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Nick eventually warms up to Zack and drops his protective brother behavior. He and Skyler get closer and Josh sleeps easier at night.

Michael doesn't come out, but does back off from tormenting the two. He draws inwards and cuts ties with the toxic people in his life, graduating with less friends but with a new determination to make the first steps towards living authentically.

Skyler and Zack graduate and get accepted to Waystar, naturally.

The Blackridge Choir win Nationals. The Magnums do not qualify and come in 4th place.

Julie leaves her position as a maid after Zack's graduation and moves to Chicago to live her dream as an architect.

Lee-Anne and Nick go through with their wedding and move to New York with Skyler and Zack. The 4 of them start off their first year in a shared apartment, but when Nick returns from the military they split into 2 neighboring apartments.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the songs or items used in this book just my characters.

This was heavily inspired bulky the series called 'Glee' .

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