My Refuge

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Chapter 10


She eventually starts to fall asleep but is still hanging onto Bentley like he's her life support. I don't know who or what happened but something cause my little precious Angel to become like this. So vulnerable and weak, it just brakes my heart. On the other hand I will torture the son of a bitch who dare hurt her in any way.

I walk Ember over to where she first met Bentley. I lay her onto the ground and curl around her still in my wolf form. She's so precious and I want her to stay in my arms for ever. I notice that she is shaking from the cold so I curl tigher around her pressing Bentley's thick fluffy fur unto her skin.

We stay like this for hours until I realize that I have to go to the school to teach. Screw them. Ember is my life and I will stay with her if I want to. Looks like me and Ember are playing hookie.

Anne (Embers Mother)

I am worried about Ember. I was harresed when I was 23 but it wasn't anything to give me nightmares. I dont know what happened to her. The adoption place just told me she was abused and she had it ruff. I really know nothing about her past. I head to my bed room down stairs and try to fall asleep. Hunter my boss is always making me work extra, he pays me alot more but I never get to spend time with Ember. Honestly it drives me nuts but I can't say anything, this is one of my best jobs that I have every come across.

I lay on my bed but my cell phone rings. "Hello" I say, my voice is a bit groggy because I didn't sleep much. "Hi Ms. Soonlen this is Mr. Bain, I need some help here at the office, I need you now" he says. "It's 1 in the morning" i say irratated. "Do you want to be fired" he says sternly. I sigh "I'm on my way". He says bye and hangs up. Now I'm beyond pissed off. I promised Ember a girls day.

I hop out of bed and go to the kitchen. I grab a pen and paper and right down a little good bye to Ember. My cell phone buzzes and I look to see a text from Mr. Bain. Hurry up I have things to do. Groaning mentally I hurry and get dressed making sure to bring some eye drops.

I arrive after a 20 minute ride and park in the big parking lot. This lumber company is very succesefull, I just so happens to be the secretary to the owner. I enter and head up the elevator, pressing floor number 12 the highest one. I walk out of the elevator and stop outside Mr. Bains office.

I bring up my hand to knock but bring it down when he calls me in. Confused I enter to see him sitting in his office chair. "What did you need" I say a little annoyence In my tone. "You are here to do your work, I want you to sit on the spare desk over there" he says pointing to a desk in the corner of his office. "Why did you need me so late though, Mr. Bain"

He looks me dead in the eye and says "Ms. Soonlen, there should never be anything more important than your job" Excuse me sir but I have a daughter at home, I want to scream but instead I say "There is actually. I have a daughter" I say matter of factly. He looks a bit shocked before saying "You have a daughter?" He says with an expression that is between hurt and anger. "Yeah, why are you so mad about it" . He looks at me then starts doing his work.

I am really confused right now.


I am absulutley pissed. My mate has a child. That means that she has or had some one in her life so important to make a damn child. I am beyond fucking ferious right now. I find a mate in the last week and learned that she has a fucking child. I look up at Anne to see her busy in her work. I didn't call her here to do work. I called her so I can spend time with her. My wolf Jay has been bugging me to see her.

I am awoken out of my thoughts to soft snoring. I look up and see Anne sitting on her chair with her hear laid on her desk. I feel guilty for making her stay up but I missed her. I love her.

Sorry for the late update again. I just have been having no motivation and writers block. It is hard to write a book because it takes so long to build up the start of the story and you just want to get into the good stuff. Thx and I cannot wait to write some more chapters, I have some precious moments that I can't wait to happen between Ember and Asher. <3

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