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Chapter 3: So you've heard of me?

The lunch bell had just rung, and Skyler was desperately trying to get to his AP Physics class on time. He had to take a detour when he spotted some of the jocks from this morning gathered around his locker, the Slushie mess cleaned up by the janitors already. Doesn't mean they weren't willing to resort to other methods.

He sat down in the nearest seat he could find seconds before the bell rang, and he gave a sigh of relief. Looking around he saw he was on the edge, the seat behind him empty, the one in front occupied by a short white girl, and a black girl to his left. They both turned towards him simultaneously to look at him.

"Hi, Skyler," the black girl said to him, smiling. "I don't know if you remember us, Nick introduced us that one time, remember?"

He looked between the two girls, trying to piece together where he knew them. Suddenly a lightbulb went off in his head.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, recognition lighting up his features. "Of course, Josey and Nancy, from the choir! How are you?" he asked excitedly as they stood up and hugged quickly. The teacher was on her laptop, so class hadn't really started yet.

"We're fine," Nancy said, waving her hand in a dismissive manner. "That move with the umbrella this morning was brilliant! Wish I had thought of that before, could have saved so many of my goth outfits!" she said with a small pout. Skyler laughed, wondering why he never kept touch with these girls while he was at Magnum. Really his only close girl friends were Lee-Anne and Jennifer (Jenny for short), and that's because they've both been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Nick for some time now.

"So Skyler, if your videos on YouTube are any indication, am I right to assume you're going to be auditioning for the choir?" Josey asked hopefully. Skyler smiled at her. "Of course," he replied. "The world deserves to witness the awesome that is Skyler Day."

She laughed delightedly. "Oooo, a diva, are we? Skyler Day, I think you and I are going to get along just fine, white boy," she said with a wink. Skyler felt a grin widen on his face, Nancy shooting him a smile.

Suddenly a knock sounded on the door, silencing everyone. The teacher finally looked up from her laptop, closing it gently. "Come in, Mr. Brian," she called out smoothly.

The door opened to reveal the most gorgeous boy Skyler had ever laid eyes on. He could feel his eyes widen and his heart start to stutter madly in his chest. He could have sworn he's seen that boy before...

"My apologies for my tardiness, Ms. Blake," he spoke smoothly, his voice unintentionally husky and deep, making Skyler shiver at how masculine it was. "I had a little problem to take care of before class."

Ms. Blake raised an eyebrow at him, her "I'm sure you did," hinting that she knew more than he lead on. "Well, since you've managed to delay the class for three minutes, you will have to compensate by giving me three minutes of your time after class. And you will receive no pass from me if you need more than the remaining three to get to your next class."

He nodded his head, a small smile playing at the edge of his lips. He would still have time, and he knew she wasn't entirely mad. How bad of a delinquent could he be if he had a GPA higher than a 4.0?

Skyler, meanwhile, was unsure if he going to pass out or not. He hadn't really breathed since this God walked into the room. He had unruly ebony curls, which seemed gelled slightly to give them a sense of control, and a gorgeous olive tinted complexion, colored by a slight tan. His face showed signs of a light stubble. He wore dark blue jeans which hugged his form, but not as tight as Skyler's did, and a black v-neck which showed just a hint of chest hair and showed his impressive physique. His forearms were bare, and they were so solid and thick, the muscles under them flexing as he shifted his arms.

Skyler swallowed the lump down his throat. He was about to whisper to Josey who this creature was when he turned towards Skyler and their gazes met.

You know all those cliches about love at first sight, about angels singing and light shining from the heavens, about souls clicking and fireworks exploding?

Yeah, none of that happened. But both boys did gasp slightly as their gazes connected. Skyler was looking into warm puddles of honey gold, while the boy fell deep into an ocean of clear glaz, which seemed to be swimming of blues, greens, and grays, blue being the most dominant color.

Zack couldn't believe it. He was half convinced Michael had actually hit him in the head and he was hallucinating. He was tempted to pinch his arms, make sure he wasn't dreaming. What he was looking at had to be real though, because intelligent brain or not, there was no way it was capable of conjuring up something so utterly perfect.

He wasn't even exaggerating. Everything, from his chestnut hair coiffed elegantly in a sweep up his head, to his full pink lips, to the tips of his fine boots, was the embodiment of perfect male specimen. Other men might disagree, it was obvious that this one was a bit more effeminate than the stereotype of masculinity. But not for Zack. What this man was was simply beautiful, a word not many men can possess. His soft cheekbones and porcelain complexion was breathtaking. He felt like frolicking in that hair, like running his tongue over that creamy, milky skin and seeing just what it tastes like...

Skyler watched as the boy's cheeks gained a pink tint, making his own face heat up in response. He could feel the blood rushing south, and he knew he couldn't discreetly reposition himself while that gaze was on him, it'd be glaringly obvious.

The spell was broken between the two when Ms. Blake cleared her throat loudly. "Your seat, Mr. Brian," she said pointedly, her eyebrow raised in question at the two boys. Blushing furiously, both boys looked away hastily, Skyler using that moment to shift in his seat slightly while the boy was looking elsewhere. The class erupted in whispers as Zack made his way into the seat behind Skyler.

Skyler could feel his ears burning, his embarrassment mixed with his arousal. The fact that the very appearance of this boy was enough to make him hard was mortifying. And if he was going to be completely honest, incredibly exciting.

Zack tried not to, he really did. Something took over him as he reached out to tangle his foot on the boy's ankle, eliciting a small gasp from him. He could see the tips of his ears turn a deeper shade of red, but he made no attempt to dislodge the contact. A small thrill went up Zack's spine at that simple fact.

Skyler could feel Josey's eyes on him, and he turned his head to her. Her face was twisted into one of concern, and she mouthed You okay? to him. Giving her a shaky smile, he nodded his head unconvincingly. She smirked at him before winking, sending Nancy a shake of her head.

They remained that way the entire period, both boys trying desperately to remember where they'd seen the other before. Neither boy could concentrate, their close proximity allowing them to catch each other's scent. Skyler had the aroma of fresh fruit, while Zack had a fresh, koffie scent. Their mouths watered as their arousal grew.

The bell rang, and Zack reluctantly retracted his foot. Skyler had to suppress the urge to whine at the loss of contact. His heart hadn't calmed down since the interaction was initiated, and he still can't fathom why he did nothing to stop it.

Both packed their books quickly, desperate to see the other's face. When Skyler turned around the same time Zack glanced up, their gazes met again.

Suddenly they both realized where they'd seen the other from. Skyler sucked in a gasp as Zack's eyes widened.

"Goodguybadboy," Skyler whispered in disbelief, a smile spreading on his lips.

"UniqueBeauty," Zack replied, his own smile widening.

Before both boys could say anything else though, Ms. Blake spoke up from the back of the room. "Remember, three minutes, Mr. Brian," she said pointedly. Both boys frowned in disappointment, but Skyler reluctantly rose from his chair, his books close to his chest. He walked to the door, feeling the boy's gaze on him. As he reached the doorway, he turned towards him and threw a flirty smile and wink in his direction before waltzing out the door.

Zack's cheeks erupted in color, and he dropped his head to hide the shy, excited smile he knew had blossomed across his face.

Holy shit, they both thought. He's even more gorgeous in person.

They didn't see each other again until their last period, Health. Skyler had to run after finding a new route that avoided his locker again, glad he was already aware of healthy diets and such so he didn't need his textbook anyway. Why he needed to take this class as a senior baffled him, but every school is different. When he walked into the room to see the boy from Physics already there, talking to his step-brother, he couldn't help how his face had split into an instant grin.

Zack noticed when the scent of fresh fruit hit him the moment the boy entered the room. Turning his head from Nick and spotting the boy, his smile could only be described as one of joy. Students started whispering again, no doubt rumors being spread after the incident a few periods ago.

Nick, as oblivious as ever, grinned at his brother and called him forth. "Hey, dude!" he greeted, clapping Skyler on the shoulder. Skyler smiled fondly at his brother, rolling his eyes at him. "Don't call me 'dude', Nick," he reminded him as he sat in the seat beside him, the one in front of Goodguybadboy. He still couldn't believe the boy was here, that he was in Ohio of all places.

Turning in his seat before Nick could respond, he held a delicate hand out to the boy behind him. "Skyler Day," he spoke easily, ignoring the nerves in his heart surprisingly well. The boy smiled genuinely, taking the offered hand into his. Both boys sucked in air quietly as they felt the sparks spread across their skin at the contact.

"Zack Brian," he breathed out, sounding just as breathless as Skyler felt. They smiled at each other, not noticing their hands were still clasped tightly between them. Neither did Nick, thankfully.

"Oh! Right, Skyler, this is Zack, he's one of our male leads in the choir," Nick supplied. "Zack, this is my step-brother, Skyler."

Zack's eyes got impossibly larger as his mouth gaped slightly. "This gorgeous specimen of male perfection is your brother?" he asked incredulously, not even blinking at what words he had just uttered from his mouth. His filter must have been turned off, because he couldn't focus on anything but how high and beautiful Skyler's voice was.

Skyler's cheeks took on a faint blush as she smirked back, Nick's eyebrows scrunching in confusion. "And this replica of Adonis is the oh-so-famous "Robin Hood" Zack?" he returned easily.

Zack grinned back cockily, ignoring the way his cheeks warmed slightly. "So you've heard about me then, have you, Mr. Day?"

"Oh, I knew spray painting the locker rooms wasn't something Nick could come up with on his own," Skyler replied, both ignoring Nick's protest of "Hey!" "I had him tell me who the mastermind was behind it. Thank you for that, by the way."

"No problem, babe," Zack breathed out evenly, both boys slightly shocked and secretly thrilled at the term of endearment. "If you ever need help with anything else, I'd be more than happy to help you out," he added lowly, the hidden meaning in it making Skyler shiver excitedly.

"Oh, you can count on it," Skyler whispered, his voice dropping and octave or two from his usual register, making Zack's belly swirl with heat. "I'll be sure to return the favor as well," he added, throwing a flirty wink in afterwards.

The sudden sound of a chair being scrapped against the floor as Nick stood up in quiet fury broke their moment. He glared down at their still joined hands, making them blush as they quickly drew them apart. They had completely forgotten their surroundings.

Before Nick could open his mouth, a voice from the front of the room called out to them. "Mr. James, is there a problem?" he asked irritated. Flushing, Nick sat down quickly, muttering an apology before shooting daggers at Zack again. But they fell on blind eyes, because the boys had locked gazes again and were smiling suggestively at each other. Skyler turned around, and Zack's foot started rubbing up and down Skyler's calf, making Skyler bite back his moan of pleasure.

Guess senior year wasn't going to be all that bad, now was it.
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