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Chapter 7: First kiss

Skyler Day was absolute perfection.

At least, Zack believed on high authority that he was.

The shorter boy was the walking epitome of grace, elegance and poise. Zack couldn't stop from openly staring when said beauty strutted down the halls the next day, as he leaned against the lockers casually. He took in the white painted on skinny jeans that made those long legs go for miles, black ankle boots, tight dark purple button down, sleeves rolled to his elbows, showing his fantastic forearms and making those spectacular biceps pop, and stylish scarf draped around his neck. Zack growled lowly when seeing the scarf, only imaging what it could be used to hide later on.

Skyler walked with swagger, the fault in his step only obvious to Zack, given the extent he was examining the boy. He frowned as he looked closer, noticing other troubling signs: Skyler's eyes were wary, flickering out anxiously. Locker slams caused his lips to twitch; the knuckles clutching his satchel were white to the bone, disturbing given the already fair complexion of the taller boy.

Zack felt his stomach drop. Bullies. Skyler was worried about being attacked again. He put on a confident act, no doubt a show of his true personality, but doubling as a cover up for the fear that was most likely racing through his veins.

Zack was surprisingly pleased, however, to find all those signs vanish as Skyler noticed and took him in, pausing in his walk. His gaze dropped to Zack's polished motorcycle boots, trailing up his dark wash jeans slowly, pausing at his midsection with a smirk before mapping out his physique through his tight, dark red T-shirt. Their gazes met, eyes dark with desire and want. Zack clutched his well-loved leather jacket in his hand tighter, wishing he had it on so he could take it off, watch Skyler's eyes follow the movement of his muscles as they flex under the actions.

God, the boy was something else. Zack knew he was in serious danger of falling, and landing smack dab on his lovely face as well, and he tried to get himself to understand that. But he found he didn't care. Didn't care, but was worried. Yes, he could protect those he cared about, but there was only one of him; anyone he tried to get close to got hurt. Look what happened freshman year...

Skyler, very slowly and deliberately, pokes a dusty pink tongue out between his rosy lips and runs it smoothly over the plump curve of his bottom lip. Zack chokes back a groan as his cock twitches in excitement. That fucking tease.

He smirks back cockily. Two can play at this game. Biting on his own bottom lip suggestively, his free hand runs through his curls before it drops down to graze his chest. Skyler's blue orbs are locked on his hand, their color darkening as the path continues south. He swallows thickly as Zack rests over his growing bulge, thrusting into his fist slightly. Skyler looks up quickly, the shock exploded on his face. Zack winks.

God, why does he have to be so far away? Why does he have to look so unbelievably irresistible? Why does he have to be so, so... so Skyler? Why does he have to be Zack's type, and some, and why can't he stop this inner monologue?

Skyler's smiling now, a cute, adorably shy smile. He looks so innocent, so much like a precious porcelain doll. A wave of protectiveness washes over Zack, making him gasp at the intensity. One smile. That's all it took.

That's also all the time it took for Zack to miss the jocks coming up behind Skyler.

They showed up out of no-where. One second Skyler was there, looking breathtaking, even in the shitty school lighting, and next he was dragged into the boy's bathroom a foot from where he was standing, his squeal muffled by the meaty hands.

Zack blinked at the spot for a moment before he snapped out of it, fury taking over his features at an alarming pace. He stormed to the bathroom, unconcerned about the students he shoved aside in his haste, punching the weak door. It flew open with a bang, crashing into the wall and bouncing back before halting at Zack's outstretched palm. The occupants of the room looked up startled, freezing in their actions.

Skyler was in a headlock by Jeff, oblivious to the interruption and still struggling to break free. Other jocks had his satchel, holding items they took from it. Michael held a stall open, his face showing his intent on giving the fairy a swirly, since 'fairies can't work right if their wings are wet'. Same thing he said to Zack when he tried it on him, too.

Zack saw red. His jaw clenched painfully, and he threw his jacket to the side to crack his knuckles and neck, the echoing snaps causing a few boys to cringe inwards on themselves.

"Release him. Now." He growled out, voice low and deeply threatening.

Michael scoffed, appearing unfazed. "What's the matter, Brian? Don't like us hanging out with your butt-buddy? We-"

Zack didn't let him finish that sentence as he side smacked the nearest stall, sending a boom through the room as the cheap material shook and rattled.

"I. Said. NOW."

Michael looked at the options, guessing that though they had numbers, the place was small and offered a lot of surface for Zack to shove them in. He'd probably find a way to dodge and make them hit each other instead as well. Michael frowned, nodding to Jeff to release Skyler.

The black man nodded and shoved Skyler to the floor, where he gave a cry of pain as his head smacked against the filthy tiles. Zack's eyes flashed with fury at the sound, his heart weeping at how much it affected him. Without a second thought he grabbed his jacket, throwing it on as he snatched Skyler's satchel and items from the jocks, shoving them towards the door, unconcerned that he threw off their balance and they stumbled, some falling to their faces.

Shouldering Jeff aside, he crouched next to Skyler, who was holding his palm to his head gingerly, his breathing shaky with fear and confusion.

Zack placed the items down, gently grasping the boy's wrist. Startled, Skyler glanced up quickly, only to be met with Zack's smoldering honey-brown eyes, melting with concern and anger. Zack gently lifted his hand away from his head, placing his own on the area. He winced silently when he felt the beginning of the bump forming.

Michael made a disgusted sound, grabbing his teammates and forcing them out, telling them they'd have to wait for another time. Skyler's iPod was still playing from earlier, notes of "Love Like Woe" by The Ready Set drifting out the tiny headphones poking out his satchel. Zack chuckled at the part he happened to stumble upon.

Feel like it don't make sense,

I'm thinking baby you and I are, undeniable.

But I'm finding out love's, unreliable.

I'm giving all I got to make you stay,

Or am I just a roadblock in your way?

'Cause you're a pretty little windstorm,

Out on the boulevard.

Something like a sunset,

Oh, you're a shooting star.

And I might drive myself insane,

If those lips aren't speaking my name.

Zack took in Skyler's expression, embarrassment and humiliation attempting to hide behind his fiery red cheeks, which grew brighter at the song. The song continued on, but Zack was only half listening. He helped Skyler up off the floor, taking in how adamantly he was adverting his gaze.

To counter this addiction,

You got me on a mission.

Tell me darling, can I get a break somehow?

"You didn't have to help me," Skyler finally spoke, crossing his arms defensively. "I could have handled it."

Now I'm hung up in suspense,

Because you're bringing me in,

And then you're kicking me out again.

Zack raised an eyebrow in question, but remained silent. The song continued on, it's faint voice the only sound in the tense silence. Skyler was fumbling with his stuff, putting it all away when Zack reached out a took it. Skyler's eyes stayed down.

We, only have one life.

The timing and the moment, all seem so right.

So, would you say you're mine?

Any other time, Zack would have laughed at the timing of the lyrics, but Skyler had chosen that moment to lock eyes with him. Zack gasped quietly as the intensity behind the glasz eyes gripped him, catching his breath in his throat. He swallowed thickly, trying to dislodge the lump it formed, to no avail.

We'll be just fine.

He opened his mouth to speak, but the warning bell rang, breaking the trance they were in.

Blushing, Skyler took his satchel from Zack's hands, mumbling a 'thank you' before rushing out the room. Zack twirled on his heels, catching a flicker of his scarf before the boy disappeared out the door. The click sounded deafening through the blood rushing through his head. He leaned against the sink, running his hands through his hair and leaving them on top of his head, breathing out a sigh of disappointment. He stared at his reflection in the cracked surface of the mirror.

Skyler Day was going to be the death of him. And the football team, if Zack got his hands on them.


The next time they saw each other was second period AP French. Skyler glanced around the room nervously, seeing Jeff glaring daggers at him from across the room. Keeping his head high, Skyler traveled to a seat in the back corner, avoiding the jock's eyes he knew were following his every move. He really wasn't used to this. He had his fill of bullying in middle school, but three years in Magnum had him relaxed and forgetting what the constant fear had felt like. He didn't like the reminder.

He looked up as he sensed a presence next to him, shocked at who it was. Zack looked at him suspiciously, nodding his head in the jock's direction with an eyebrow raised in question. Skyler shook his head quickly, and Zack's expression held a hint of relief before turning to glare a warning. Jeff flipped the bird, and Zack rolled his eyes.

The teacher spoke up, gaining their attention briefly. "Bonjour, la classe! Je vais Affectation des partenaires pour discuter de vos missions de la nuit derni癡re avec. Monsieur Day, tu seras avec Jeff. Mademoiselle Allen, tu seras avec ..." ("Good morning, class! I'll be assigning partners to discuss your assignments from last night with. Mister Day, you'll be with Jeff. Miss Allen, you shall be with...")

Skyler felt the blood be sucked from his face. Zack directed a wary glance towards him, then got up from his desk slowly, and Skyler threw him what he hoped was a reassuring smile. Zack nodded, though he looked unconvinced.

Skyler allowed his embarrassment from earlier to flicker through his brain for a moment before he felt a darker presence take the seat next to him. Inhaling through his nose deeply, he exhaled his fear and turned to face the jock, his 'bitch please' look in full swing. His raised a delicate eyebrow, prompting the boy to go first.

The jock scoffed. "You seriously think I did the homework? Can't understand a word of this faggy language."

Skyler rolled his eyes to the ceiling, silently praying to the non-existent god for the strength not to throttle the boy. "Je ne suis pas surpris. Comment vous l'avez fait l'Advanced Placement avec votre intellect d'un rocher, cependant, restera un myst癡re ..." ("I'm not surprised. How you made it to Advanced Placement with your intellect of a rock, however, will remain a mystery...")

Jeff growled, his fist thumping the desk. "What you say to me, fairy? Better not be bad, or you're going to be in a world of hurt."

Skyler shook his head in amusement. "Vous n'礙tes rien. Je vous laisse ici, devenir quelqu'un, alors que vous 礙tes coinc矇 ici dans sucky Blackridge. Un jour, vous serez mendicit矇 pour moi de vous remarque, peut-礙tre m礙me travailler pour moi, et je vais profiter de la douce vengeance." ("You are nothing. I'll leave here, become a somebody, while you're stuck here in sucky Blackridge. One day you'll be begging for me to notice you, maybe even work for me, and I'll enjoy the sweetest revenge.")

Out of the corner of his eye, Skyler saw Zack chuckle slightly, paying more attention to their conversation then the answers his partner was struggling to pronounce. He failed, however, to notice the teacher paying close attention to them, wondering why her pupils weren't working on the assignment.

"I'm warning you, Day," Jeff growled.

"Vous haineux sac de poubelle et votre triste excuse d'amis allez regretter le jour o羅 tu m'as travers矇, marquer mes mots. Peut-礙tre pas litt矇ralement, mais je vais vous et votre sens terrible de la mode br羶lure faire." ("You hateful bag of trash and your sad excuse of friends will regret the day you crossed me, mark my words. Maybe not literally, but I will make you and your terrible fashion sense burn.")

He titled his head to the side, looking like he was contemplating something. "Non, vos v礙tements je vais certainement br羶ler." ("No, your clothes I'll definitely burn.")

Jeff snapped. With a snarl, he leapt out of his chair, lunging for Skyler. Startled, Skyler shot out of his desk, back pedaling away from the jock's fists. He felt his heart clench when his back pressed against the wall in the corner, trapping him. He shut his eyes tightly, preparing for the pain.

A grunt of shock forced his eyes open, and he saw Zack rip Jeff away from him, his grip on his arm painful looking. The badboy's eyes were blazing with golden fire, fury coloring his attractive face in a nasty snarl. Zack ducked as the jock swung wildly in his direction, landing a solid jab to the stomach. Jeff doubled over in pain, the teacher's cries being ignored as the class took out their cell phones to record.

Snapping out of his shock, Skyler lurched forward and grabbed Zack by the arm, his touch surprising Zack enough to pull his raised fist back without a fight. He pulled Zack back, their eyes never leaving the football player's bent form.

"What are you doing?" he hissed in Zack's ear, trying to be calm but his voice rising a few octaves from the stress. Zack remained tense, snarling at the jock. "He tried to put his hands on you. I wasn't going to let that happen. We fight together, remember? Your mine and he tried to touch you."

Skyler gaped at him, shocked he would admit that in public and full of gratitude that he remembered as the events replayed in his mind. He shuttered involuntarily as he imagined what if Zack hadn't been fast enough.

"Boys!" the teacher cried again, finally catching their attention. "All of you, to the principal's office!"

Zack turned on his heel, pulling Skyler close by the waist as he lead them away, his threatening glare still burning holes in the jock's head. Skyler clutched his arm tighter, ignoring the whispering sprouting between the students.



"Now, let me review all your stories to see if the facts are right," Principal Gillian said, leaning forward in her chair as she rested her hands on her desk. "Day was speaking to Jeff in French, words that Madam Rafac claims were 'bully worthy', though all sides have claimed the boy didn't understand them anyway. Jeff snapped and threw a fist at Day, which was intercepted and pulled away by Brian. Jeff swung on Brian, who dodged and threw a punch to the stomach out of what he claims was self defense. Day pulled Briam away, and here we are now."

The boys in the room nodded, none of them looking at each other. Okay, not really. More like Jeff didn't look at Zack, but glared at Skyler; Skyler didn't look at Jeff, but at Zack; and Zack avoided Jeff, but couldn't stop glancing at Skyler in concern.

Gillian sighed and pulled out some papers. "Jeff, I'm putting you on five-day suspension for starting a fight. Young Bert Reynolds, you have a week of detention for interfering and retaliation, self defense or not. Lady, you get an afternoon of detention for your 'bullying' words, French besides the point. Now get the hell out of my office."

Jeff got up to leave, but Zack and Skyler remained, looking at Gillian in confusion. She glanced up annoyed, "You're still here?"

Zack quirked an eyebrow, but rose from his seat, looking at Skyler patiently. Skyler rose from his chair, facing her dead on. "You say I'm being punished for bullying, but you calling me Lady? That's bullying. I'm a boy and it's really hurtful."

"I'm sorry,"Gillian said, sounding anything but. "As an apology I'll allow you to choose from the following nicknames: Dumbnut, Porcelain, or Tickle Me Doughface."

Skyler though about it for a second. "I guess I'll go with Porcelain."

Gillian looked disappointed. "Damn, totally wanted Tickle Me Doughface."

Skyler looked at her strangely before turning to leave. He was stopped from moving forwards when Zack's arm came up in front of him. He looked at Zack questioningly, confused.

"Principal Gillian, I'm afraid there's more here then it looks," Zack said. "This morning I had to stop Michael, Jeff, and a few other jocks from dunking Skyler's head in the toilets."

Gillian looked at Skyler, a bit of concern on her face. "This true?"

Skyler's cheeks heated in humiliation, but he nodded mutely. Gillian nodded, leaning back in her chair. "Lady, if this kid lays a finger on you, I will expel him faster than a Thai take-out place can read back your order. Oops, that's right, you're Porcelain now."

Skyler nodded, a small grateful smile on his face. "I can't do anything about that, given that there's no proof," she said. "It's not personal Porcelain, it's politics. But I will keep a lookout, alright?" Skyler nodded again, and Zack possessively lowered his arm to his waist, pulling Skyler out the door with him.

Skyler breathed in a shaky sigh of relief. Zack held him closer, rubbing his hand up and down his side in a soothing manner. Skyler smiled slightly, words unnecessary between them, and wound his arm through Zack's resting his head on his shoulder contently as they continued to class.


Skyler didn't have the stomach to go to lunch, opting to go to the auditorium for his safe haven; music therapy. Plugging in his iPod to the speaker he kept in his locker, he stood in the center of the stage, letting his emotions take over the words.

"Grew up in a small town,

And when the rain would fall down,

I'd just stare out my window.

Dreaming of what could be,

And if I'd end up happy,

I would pray. (I would pray.)"

This song was perfect. It spoke of his dreams of Broadway, of leaving small town homophobic Lima for accepting, brilliant New York. How he refused to pray to God, to anything, since he hasn't really been happy. Not since his mother died, not since people started teasing him for his gayness, before he even knew it.

"Trying hard to reach out,

But when I tried to speak out,

Felt like no one could hear me.

Wanted to belong here,

But something felt so wrong here,

So I prayed, I could break away."

Oh, how no one said anything during his years of bullying. How, even now, only one person seems to hear his calls for help, silent or not. He was never meant to fit in here, in this narrow-minded town.

"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly.

I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky.

And I'll make a wish,

Take a chance,

Make a change,

And breakaway.

Out of the darkness and into the sun.

But I won't forget all the ones that I love.

I'll take a risk,

Take a chance,

Make a change,

And breakaway.

Wanna feel the warm breeze,

Sleep under a palm tree,

Feel the rush of the ocean.

Get onboard a fast train,

Travel on a jet plane, far away,

And breakaway."

His voice grew in strength, his determination and hoping giving his courage, giving him hope. It's only high-school; he'd leave and never come back.

"Buildings with a hundred floors,

Swinging around revolving doors.

Maybe I don't know where they'll take me, but.

Gotta keep moving on, moving on.

Fly away, breakaway.

I'll spread my wings,

And I'll learn how to fly.

Though it's not easy to tell you goodbye.

I gotta take a risk,

Take a chance,

Make a change,

And breakaway.

Out of the darkness and into the sun,

But I won't forget the place I come from.

I gotta take a risk,

Take a chance,

Make a change,

And breakaway, breakaway, breakaway."

The music faded in the background, and he smiled slightly. Oh, how he loved Kelly Clarkson and her array of angst filled songs. He bent down to retrieve his iPod, feeling much more at ease.

"That was beautiful."

Skyler whirled around in shock, his hand to his heart and eyes wide. Zack stood to the side of the stage, hands in the pockets of his jacket, a small smile on his face. Skyler relaxed, blushing slightly as he realized Zack had witnessed that.

"How long have you been there?" he murmured, raising his eyes to meet Zack's shyly. He was surprised by the admiration and concern shinning in those gorgeous pools of honey.

"I followed you from the lunchroom," Zack admitted. "I wanted to make sure you don't have an eating problem or anything."

Skyler smiled fondly, shaking his head lightly. "No, nothing like that. Just, needed a moment to vent, you know?"

Zack nodded slowly. "Yeah, I do." He walked over to Skyler quietly, standing in front of him as he held his gaze. "What you saw back there... I need you to understand. I have anger management issues. The boxing helps, but I snap really easily. Especially when it's bullying. I need you to know what you're getting into being associated with me." He walked over to the iPod, gesturing towards it. "May I?"

Skyler nodded, his curiosity peaking. He knew Zack was dangerous. But he was a good guy; he'd never hurt Skyler. Why did he have to be careful?

Zack motioned for Skyler to take a seat, so he pulled up a stool by the side a perched upon it, crossing a leg and paying adapt attention.


Uh-oh oh, oh,

There's a place that I know,

It's not pretty there and few have ever gone.

If I show it to you now,

Will it make you run away?

Will you stay?

Even if it hurts.

Even if I try to push you out,

Will you return?

And remind me who I really am,

Please remind me who I really am."

Skyler watched with rapid attention, stunned at the emotion in Zack's voice. He spoke of loneliness, of abandonment, of a desperate desire to trust. It broke his heart.

"Everybody's got a dark side,

Do you love me?

Can you love mine?

Nobody's a picture perfect.

But we're worth it,

You know that we're worth it.

Will you love me?

Even with my dark side?"

Tears started forming in his eyes without his consent, and he tightened the muscles in his ass to keep them in. Zack was singing with his heart open, conveying to Skyler that's he's been hurt, and he could hurt him too.

"Like a diamond, from black dust,

It's hard to know what can become,

If you give up.

So don't give up on me.

Please remind me who I really am, yeah!

Everybody's got a dark side.

Do you love me?

Can you love mine?

Nobody's a picture perfect.

But we're worth it,

You know that we're worth it.

Will you love me?

Even with my dark side?"

Zack needed support. He needed a safe place, someone to see past his hard, hurt, protective barrier to the boy he was underneath. His voice betrayed the pain he felt when everyone refused to try, how broken he felt. He needed someone to know him.

"Don't run away,

Don't run away.

Just tell me that you will stay.

Promise me you will stay.

Don't run away,

Don't run away.

Just promise me you will stay.

Promise me you will stay.

Will you love me, with my dark side?


Skyler made a decision then. Zack Brian had taken ahold of him, tipped his world and then righted it. The very least he could do was be here for this boy, same as he had been there for him already.

"Everybody's got a dark side.

Do you love me?

Can you love mine?

Nobody's a picture perfect.

But we're worth it,

You know that we're worth it.

Will you love me?

Even with my dark side?

Don't run away,

Don't run away."

The music slowly faded in the background, Zack's quick panting filling the air. Skyler held his gaze steadily, rising from his chair slowly. He approached Zack silently, stopping a few feet in from of him. Zack swallowed thickly, terrified hope radiating from his golden brown eyes.

Skyler opened his arms. Zack gasped, the most beautiful and gratifying smile lighting up his face, melting Skyler's heart a little more. Laughing in delirious happiness and disbelief, Zack clutched the boy close to him, burying his nose into his neck and breathing in his fruity scent. Skyler held him tight, titling his head to whisper in the boy's ear.

"You know that we're worth it. You're mine and I'm yours."



Skyler cringed every time he remembered that's where they were heading. This was ridiculous. He was Skyler Day. Skyler Day does not get detention. Especially not because of bullying! That was ludicrous. After all he's been through, did anyone seriously think he'd have the heart to be a bully? Because while he has snark and wit, he is not a bully. He's not.

Zack appeared unconcerned as they walked down the halls arm in arm, seemingly used to this and lacking regret anyway. He glanced at Skyler every now and then, an amused smile on his lips at Skyler's nervousness. Really, the whole 'good-boy' antic was quite adorable, he had to say. He was actually looking forward to spending two hours in a room with Skyler. Granted, that's all that would happen, but he was happy for it regardless.

They entered the designated room, looking surprised to see Mrs. Molly, the guidance councilor at the table. She looked equally shocked to see them as well.

"Boys! I didn't realize you two were the ones in trouble. You should both be in the choir! What happened?"

Zack shrugged while Skyler shook his head. "I'd rather not talk about it, if that's alright."

The redhead nodded, concern shinning in her large doe eyes. "Well, you know you have to be here from 3 to 5, so I'd suggest taking out some homework to pass the time. No talking either, so I expect complete silence from you two, alright?"

They nodded, taking seats next to each other in the middle row. Skyler finally noticed that Zack was carrying his own satchel as well, and it surprised him. Being gay was one thing, but seriously? And Skyler though he was the one who screamed it. It definitely shed new light on the so-called 'badboy'.

He startled when he felt a familiar boot clad foot wrap around his ankle. He blushed slightly, trying to keep his smile small and disinterested. Judging by the thrilled grin that grazed Zack's face, he didn't succeed.

About five minutes into the hour, a folded piece of paper landed on Skyler's desk. He looked at it curiously, glancing at Zack to see him in the same position, vigilantly working on his homework. He looked at Mrs. Molly to see her working on her computer, oblivious to them, trusting them a little too much. After small debate, he opened the note, immediately holding in a snort.

It was written in pink ink. The writing was all caps, close together but short in height. Actually quite neat for a boy, Skyler looked at it finding it a bit endearing. He read the note quickly, smiling quietly to himself.


Skyler shook his head fondly, tearing out a piece of notebook paper that could be passed back and forth.

Why not. Favorite color? I'd have to say turquoise.


Draw between Wicked and Moulin Rogue. Favorite Vogue cover of 2010?


She's amazing! Read Patti LuPone's new book?




Oh thank Gaga. Extra curriculars?


Do I dare ask? And TV?


Oh, way to break the stereotype. I was a football player and cheerleader at Magnum.


On the life of my Alexander McQueen collection.


Gone on a date.


Yes, Zack. 'Legit'. Despite an all boy's school for three years and high confidence, Skyler Day has never had a boyfriend.


Well, at least there's New York, right?


Lady Gaga. So inspirational. You?


...I'm sorry, I think you misread your question.


Idiot, you almost got us caught!


Shut up. Special talent?


Two languages and one instrument. But I can twirl sai swords and make my own clothes.


Don't stereotype me.


Oh... Thank you.


They looked up quickly, Zack nonchalantly placing the paper in his notebook as he pretended to look for notes. Molly raised her eyebrows at their feet, which seemed to be cuddling. If feet could cuddle, that was. Shaking her head, she looked back at her laptop, a slow, sultry smile growing on her face. She closed it lightly, turning to face them.

"My husband just sent me a message, there's a... special meeting I have to go to, and... it has to be now, and I'm not sure... when I'll be back. I'm trusting you two not to leave, deface property, have sexual relations, anything, alright?"

She got up and left, missing how Skyler's cheeks erupted in color and Zack was grinning a cocky smirk, turning towards Skyler and winking over dramatically. Skyler scoffed and shoved at Zack's shoulder playfully. Zack rolled his eyes, leaning back in his chair leisurely.

"So! We are without supervision! What ever shall we do?" he grinned.

Skyler laughed, reaching in his bag and pulling out his iPod and speaker. "What else? If we were in choir, we'd be singing right now. No reason we can't do so here."

Zack beamed, getting up and packing his things. Skylet went over to the teachers desk and set up the speaker. By the time he finished, Zack had moved all the desks to the walls, leaving a large space in the center of the room for dancing and singing.

Skyler shook his head and pressed play. Zack's eyebrows raised, impressed with what Kurt chose. Skyler smirked at Zack, waiting for his cue.

"I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there.

Another road where maybe I, could see another kind of mind there."

Zack was grinning, running to his bag quickly. He pulled out a pair of hot pink Raybans and a black Oaklies, tossing Skyler the black pair. Skyler laughed when he finished his part, putting them on in sync with Zack.

"Ooo, then I suddenly see you.

Ooo, did I tell you I need you?

Every single day of my life."

The sight of Zack swinging his body along to the Beatles, wearing hot pink sunglasses and a leather jacket, was so ridiculous Skyler almost missed his part.

"You didn't run, you didn't lie,

You know I wanted just to hold you.

And had you gone, you knew in time,

We'd meet again for I had told you."

They were having fun with it, circling each other in their dancing. They faced each other for the combined part, using their hands in the performance.

"Ooo! You were meant to be near me.

Ooo! And I want you to hear me.

Say we'll be together every day.

Got to get you into my life!"

They both simultaneously stood atop a desk, flinging their arms out as they belted the lyrics to the sky. Skyler used the music break to let his giggles out, where Zack copied him. They got down, continuing the dance.

"What can I do, what can I be?

When I'm with you I want to stay there.

If I'm true I'll never leave,

And if I do I know the way there."

"Ooo! Then I suddenly see you.

Ooo! Did I tell you I need you?

Every single day of my life.

Got to get you into my life!"

They were back on the desks.

"Got to get you into my life!"

Somehow it was decided they were to attempt to walk upon every desk, taking exaggerated steps across the surfaces, still managing their playful circling. At one point Skyler got off, facing Zack who was looking down at him from a desk.

"I was alone, I took a ride,

I didn't know what I would find there."

They switched spots, Skyler swinging his hips much more than necessary.

"Another road where maybe I,

Could see another kind of mind there."

Skyler got down, throwing his head around before pointing at Zack and poking him in the chest, leading him back with that finger.

"And suddenly I see you!"

"Did I tell you I need you?"

They went to the middle of the floor, spinning around each other, getting closer little by little. They ripped off their sunglasses to belt out the last line.


I got to get you into my life!"


The music stopped, and at the exact moment it did, there was a pair of lips on Skyler's mouth.

He froze, noticing there were two hands on his hips, and one of his had ended up placed at Zack's upper back, his other curled behind him clutching the sunglasses. Zack tilted his head, his lips applying firm, soft, gentle pressure against Skyler's, moving slowly and patiently.

Skyler breathed in deeply before dropping the sunglasses, clutching the jacket tightly and sliding his free hand into the boy's tamed curls. Zack moaned deeply, applying more pressure and sliding one hand up to cup Skyler's face delicately, like he was afraid of breaking him. It made Skyler's stomach flutter to be treated so wonderfully, so preciously. He kissed back, hesitance and nervousness vibrating through them both, but they slowly gained confidence the more they kissed.

Eventually oxygen became too important, and Skyler withdrew his mouth, panting heavily, cock twitching at the sight of Zack's red, kiss swollen lips and dark, lust filled eyes. Zack moved to his neck, yanking the scarf away so he could place open mouth kisses along the smooth flesh. Skyler moaned softly, throwing his head back to allow the tanned boy more access.

He was on fire. Every nerve felt electrified, and his body was painfully aware of every square inch that was being touched by Zack. Sparks were fizzing between them, heating the room quickly and thoroughly. Zack tasted like coffee; it was fucking devine. Zack latched onto the shorters collarbone, sucking a purpling bruise into the flawless skin. Staking his claim. He nipped and licked gently, and Skyler groaned beautifully.

Zack blew on the fresh hickey gently before reattaching their lips, pushing the shorter boy back until his back hit the door. Skyler hitched in a breath of excitement before gasping, as hands rested just below his ass to lift him up and against the door. Zack slid himself between Skyler, who automatically wrapped his long legs around the taller boy's hips.

They kissed fervently, both painfully aware of the hard pressure they felt against their thighs. Zack poked his tongue out, licking Skyler's bottom lip for silent permission. Skyler moaned, granting entrance. His tongue met Zack's shyly, sending a fresh wave of arousal through him. Shocking them both, his tongue wrapped around Zack's to tug it into his warm mouth, caressing the slippery muscle with his own.

Zack was delirious. He wasn't sure what had come over him to lean over and kiss Skyler, but God was he ecstatic he had. Skyler tasted like heaven, like spearmint gum and RedVines. Zack really loved RedVines. He slowly raised his hands to the boy's ass, giving a firm yet gentle squeeze. Skyler gasped, a broke moan sounding suspiciously like Zack's name breaking from his throat. He tugged on Zack's curls, shivering at the growl of arousal that tumbled from the boy's lips.

Skyler was just about to bring his hands lower, to shove his hands under that leather jacket and feel the wonderful curve of the boxer's biceps and shoulders. And he had every intention of doing it, too.

It just so happened that his phone rang at that moment, blaring Josey's ringtone "Respect".

It was like a cold bucket of reality was dumped on their heads. Their lips froze, their eyes staring in each other's in shock. Blushing brilliantly, Zack slowly lowered Skyler to the ground, hesitating before releasing him. He took a step back, but held Skyler's heated gaze. Skyler's phone rang again, and he snapped out of it, reaching into his pocket for his phone.

"Hello?" he breathed, voice rough and husky from the deep moans he had been sprouting.

Zack leaned against a desk, taking in Skyler's disheveled state. His perfect coif was mused from running his fingers through it, some falling delicately into his eyes. His cheeks were flushed and his lips a plump, swollen cherry red. His eyes were wide and dark, slowly gaining a gorgeous shine. His clothes were rumpled and mused, his scarf barely hanging on. The dark, wonderful bruise stood proudly on his collarbone, making Zack want to expand its coverage to make sure everyone knew who Skyler belonged to.

Skyler Day looked absolutely breathtaking.

"Josey, calm down, I'm not in a dumpster. Why would I be?" Skyler was saying, a frown on his face. "That happens here?" he asked in disbelief, his jaw popping open. Zack held in his groan at catching sight of that talented, talented pink tongue.

"I'm in detention." He said, pausing. "...It's a long story. ...The teacher left for a meeting. ...Zack."

He perked at his name, looking at Skyler questionably. The designer shook his head, a reassuring smile on his face. "No, just Zack. He's part of the reason I'm here... Not like that, Sey! I swear, I promise it's not like that... Yes, he's behaving, why wouldn't he?"

His mouth opened in shock, and his cheeks erupted in color. "Josey! Just because we're both gay and unsupervised does not mean we're 'getting it on'!... I don't care what Brent and Stephanie are saying!... Josey, I will not stand here and listen to this!"

Zack chuckled, rolling his eyes fondly at the choir. How typical of them to jump straight into the gutter, regardless of how spot-on they happened to be this time. But Zack didn't kiss Skyler because Skyler's gay and available, he kissed Skyler because... because...

Why did he kiss Skyler?

Does he like him? Obviously. Does he enjoy his company? Extremely. Did he want to kiss him again? God, he wanted to do so much more than that.

But was this the right decision? Was drawing all this attention to him by being with him worth it to Skyler? He's already having trouble here; a relationship with another guy would only fuel the fire. If Zack gets the point across, hopefully they'll leave him alone enough. He can't be there to save Skyler every time, as much as he wants, and it'll only get worse if they become an item.

Zack sighed inwardly. It's best to hold off for now. Wait a little longer, let the school settle down, get used to him. Maybe things will be different then...

"I promise, I'll tell you the story later. I swear. I'm sorry for missing Choir practice and not telling you where I was so you were worried where to find my body. ... Love you too, boo. Bye."

Skyler hung up, releasing a pent up sigh. Zack smiled, walking up to the boy and drawing him into his arms. "Trouble in paradise, babe?" he asked teasingly. Skyler smiled beautifully, resting his hands on Zack's chest. "Not anymore there is," he whispered lowly, winking at Zack before retracting himself and walking over to collect his things.

Zack shook his head amused, following to pick up his satchel and forgotten sunglasses. "So, about that just now..."

Skyler looked up and smiled. "Yeah, that. That was... Wow, Zack. As far as first kisses go, that blew all my expectations out the water."

Zack smiled shyly, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "I... really liked doing that, Skyler."

Skyler smiled. "I did too, Zack. Gaga, you have no idea. It's just..."

"Too soon?" Zack supplied, his eyes shinning with understanding. "I agree."

Skyler nodded, a bit relieved. "Yeah. I mean, screw everyone and what they think, but this is my second day and I've already been attacked so much I-"

"Don't," Zack interrupted. "I get it. I'm still going to kick their asses if anyone even looks at you badly, alright?"

Skyler smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine with that."

Mrs. Molly came back in that moment, hair and clothes riled up and flustered looking. "Boys, you're free to go."

They smirked knowingly at each other. Outside in the hall, Zack straightened Skyler's scarf so the love bite was hidden from view. "Something tells me we don't want your father to know about that," he murmured. Skyler's eyes widened comically, and he nodded quickly, relaxing and grinning as Zack laughed.

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