My Refuge

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Chaptet 3


Tommorow I go to school. There was no amount of anything in this world that showed how nervous I was. I stayed up literally all night. I just read on my e reader, my mom gave me some money to buy some books on it.

After yesterday I unpacked my boxes and had nothing to do so I helped mom unpack the downstairs. I was aficialy boRd out of my mind and that didn't help me get my mind of the fact that I start school tommorow. I decided to go exploring around the house.

I searched upstairs which just had my room, a closet, and a office area. I went downstairs and that's when I noticed a door. I opened it to find a wooden deck, with a little outdoor couch. The senerary was absolutely breathtaking. I walked down the patio stairs and a couple feet into the thick forest. It was amazing, all you could see were the lucious gene leaves and long thick branches.

I walked inside to find that the time was already 5pm. I'm scared out of my mind. Tommorow was my first day of publicschool with males. I started brating uneven, I knew it was going to happen soon. Mom already left for her new job, they wanted to show her around a bit.

I was full on having a panic attack. I opened the back door ran down the patio stairs enhailing faster, tears were running down my eyes as I couldn't breath. WHY AM I SO FUCKED UP! I screamed in my head. All I wanted was to be normal, have a normal childhood running and arguing with my siblings, but no.

I started slowly counting to 100 and my breathing went back to normal. I headed inside and decided to take a refreshing cold shower.


My name is Asher fucking Bain. I am an Alpha to the pack Wolvden which is extremely boring. I have a 52 year old dad who was Alpha before me, he was pretty strict but I was okay with it. Are pack is thousands of miles away from any of the other packs so there never are wars. We always have spies to make sure no one us secretly plotting.

My mom died when I was 15, she wasn't my dad's mate but he was getting old and needed a Luma for the pack. My mom was also a Alpha so you can just imagine how fucking strong I am. I am a 23 year old man, has pitch black hair that matches my wolf's fur, as well as the green eyes. My wolf's name is Bentley and he has very bad anger issues, he is almost never calm. I personally think it's because you usally find your mate at the age of 18 so he kinda lost hope but he never admits it.

I don't really blame him though because that's the exact reason I'm always so damned pissed all the time. Walking through the pack house seeing all the mates cuddling, kissing, holding hands ect. It makes me so pissed that I want to kill them. But I know thats wrong so I just keep those thoughts to myself.

My father owns some wood company which I was supposed to inherit but I wanted to be a teacher. I liked the thought of ordering around a bunch of stuck up teens into becoming smarter and more reliable people in the world. I know your probably wondering how the hell I became a teacher at the age of 23 but like I said my father was really strict with me so that resolved around me being a smarter person and flying through school.

I am currently walking into my classroom to start the day. I see some dumb ass trying to seduce a girl acting all tough. "Let's have some fun"Bentley says through gritted teeth. He'll yah I think. I walk over to the boy who's leaning against the locker and see its no other than Jack the jack ass aka the man whore of this highschool. "Soooo Jack, I told you before that we had a math test yesterday and how come you managed to get thw lowest grade in the classroom" I said. The girl stiffles a laugh and walks away not before checking me out. Jack looks completely pissed bit he needs to learn to keep it in his pants. Im not in a good mood today so I make sure to give each class that has me a pain in the ass. If I can't have a good day then they cant.

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