My Refuge

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Chapter 7


Once I arrive home I park the car in the drive way and head inside. "Momma, I'm home" I yell but no one answers. I head into the kitchen and there is a note there.

I'm really sorry Ember but my new job wanted to change a few things up with my schedual. I should be at home around 9. Love you baby, there's some groceries in the fridge.
P.s. I got a ride so no need to worry.

I sigh, I was really exited to spend time with Momma. I walk upstairs into my bed room and do some homework. About a hour and a half later I'm done so I choose to read. I need some fresh air so I decided to go read in the woods.

I have all my books in my hand and start walking through the woods. About 5 minutes of walking I come up to a empty area with no trees. There is a big rock that I sit against before I start reading.

I have been reading for about 2 hours when I hear a low growling sound. I look up and am shocked. There's a wolf the size of a bear with orange-red fur slowly walking toward me. I immediately stand up and start slowly moving behin the rock making sure to not look the enormous beast in the eye. I read looking something in their eye is a challenge and I will defiantly loose.

I made it behind the rock and look up to see where the wolf is. I accidently look it in the eye and it lunges itself toward me. "Ahhh!"I scream, but the impact never comes. I look up to see a pitch black wolf alot bigger than the other wolf growling at the red wolf. "Grrrrrrrr!" The red wolf lowers it's head to the other wolf then runs away. The black wolf is now looking at me and weirdly wagging it's tail.

It starts walking toward me slowly. To say I'm utterly terrified would be a understatement. I start to run knowing I'll die either way. The wolf catches up to me in the matter of seconds and pins me down underneith it. I look up and see oddly fimillar green eyes but these ones are alot darker. "If your going to kill me please make it fast" I say. It looks at me tilting it's head before it opens its mouth. I close my eyes not wanting to watch me small head be consumed by this massive beast. I'm all up a sudden covered in a warm, sticky substance. I open my eyes to find the wolf wagging it's tail with its tounge hanging out, slober dripping from it.

"Did you just.... lick me?" I say obisouly shocked. I sit up and the wolf brings it's rather large head in the crook of my neck..... sniffing me? "Are you a boy or a girl, because I'm definatley not checking" I say petting it's large head. It looks at me annoyed by my question. This animal is having human emotions. "A boy...?" He nods his head suprising me.

"And you under stand me" he nods his head again. "So your telling me that I'm talking to a wolf the size of a horse and he understands me?" I question utterly shocked. He nods his head then brings his head in my neck again and licks it. I walk back toward my rock and sit down, the wolf follows me and puts his head on my lap. "You need a name" I say and he looks up at me. "Do you have a name" he nods his head. "Okay what is it" he gets up and starts tracing something in the dirt. I look up and see the name "Bentley" spelled in a really bad writing, but he's also a wolf.

"Bentley" is say and he looks at me with adoration. "Bentley, that name suits you. Well my name is Ember" I say and he looks at me before laying his head down in my lap again. I start reading to Bentley while running my hand through his soft fur. He purrs in delight. "Well Bentley your my first friend that I made here."
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