My Refuge

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Chapter 5


I know he's staring. I can feel him staring so I just keep looking at the ground. We've been in this hallway for at least 5 minutes and I'm scared. Why is he looking at me without saying anything. Just on que he says "He-llo" he stutters. I finally manage to make eye contact with him and my breath hitches. He's beautiful. His semi long black hair with a few curls falling down on his forhead. He has vibrant green eyes staring at me with adoration? Hes atleat 6,5 so compared to my 5,6 structure he's extremely tall.

I my face turns red as he just keeps looking into my soul. "You can call me Asher" he says. Im very confused because that's his first name, as shown on my scheduale. He notices my confusion and says "Mr.Bain, that's what you can call me". I nod and look down again. A piece of hair falls on my face and he reaches out to pull it back but I flinch.

He looks angry at that bit dosent protest. "Come on, class starts." He says. I follow him in and see that the whole class is looking at me curiously again. "What's your name" "Ember Soonlen" I whisper but he somehow managed to here me. "That's a perfect name"he mumbles to himself. Perfect for what this is defiantly creepy. "Go sit in the back theres a empty desk there " he says as he points to the back. I relax a bit because I really didn't feel like sitting in the front. Once I sit down he stares at me for a moment before starting the lesson.

I open to the book to find that I already know this stuff so, instead of listening to the creep who called me perfect I decided to just read it. I can feel his eyes on me most of the lecture but I act like I don't notice. He starts passing out the class assignment but stops when he gets to my seat. He leans down and whispers in my ear "if you need any help I wouldn't mind teaching you personally" he says and stares at me waiting for my answer. I shake my head no and mumble "I already know it, Mr. Bain". He looks at me proudly before handing the paper out to the rest of the class. After about ten minutes I finished and see no one has turned it in yet.

I quietly walk to his desk and hand him my paper. He looks at me shocked and takes my paper and I whisper a thank you and head back to my seat.


I stuttered a hi and right away cursed myself for it. I was so attractied to her so when a strand of hair fell in her face and I reached to put it behind her ear. But she flinched and Bentley got extremely pissed by that, but he calmed down when he realized we are a complete stranger to her so this is most likely a normal reaction.

Ember Soonlen it suits her so well and it's just perfect. She looked visibly relaxed when I told her she can sit in the back. She finishes the assignment first and heads back to her seat. I grade it an she's gets a A. All my students are failing math so I am suprised she got them all right. I look up to find her reading a book with a very cute concentrated face. Bently feels all warm inside watching his little angel. "I can't wait to get to know her" I say to him. He very aggressively nods his head on agreement.

The rest of the class is filled with the annoying brats asking me to help them understand the assignment, while my baby is inocently reading. Bently automatically calms down from the rage from these pestering students from a glance her way. Finally this horrid class is over. All the students walk out and Ember is about to leave when I say "I'm exited to get to know you" I say and she looks at the ground nodoing her head before urgently walking away. Im starting to get the feeling she dosent talk much or just isn't very comfortable around people.

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