My Refuge

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Chapter 8


I have been reading to Bentley for about a hour. I some how manged to be laying my head on Bentleys large stomache with his head in my neck, I'm pretty sure he's sleeping. I finished all of the books so I sit up and face Bentley. "Bentley I'm done with the all the books, mabey we can do this tommorow" I say and he nods his head, he gets up on all fours and stretches and does a big yawn, causing a high pitched whining noise to come from him.

"Awww, aren't you so cute" I say and start petting him, he leans into my touch. "Well I need to get going Momma is going to be home in a little bit, do you mind if you walk me I don't feel like dying today" I say and let out a small giggle. I'm extremely tired so I let out a yawn. Bentley sits down motioning me to get on his back. "Ok, but if I fall off your to blame" I say and grab my books before sitting on his soft back.

He starts walking through the woods and my stomache growls. I haven't eaten all day besides breakfast. Bentley looks at me and then huffs in slight anger. I have a feeling he wants me to eat. "I'm sorry but I don't usally have a apetite and when I do I just end up throwing up" I say whispering the last part. He looks at me in the eye before starting to walk again.

When we reach home I walk up the patio stairs toward the backdoor. I turn around and see Bentley looking at me sadly. "Ill miss you too Bentley, see you tommorow and don't worry I'll eat something" i say and then walk back down and take his fluffy face in between my hand. "Have Goodnight Bentley" I kiss his soft fur and he puts his head in my neck softly kicking it.

I wave goodbye and then run inside the house. I can't wait to see him again. Even though he's a animal I can't help but love his company anf feel like I can trust him with all my secrets and he won't judge me. But he also can't unless he writes it in the dirt. I giggle at the thought. I definitely have been alot more happier since meeting Bentley.


Best day ever! My wolf met Ember and she loves him. It's also a good thing for when I reveal my secret to her, she won't be scared of Bentley. He nods in agreement. I run home, back to the pack house. When I enter in the pack housr the pack bows their head and greets me and I head to my bedroom. I change into a pair of sweatpants and a black t shirt. I head to my office and decide to do some of the little pack work we have.

I enter the office just to see my dad. "Hey son, I thought we should talk" I nod in agreement and sit down. "So you found your mate" he says and I automatically think of Ember. "Yeah I can't wait to get to know her. There is a slight problem of her being my student" i say and his eyes widen. "She's your student!" "Yeah but I'll talk to Kole. He should be find with her being my student but I won't give a shit if he says no" Bentley growls at the thought of being separated from Bentley.

"Isn't his mate the librarian?" "Yeah, I have a feeling Ember will always be in there she had like 10 books" he nods. "She knows about Bentley, I know it's a rule to not let any humans know about us but a guard almost attacked her, so I saved her. And she is my mate so I'm not fucking staying away from her." I say. "I know, so how did she take it seeing a wolf the size of a horse" he says.

"Well she cuddled with Bentley and read to him in the woods. She's extremely adorable. I just want to know her."I say

"So what's your mate like" I say, I know he's been dying to tell me about her. "She's literally so amazing. Her name is Ann and she's my secretary, well she didn't but I changed her job so that I could see her more. There's also a business trip coming up I think I'll make her come." He says exited.

I sigh "it's weird. I gave up so long ago and then boom out of fucking no where this beutiful Angel shows up and it's like my whole world stops.........I love her" "I know it's weird. I always had more hope for you than me since I'm older a lesser chance of finding a mate. I guess we had mates along."

We talk for a while and I head to bed. I take a shower and lay down. Those brown broken eyes in my head. I promise to myself that I will fix her.

Hey guys I know many don't read but I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I had some exams and I'm also like 2 weeks behind on my online school work. Thanks for the support even if it's little it means alot. :)

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