My Refuge

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Chapter 2


I'm chained to the brick wall, I can see my bony hand trying to cover up my naked body as the devil himself apears in front of me. He undoes his belt and brings his pants down.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" I wake up with my pjs soaked in sweat for the millionth time. I should be used to it by now. Mommas at work so she never hears my pleading screams. I don't want her to. One day she forgot her drivers license so she got home to me screaming. She stayed home from work that day comforting me. She was holding back tears seeing me in that state so Im glad she works at night. I get up and get a pair of dark blue jeans, a baggy sweatshirt, and my under garments and head to the bathroom.

I turn on the cold water. We can't afford warm water, but I like taking cold showers since I'm always waking up burning hot. The freezing water feels so good washing away my sticky sweat. I get out of the shower and get dressed heading to the kitchen for a glass of water.

After I'm done I decide to start packing for the leave today. It's 3:57am so I have plenty of time. I'm done around 4:30 so I decided to start packing downstairs too. Momma comes home around 6 so by the time she was home the whole house was packed up.

"Good morning Baby, how was your sleep, I see that you finished packing" she says as she comes over and hugs me."Yeah I slept good, I'm actually kinda exited for this new chapter in our lives" I say to which she smiles. We are standing in the empty little building that I hacve called home for 5 years. I look over to my mom and know that she's replaying some memories.

I remember when I first came here at the age of 11 and I was extremely clingy to my Momma. Ar first I wasn't but then she explained to me that she went through something similar. So I started to trust her and never left her side. I would always have to be in the same room as her, I followed her everywhere. I even remember when she went into the bathroom to take a shower I would follow her and sit on the closed toilet and listened to her singing.

I went up to my mom grabbed her hand and kissed it "ready" I asked her. "No, but there's never a right time for anything" she said and smiled slightly. We finished putting some boxes in the car. Momma I sited on driving first. I woke up being shaken lightly, I opened my eyes to see Momma. "Your turn to drive, we are at a gas station right now if you need to go to the bathroom and get some snacks"she said. I picked up some snacks after going to thr bathroom.

I started the car and put on some soft classical music, th e only music I liked and hummed a bit. Me and Momma kept switching every 5-7 hours of driving. I insisted on driving more because she never really got any sleep.

"We're here" Momma said waking me up softly. I stepped out of the car to look at a 2 story rust grey colored house. It was pretty modern for our budget. I looked to my mom and she obisouly saw my confusion because she then said "My new job is a secretry at a lumber warehouse, it pays alot more and the house came funaished." She said proudly. It wasnt suprising the whole ride here was surrounded by trees, I actually thought we were lost. I opened the door to see a beautiful layout, there was a small dining room that was connected to the kitchen. A little living room with a actual TV and a door. My mom opened the door showing me that is was here room, it was bigger and she said that we even had our own bathrooms. "Go upstairs your room is the farthest one down the hall" she said excitingly. I ran upstairs and waited for my ma to catch up with me. I knew she wanted to see my reaction. She then stood next to me and nodded toward the door handle.

There were light grey walls with fairy lights around the perimeter, a sliding mirror closet, desk, and a queen sized bed with a grey and light purple comforter. I opened the bathroom door to see a bathroom with the same color palet.
I squealed and rushed toward my mom earning a dramatic cough from her.

"I love it!!!!" I screamed and she laughed. "I got you something else" she said as she handed me a few objects. I quickely noticed that is was a baby pink knitted sweater, a brand new pair of converse, and a wrapped box. She signaled me to open it so I did and found an e-reader. I loved reading but I couldn't afford to own books so I just used a library card for my school books and.other books. "Baby you were always patient with me, you never complained about anything even after every thing you went through, your the bravest person I know. You even are going to actual school now. These gifts are to show my adoration towards you Ember, your the sun in my dark and I will forever love you." I ran into her arms and thanked her for being the best Mom I could ask for.
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