My Alpha Teacher

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Ember is a very damaged 17 year old. She had a tough start from the beginning of her life, being dropped of at a orphanage with only her name Ember Soonlen. She becomes a wreck after her first adoption and is left behind with a lot of bad lugage. She finds peace again when she's adopted again just to find out she's moving to a different state. But Ember was never one to complain because she knows what it is like to have nothing. Asher Bain is an Alpha of the pack Wolvden. He rood, egotistical, and arrogant. Since no one dares to cause trouble, he decided to use his free time and become a teacher at the local school. All the students are scared of him, while most of the girls drool over him. All the students are confused when Mr. Bain starts being nice to the new girl while he's being his normal self to the rest of the class. But he knows that the small, shy girl in the back of his math class is his mate. Find out what will happen between these two completely different love-birds.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


Hi my name is Ember Soonlen and I am from Ohio. My parents died or either just left me at an orphanage I really don't know. I stayed in an orphanage for 8 years until I was finally adopted at the age of 9. His name was Simon Creek. I was really exited because living in a orphonage and being bullied by all the other 200 kids, who hate you for no reason is not great. But when I entered the small run down house that's was filled with empty beer cans and the overpowering smell of cigarettes and weed, my hope vanished faster than lighting. It started small. It always starts small. This was just the beginning of my 2 years in complete hell. But like they say you can't have a rainbow without a little rain. Exept for me, it was a whole ass thunderstorm

5 Years later
"Ember!" my adoptive mother called out.
I put down my calculus book and stormed downstairs. When I reached the small living room I saw my mother with red tear stained cheeks and sobbing. "Momma?..... what happened? Are you alright?" I said softly. "Im so sorry..... I failed you" "Momma what is going on?" I said desperatly. "Baby, I lost my job and I can't afford the house only working as a librarian." She said embarrassed. "No no Momma, I'll get abother job to help" I said. "Baby I got another job in Seathe is even pays better then the waitress and librarian combined" "Then why are you crying, this is a good offer and we'll get through it together." I said. "Baby all are me memories are in this house together" I sighed "I know Momma, but we can always make new memories together." She smiled at that and gave me a hug. "When do we have to leave" "toMom row so that I can get enough sleep to go to work and help you with school" she said.

I now it's selfish of me for keeping her at home all these years to homeschool me but I didn't do well in public school.
If I was around any male I would have a very bad panic attack. Like I said damaged."Momma..... I'll go to public school" I said without stuttering beside the fact that I was nervous. I am 17 years old and I need to start being more independent. Momma was also visibly relieved when I said that, she looked so tired and drained after coming home from work. "Really! Im so proud of you I knew that you will do great but your starting this Monday." She said in a stern voice. "Well at least you won't be sleep deprived anymore" I giggle as she rolled her eyes in a teasing manner. "Goodnight old lady, time for bed" I stated as I helped her off her favotive chair. Before I left for bed I looked at my mom with all the love I can manage to fit in my gaze and said "Momma no matter what you do in life know that I will always love you and you will never be a failure in my eyes. Your my hero and saved me from my own monsters " I said and I noticed a tear slip from her eyes as I walked away to go to bed.

It's Thursday today and we leave tommorow, the drive takes about a day and a half so that means well arive on Saturday evening. That means I'm going to public school in 2 days after I arrive. "Arrrg" I screamed into my pillow. What have I gotten myself into.

I change into my pjs which is just a pair of panties and by bra. I brush my wavy brown hair then go brush my teeth. I then go to sleep with one last thought in my head. How in the world am I going to go to a public school filled with horny boys.

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