My Refuge

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Chapter 4


"You think you get fucking food, all you are is a whore. I'm sure you like it when I slam my cock in you" he says and I violently shake my head no. "Liar liar pants on fire sweetheart, you know what liars get puishment. He takes off his pants for the zillionth time since I met him and display his cock right in front of my face. "Open up I know you want to" but when he sees me making no effort to move he slaps me hard against my cheek. My mouth opens from the impact and he uses this chance to plunge is dick deep in my throat making me gag. He dosent stop utill I puked on him from the gagging. "You bitch!!!!"

I woke up, wishing I didn't. My eyes are stained with tears and I feel like I'm going to puke. Probably because I haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning. I just never have a appetite and I know it's because of him.

I take a shower and change into my new sweater, light blue jeans and my new shoes. I decide to just read since I have 2 hours until I leave. I am extremely nervous so I just decide I am going to act as unnoticeable as possible when I arrive there. A hour later I decide to go downstairs and see if Momma is awake.

She is in the kitchen making eggs and toast. "Hi baby, how did you sleep, you know you leave in a hour" she says and hands me a plate of breakfast. "I slept good, and I'm just a little nervous" I lie. "You'll do wonderful, everyone will love you. I mean what's not to love" she says and comes and sits across from me after pinching my cheeks. We make small talk obviously avoiding the fact that I have to leave in 5 minutes.

We talked so much that I didn't even realize the time, I'm already 45 minutes late. I kiss her goodbye and start the drive to school. Momma works at nights and sleeps in days so I can drive to school. I see the building and get extremely nervous but I'm going to have to enter some time.

I walk through the building and see the office sign and open the door. "Hello sweety you must be the new student, we never had a new students in years" she says as she hands me my schedule and locker pin. I head to my locker and see that the school has already got my books in my locker. They must be exited I think and smile to myself. I'm glad I'm late because the hallways are empty. My first class is science so I head there.

The teacher is a old lady and dosent acknowledge me which I'm grateful for. The class gives me curious glances but no one makes any effort to talk to me. It kinda makes me sad but what did I really ecpect. This happened for 2 periods until I finally had math, my favorite subject and the one I'm the best as. This class is 2 periods so I'm exited. I'm about to enter the classroom when the door abruptly opens and a man comes out looking at me with wide eyes that were filled with something I couldn't put my hand on and a small smile playing on his lips.


Today has been literal hell. Bently kept on going crazy and it was incredibly distracting. He was whining and clawing to get out. I was a usual ass to the classes when 2nd period ended. The class was all there when a impowering scent filled my nostrils. Coconut and pinaple. I opened the classroom door just to be met with a pair of dark brown eyes. She was beuatiful, I couldn't even describe her. I wanted to make her mine. I would make her mine it just needed time.
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