can't keep playing this game of Cat and Mouse, of Will They-Won't They," Skyler says. "I'm tired of walking around denying that you're my world."

"You're my best friend, Zack, the one I want. And I've never been afraid of asking for what I want. But you, you're worth this risk, that everything might never be the same. I need to say this, I need you to see what you mean to me and what we could be."

Zack's head has gone silent, and so has he. He feels his eyes grow as what this man has said sinks in.

"I love you, Zack." Skyler admits, his lips turning upwards with a grin. "I can't take it anymore, not letting you know, this thought that I have with you everyday. I want to hold your hand as your partner, not just as a close friend. I want to sing you my devotion and give you strength and adoration. I know you feel this way too, won't you say you feel it too?"

"Sky" Zack stammers, the heat rising in his skin. "What exactly are you asking me?"

"I know you love me too," Skyler says, determined and suddenly sure. "SO I'm asking in the best that I can, if you would be my boyfriend and say it too?"

"Of course I do!" Zack declares, his voice breaking through before his mind could catch up. "I've loved you since the moment I met you, Skyler."

He looks deeper into those ocean eyes, his love shining through. His voice is gentle as he whispers out, "How could I ever not?"

"So you'll be my boyfriend?" Skyler asks, his smile threatening to burst. "No more of this nonsense about staying away to keep me safe from harm?"

"I wouldn't call it nonsense," Zack said, "we did agree it would be best. But you're right, things have changed, and I'd be a fool to turn you away."

Zack got up from his chair and knelt down beside his man. With one hand he cupped Skyler's cheek and titled his head slightly down. "Yes, I'll be your boyfriend. I'll be whatever you need of me, whatever you ask. I may be afraid of screwing it up, or not being everything you need. But as long as you're by my side I promise to do everything I can to try."

With heart bursting and souls flying, they embraced and lips met, screw anyone who dared watch. Sky had found his Zack, and Zack had found his Sky.


Michael Johnson paces by his car, unsure of what to do. He sees that motocycle still parked outside and knows that Zack is still inside.

Should today be the day? Is today going to be his chance? He doesn't have the nerve, but he can't hide it anymore.

Finally, he makes up his mind, and heads back inside towards the locker room. His hand trembles slightly on the door, and he hesitates once more. He shakes his thoughts clear and pushes forward, the door slamming shut as he builds a false confidence.

"What the fuck are you doing here, Michael?" Zack sneers from the bench, slowly rising up to stand. "Come to receive another ass-kicking? You know I'm happy to oblige."

"Listen Brian, I ... I need to talk to you." Michael states, his voice quieter than he would have liked.

"Well guess what? I don't want to fucking listen." Zack turns and starts to walk away from him, to where his open locker waits.

"Come on, just hear me out." Michael tries, his attempt at peace feeling foreign and strange. Zack can't remember the last time he heard this boy be polite.

"'Hear me out', he says." Zack says to himself. He shales his head slightly as his temple throbs just slight. "For what purpose would it serve? You've made it clear on numerous occasions what you'd like to say to me, and my boyfriend."

"... boyfriend?" The question is soft, much more unsure.

"Oh I'm so sorry, did I offend you with that information? Sucks for your ass. And don't look so surprised. Your actions have made it clear you know who I'm talking about." Zack doesn't hear the larger boy's tone of voice, doesn't hear the genuine surprise. He's angry and defensive, and definitely doesn't give a shit about how this guys feels about all this.

"Day... right?"

"Who the fuck else would it be?" Zack snaps, finally turning around to face the jock. His jaw clenches as he frowns deeply. "Ash? Jeff? I know you're not that bright losing all those brain cells on the football field, but gosh darn you are a dimwit. "

"Shut up." Michael says, his anger beginning to build.

"Now now, we know I've called you worse before. No need to get so worked up." Zack closes his locker and goes to brush past Michael, who side steps and blocks his path.

Zack looks at him, an unamused look on his face "...Move."

"No." Michael says, his face taking on a sudden determination. He reaches into his pocket for something a faint glint of metal catches Blaine's eye.

"Get out of the damn way Michael... what the fuck!? Get off me!" Zack shouts, suddenly pushed up against the lockers as the larger boy reaches out and pins Zack's right hand.

"I need you to listen!" Michael pleads, quickly locking the boxer's wrist on the nearest locker. Blaine pulls at the cuff, dumbfounded. He turns his head to the jock and screams at him.

"So you fucking handcuffed me?! Where the fuck did you even get these? You're a kinky bastard aren't you!" The jock steps back quickly as Zack thrashes against him.

"I just want to know why him!" Michael yells, face breaking as his anger turns to confusion and sadness.

"What?" Zack snarls, his rage beginning to make him shake.

"Skyler. Why him?"

"I don't see why it concerns you which boy it is, considering all options would be boys as well." Zack glares, trying to lunge at this lunatic with the left fist, but unable to reach.

"Why not me?" Michael cries out, anguish on his face.

Zack is silent for a second, before a look of incredulous slaps him across the face "...what."

"What the fuck does Day have that I don't?" A fist pounds against the locker above Zack's head, and for a moment he feels a spark of fear.

"You're fucking shitting me right now. This is a good one. I didn't know you had a sense of humor." Zack laughs, disbelief dancing over his face as his lips curl into a smirk.

"I'm serious!" Michael insists, turning away from Zack to grip his hair in frustration.

"Look, I know all the stuff you were trying to do to hurt us wasn't really working too well, so you decided to psychologically harm me next, right?" Zack guessed, his head trying to wrap itself around the idea that this might not be another attempt at revenge.

"No! No, I don't want to hurt you." Michael interjects, facing Zack again and moving in closer. His hand comes up to try and touch Zack's cheek. "匈 never want to hurt you again."

Zack slaps it away with his free hand. "Damn you're on a role. You should look into comedy when you get out of here."

"God dammit! Will you stop putting this down?" the larger boy cries out, pinning the other wrist against the wall of lockers. His chest presses against the young boxer's. "I love you!"

"Like fuck you do." Zack denies, struggling against the man's grip but finding himself floored at the revelation at his feet and unable to break the hold.

"I'm serious! Ever since you first came here I've had it bad for you, Zack." Michael insists, his voice taking on a touch desperation.

"Shut the fuck up." Zack says, his teeth grinding together.

"I've been so ashamed with myself, so disgusted that I've been trying to get the heat away from myself." The hand pinning down his wrist moves up, palm against palm. "You and I are so alike, Zack."

Zack rips his hand away, using it to push against the boy's chest. "Like fuck we are."

Michael stumbles back, his face heartbroken but voice growing in desperation. "We're both feared. Powerful, strong, and high up in the food chain. But inside we're both scared boys trying to find love in a world that's trying to destroy it."

"Seriously this isn't fucking funny anymore." Zack spits out, trying to rip at the chain of the cuff on his wrist. "Let me go."

"And Skyler is so brave and courageous and witty. You know I wouldn't mind him either if we don't work out." Michael tries to smile. Zack spits in his face.

"Like fuck you will. You aren't getting near him, or me. You disgust us."

Michael silent wipes his face, a look of resolution growing on him. He looks at Zack, much calmer than he had been before. "So I don't blame you for choosing him. After all, if I had just told you sooner we wouldn't have to hurt him like this. But he'll get over it. He can go with that nerd that showed up with that Magnum guy last week."

"Do you fucking hear yourself?" Zack asks, that spark of fear returning and fanning a small flame. "Are you psychotic? Skyler is my boyfriend, and I love him!"

"But does he really love you?"

Zack's entire body goes still. That's what the voice in his head says, too.

He shakes his head quickly, trying to throw out the sense of panic growing in his lungs. "Of course he does!"

"How do you know?" Michael asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Because I just know. I know him, more than you ever will, same as he knows me." Zack yells, feeling like he's trying to convince himself, too. "He's the love of my life, and I'm his."

Michael reaches for Zack's face again. "I'm the one who's meant to be with you!"

"Fuck off!"

"I know I've done you wrong, but Blaine, things are okay now." Zack slaps him across the face, hard. Michael staggers as the red outline of his hand is already forming on his face.

"You're fucking crazy! Don't touch me!"

Desperation comes back to Michael's face. "With our combined strength and influence no one can touch us. We can be together without fear." He says, trying to convince him.

"NO!" Zack screams out, so loud and horrified, and so afraid.


Zack hasn't let himself be this afraid in years. But his anxiety has taken a hold of him and is shutting him down. His legs are frozen, he can't get them to move. His chest feels like one thousand pounds rest upon them. His mind is screaming at him, and he is too afraid to fight the words off.

"Please, Zack." Michael tries again, much softer, much more intimate than ever before. "I've changed, I really have! I can make you ten times as happy as Day ever did!"

"Mike," Zack whispers, his head reeling, trying to switch tactics.

"I swear to you, I'll never hurt either of you again! Just give me a chance, Zack." Michael reaches out to gently touch Zack's free hand. "All I want is a chance."

Zack looks up and meets his eyes. He can see the sadness in them, the loneliness, and realizes he knows that look. He's felt this way before, too.

His anger gives way to pity. "You had your chance years ago, Michael. You had the chance to not become a closeted, homophobic bully. You missed that chance." He pulls his hand away. "And by doing so, missed any chance you could have ever had with me."

He shakes his head slightly, amazed he feels a sense of connection and pity to this man who he despises so. "I'm sorry, but that's my final answer. Now let me go."

Michael looks at his face, silent. His face is unreadable. "No."

Zack cries out, his hand coming up to grab Michael by the shirt and yank him down. "You think I like being like this? Think I like the leather and the piercings and the fighting? Cause I don't! It's all a lie, a big fat lie."

"...What? What are you saying?" Michael asks, picking himself up.

Zack levels his glare at him, his voice coming out rushed as he grows more unnerved. "I'm a musical theatre nerd! I have posters and collect playbills and can tell you ever show's history! I have an extensive bow tie collection! I can play seven different instruments and sing in three languages! I used to gel my hair everyday! I can cook and make felt puppets and dance, I can dance really well. But more than anything, I'm a singer.

"But I'm also a boxer. Because it makes me strong, because it allows me to stand up for myself. I don't wear my bow ties, because they're 'gay' and being gay means being weak, and I am not weak. I'm in the choir, but everyone gets bullied there so it doesn't matter. I drive a motorcycle because it's a lot easier to intimidate and escape on them. I got all those piercings to look intimidating and powerful. But none of it is who I really am."

"It is people like you who made me who I am now. You people are the ones who force me to hide everything about myself, to hide behind your ridiculous ideas of masculinity, when there is no true form of masculinity to begin with! You people are the reason I have to remind Skyler how incredible he is, because everyday he wakes up and has to deal with the entire world putting him down, insulting him and degrading him as a person."

"Why do you think girls always want a gay best friend, always fall in love with their gay friends? Because gay men are often in touch with the things that make them human, commonly mistaken as femininity, and as a result become the type of men they want to be with. Listen to the song "What a Woman Wants" from Kinky Boots, and you'll see my point."

He gulps in air, out of breath and shaking. He sighs deeply and looks away. "So there you have it. I just spilled my secrets to you. Now... if you really do care for me, Michael-"

"I do! I do, I swear it-" the boy startles, finding his voice again.

"Then you'll let me go." Zack responds, fire blazing in his eyes. "You'll let me go, you won't say anything to anyone, and you'll let me be happy. You'll let me be happy with Skyler."

Michael tries to regain control, still believing there is a chance he can convince him. "I can protect you-"

"At cost to yourself? Not likely." Zack scoffs.

"Like Day would ever-" the man tries, before getting cut off again.

"Skyler is more of a man than you'll ever be. Know why?" Zack's voice drops lower, spitting out his shame. "Because I hid. I ran away from bullying, I changed who I was to protect myself. Kurt doesn't change. He doesn't run; he doesn't hide. He faces the world head on, everyday, exactly as he is. He has more courage than I've ever had, and more than I'll ever have."

He tries to push down the panic, wanting to believe he isn't in danger, but all he can think about is how much he wants to leave and see Skyler again. "And guess what? You're hiding, too. You can't even find the courage to come out. You're so scared of being found out, you go out and make guys like us hate our lives, make us feel worthless, force us to wear this mask we wear everyday."

Sky, his beautiful, incredible Sky. He finds himself hoping he'll get the chance to see him again. "Did you know Skyler has nightmares? Did you know I have high blood pressure from the stress? Do you know the anxiety we feel everyday when we leave our homes?"

He hardens his glare on Michael, any empathy he had for this struggling gay man leaving. "How could I love you... how could you love me... when you can't even love yourself?"

He sighs, closing his eyes tightly. He squeezes them, and tugs at the cuff uselessly once more. "... Let me go, Mike. Let me be happy."

Michael looks back at him, at the only man he's ever loved and feels as though is he only chance at happiness. He sets his face back once more, determined and in denial. "No..., no, I can fix this, I swear I can, please let me try-"

"Michael! This isn't funny anymore! Let. Me. GO!" Zack screams, his heart hammering in terror.


"Zack? Is that you? Are you ok, why aren't you answering your phone?"

Both boys go silent. Zack whips his head to the door, realizing who it is.

"SKYLER! Don't come in, get away from here!" His panic shifts gear, forgetting everything he felt about his safety and moving to fear for his love. He can't let Sky get caught between him and Michael while he's in such a fragile state.

"Now, why wouldn't I come-" Sky starts, opening the door and stopping in his tracks when he sees the back of Michael.

"Michael," he says, turning his nose up despite his fears.

"Day." The man responds, turning around to face him. Sky's eyes widen in shock as he sees Zack handcuffed to the lockers, panic slapped over his face.

"Zack! Wha-" he stammers, brain firing off in several stations at once.

"Sky baby, please, get out of here, I can't protect you from him like this!" Zack shouts, his voice terrified.

Skyler actually looks at him and raises one eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest. "If you think I'm leaving the man I love to the mercy of my nemesis, you clearly don't know me as well as you claim to." He rolls his eyes.

"Skyler! No, don't!" Zack pleads, trying desperately to protect him.

"All you've ever done since I transferred here was protect me. I think it's time I returned the favor, don't you?" Sky said, sending a reassuring smile full of love and comfort.

"No! Don't be a hero, I'll be ok, please get out now, Skyler-"

"Honey, shut up, okay?" Skyler interrupts, turning his focus on the Neanderthal who had the audacity to do this to his Zack.

"Give me the key, Michael." Sky demanded, his voice calm but filled with an authority that made Michael take a slight step back.

"I won't. Not until he agrees to-" he starts o say, then stops himself, his eyes growing wide as he glances at Zack before meeting Sky's eyes again.

Skyler raises his eyebrow at the exchange. "吋o what?"

Zack chimes in, his voice still pleading for Skyler to run and save himself. "He wants me to leave you... for him."

Sky stared at Zack, blinking several times in quick recession before realizing this wasn't a joke. He turns his gaze back to the jock, shock on his face evident. "Well, I did not see that one coming."

Michael clenches his jaw hard, fear and anger coloring his threatening glare. "If you ever fucking tell anyone-"

"Like you'll have time to destroy me with all the heat you'll be dealing with." Skyler interrupts, head whirling as everything begings to make sense. He looks at the boy, a small smirk playing on his lips. "It would destroy you, wouldn't it? All this power I suddenly have over you. It's not a bad feeling. No wonder you do all you can to wield it over me."

Michael scoffs. "Like I'm gonna believe you're gonna fight me for the key."

Skyler places his hands on his hips and cocks it, a look of defiance coloring his features. "You're right, I'm not gonna fight you for it. Because fighting for the key translates into fighting for Zack; and while he is certainly worth the fight, he is not an object of possession that can be fought over. He has free will, and if he said no to you, it is your responsibility as a person to respect his decision."

Zack smiles at Skyler, still afraid of what Mike might do, but momentarily overcome by the sheer amount of love in his heart for this extraordinary man. Michael sees this look, and growls in jealousy. "I'm not going to let him go... I can't, I love him!"

Skyler drops the smirk, empathy and sympathy replacing it instead. "If you truly love him, you have to let him go! How would you feel if you were forced to be with someone you didn't care about? If you were forced to marry a woman?"

"At least then I would be accepted!" Michael cries out, but the pain in his eyes is undeniable.

"But would you be happy?" Skyler insists, emphasizing the word.

"... I could be with him." Michael says softly, his eyes beginning to blur as tears threatened to spill over.

Sky feels his anger slowly dissipate. He speaks to Mike gently. "And he can't be with you."

He slowly walks over and places a hand on his shoulder. Mike tenses at the action, but doesn't make a move to remove it. "I know what it feels like to be rejected like that. More than you think. And you know what? You try again. You keep trying until you find 'The One'. And Zack..."

Sky trails off, his eyes meeting Zack and feels an unconscious beam bloom over his face. "He's my 'One'. I found him, after years of rejection and heartbreak. And I know the same can happen for you, Mike."

Michael looks between them, finally accepting defeat and drops his head, his should slumping as he tries to control his shakes. He whispers softly, "劣ow can you be so sure? How can you know?"

Skyler takes his chin in his hand and lifts up his face gently. He places his hand over his own heart. "Love is worth every fight. It's something every creature experiences, and it's something everyone deserves. We all have baggage... we all have flaws. Yet we still love. We are still loved."

He takes Michael's hand and places it over the man's heart. "You can have a happy ending, Mike. Just don't take away mine because you're so desperate for your own."

Mike meets his eyes, and Skyler can see the finally resignation taking hold, as well as the park of hope. "Let him go."

With a final sigh, Michael nods and turns back to Zack. He removes the cuff rom Zack's wrist and steps to the side as Zack rushes to embrace Skyler. He holds his head close to his chest, breathing in that familiar smell of hair products and feels his heart finally release the anxiety that had taken it's hold.

"I'm proud of you, Michael." Kurt says. "Someone is going to make you very happy one day... and you, them."

Mike remains silent. His face looks stoic, but his eyes still swim in unshed tears. Without a word he turns and leaves. The sound of the door swing is eerie in the silence of the room left behind.

"...Sky?" Zack say softly against Skyler's chest, his head lifting up to gaze at him in wonder and question.

Skyler fondly runs his fingers through that beautiful curly hair. "I told you solving violence with violence is never the answer."

Zack laughs, the disbelief and relief evident. "God, I love you baby, so much," he says, voice full of adoration and, yes, love.

"Well then, it's a good thing I love you, too." Skyler says, with just as much fevor and devotion to match.

"We're worth the fight." Zack says. Skyler nods in agreement. "Definitely."

"You're Mine." Zack whispers to him.

Skyler smiles. "And you're Mine."

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