My Refuge

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Chapter 6


I walk out of the classroom to head to the library. I don't have the appetite to eat so I decide to just check out a few books and just read.

After 15 minutes of looking for the library I finally find it. I head inside the small library. This school must not read or something but I'm the only one there. It's a small room with about 5 rows of books.

I head up to the librarian. "Hello" I say. "Hello sweety what do you need help with" she says, she's a little old with tiny glasses. "I was just saying hello but do you mind if I check out a few books" "Sure not many people usally read, what genre do you perfer" she says interested. "I don't know, I don't really read fiction, so mostly anything nonfiction is fine." "Okay, well I was just about to head out to my lunch brake bit make yourself comfortable here" she says then grabs her things and leaves not before I say thank you and goodbye.

I decided to get a few math, science, and history books to learn stuff that I don't know yet. I already know most of what they are teaching me. While I'm picking out a few more science books someone clears there throat. I turn around and see Mr.Bain staring at me. "Aren't you supposed to be at lunch" he says looking at the rather large stack of books in my hand.

"I-I um, just was ge-getting some books" I say stuttering terribly looking down. He comes arms width from me and reaches out toward my stack of books. He takes the pile easily from me and starts looking through them. "Why are you getting all these books, shouldn't you be reading some twilight fanfic at your age." He says actually interested. "And look at me when your speaking you are a person equal to me, I'm never going to hurt you"he says dead serious. I slowly bring up my eyes and meet his, "I like read-reading real stu-stuff Mr. Bain" I say and imediatly look anywhere exept his eys. He brings his hand up to my chin and I suprisingly don't flinch. "Why are you so afraid"he mumbles to himself.

I look down to the ground and jump when a ringing noise sounds. "Shit" he says rather annoyed. He gets out his phone and looks up to me "I got to go, make sure you eat lunch" he says and then places the books back into my hands.


"Hello, what is it" I say into the phone annoyed. I have a rule that the pack isn't aloud to mind link me or any staff at school so we don't look like a bunch of idiots staring at the wall, while listening to them. My dad called in the middle of my time with Ember. "I have important news son" my dad scream into the phone like a school girl. "What" is say wanting to go spend time with my Angel, Bentley agrees as he gruffs annoyed . "I found my mate!" I sit down on my desk chair in my classroom obisouly shocked by my Dad's words. What the fuck. What the fuck. "What!" "Yeah, she used to be a secretary that's why she is a secretary now. And might I add a rather sexy secritary!"

"What the fuck, Dad. I didn't need to know that, and I have news to!" "What did you get another kid suspended?" "No, I found my mate too!!" "What?",my dad is probbaby shocked because we both gave up a while ago on our mayes because the chances were to low. "Yeah, she's so damn beatiful I can't get enough of her" I sigh, I just want to make her mine but I know it will take time."We'll I got to go and set up a plan to make her my queen"my Dad says not even letting me say bye before hanging up. I know he's exited to be with her but I completely understand his desperstion.

The rest of the day I was pretty happy because I was forming a plan to make Ember mine. I don't mean that in a way to objectify her of corse. I would rather die then treat my precious like one of those arrogant abusive mates. I will treat her like she deserves, a absolute princess.

After class I put my stuff in my car and then head to the woods and shift into my all black wolf. I follow my my Princess to her place, I know it's creepy but I don't want any danger to head her way. I already love her and would do anything for her.

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