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What happens when you are surrounded by strangers. What happens when your marked but not mated. Paloma finds out the answer when she joins her new pack. Things are not all that they seem, surrounded by mysterious ongoing, false truths and struggling to deal with her own feelings. Will she ever discover the reason for her markings, will she uncover the lie that's directing her life and who will she choose, her mate or the Alpha next door. "Just making sure your decent." I mumble out. He pins me between the car and himself, my heartbeat goes through the roof. I'm not strong like my friends like most wolves I am an omega, weak like a bunny. His alcohol soaked breath sweeps across my face and I gulped down as he breathes in my ear. "Now that's not your job is it love." Oh fuuuck! Why me, and where is my mate, I am going to beat his ass! ⚠️ Trigger Warning, Contains scenes of abuse ⚠️Strong language

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Two suitcases, five boxes, one backpack, vanity case and two black bags full of clothes for donation. That’s it! Summing up my life for the past four years. College has been fun, my life starts now!

It was a blast, tough at times, especially those times I was missing my other half, but most of all it was worth it. Standing here with my degree in the bag, it was worth every minute.

Graduation had some boring speeches but I liked one...

Looking back we were kids, free spirits choosing our path, now we have arrived at the gates to the future, what lays beyond is a mystery. Filled with endless possibilities, responsibility and possible hardships, don’t loose yourself to the hardships. We all hold the child we once were within, don’t forget it, cherish it. For the child in us is full of wonderment, creativity and desire they can lead the adult to joy, happiness and the finest future.

So here I am, ready for that journey, so friggin ready. The four walls of this dingy little apartment looking as devoid of personality as the day I moved in. Gone all the little accoutrements I had added over the years, packed lovingly away ready for their new home, with my mate and my new pack.

Ours was a late blooming mate bond, lots of people meet their mate at the age of sixteen when they come of age but me and Nathaniel never crossed paths until a year and a half ago.

My college had sent us to an exhibition of fine art, that had been travelling the country, it was displayed in the auditorium of his university and heyho, the power of the mate bond did the rest of the work.

I can’t say it was easy continuing our lives living separately but it was worth it. We both agreed that continuing our education was important to us. Luckily the Lunar Council have implemented many facilities to help us Wolves in modern society especially when living amongst humans.

Each College or University that Wolves attend, the Council have implemented a group of guardians to protect, counsel and advise the young. Many of whom, is their first time to live among the humans.

My saving grace was the protection they gave me during my heat cycle. Yes I know what your thinking, heat? Aren’t I mated, shouldn’t that not be a problem for me. Well you see the thing is, mating and marking does douse that heat and most live their lives unaffected after their first. Their other half will counteract it’s pain through contact completing the mating ritual. After that the heat cycle is less frequent and it only attracts the male mate not every male out there.

Circumstances had left me and Nathaniel in the situation where neither of us had been together during my heat, so it still came as strong every time because we are yet to mate. Honestly we could have gone through it, I actually wanted to but Nathaniel reminded me how we were both still in college and there was a high possibility of pregnancy. So the decision was made, I can’t say I was ecstatic about it but I got through it.

Thanks to the counsel a salve had been created to help the poor women like myself who had to suffer the pain. It combines a hormone extracted from the partner of the wolf, and when it was combined with the ingredients of the salve it acted as if the mates partner was touching them, soothing them through the heat cycle.

The council owned a building on site and once you could feel the heat was about to begin, roughly about twenty four hours before you were to enter their secure suite. There they had supplies to get the afflicted to get through, a bed, kitchen, bathroom, even a tv and internet was provided for the times when you were feeling up to it. In the bathroom was a shower toilet and a bath. The guardians fill a large bath of salve in the room, so you could bath in it to sooth you as much as possible, keeping you safe.

I know this much! I will not miss that room as much as I appreciated its comfort and safety. The arms of my love is my home, no more pain no more emptiness.

Onwards and upwards ha ha!

With the biggest smile on my face I traipse up and down the stairs loading up my old banger of a car with all my luggage.

With a little sadness in my heart I take one last look and snapp a pic for my story, and shut the door on that period of my life.

After checking for any mail and dropping my keys with the super I head to Collfee a little café on campus. Myself and a few friends organized a little farewell before we head off to greener pastures. Its gona be tough saying goodbye to these guys, especially Quinn. We both came from the same pack and our friendship grew stronger here, she is my best friend in this world.

Her screams assault my ears before my eyes caught sight of her. Quinn was in her usual high spirited form.

“Wayhey girl, you’re finally here, right on time as per.” She breaks out into a fit of laughter knowing I am never on time just like now and gives me a good hard whack, I think it’s those Alpha genes kicking in. Sometimes she nearly knocks me out, honestly I wouldn’t want to take her on in a fight. Thankfully she’s my bestie so no such thing will happen.

After catching my breath I give her a big hug and we make our way over to the others. Levi grabs me and demands I take a seat, another Alpha male.

Goodness how did I end up in the bunch of aggressive dominant beings, I must attract it or something. The guys would always tell me I’m there little bunny that needs saving. I don’t know who came up with that nickname but it stuck throughout college, another thing I wont miss.

The aroma of the brewing coffee joyously tickles my senses sending me into a state of mouthwatering. Even though I don’t drink coffee or tea that aroma is delicious.

“Sssh down everyone.” Levi takes control of our chattering like he is in a pack meeting its hilariously adorable. Then when silence prevails he stalls waiting for dramatic effect or something, but Quinn’s patience is very thin and she counters.

“Come on Levi spit it out before I knock you out.”

“Ok ok, look.” He looks about suspiciously as if someone is listening in, and at that point Quinn has had enough and slaps him round the head.” Goodness I love their banter its hilarious to watch.

“Jeez Quinn give me a chance. Have you guys heard about the attacks.” He says his voice lowering by the end of his sentence, ever the dramatic. Our curiosity is now peeked and we all lean in to finally pay attention.

“The Beta’s of fifteen packs have been attacked.” You can see the fear in his eyes when he states this.

“WHAT!!” I cant help the reaction his fear having a contagious effect on my own.

“Calm down bunny.” Quinn says and grabs my hand in a calming gesture, she rubs my back and I take a deep breath letting Levi continue.

“Well thirteen have died, with the other two barley surviving.”

My stomach is in a knot now I think I want to puke, Nathaniel has just been promoted to Beta, oh my Goddess.

“Nobody thought it was connected until the last council meeting, when the number of deaths and attacks were made known to the ruling council. It was then they came to the conclusion, the killing wasn’t random or coincidence but coordinated assaults. Each death had some similarity... I don’t know what though.”

“Levi that’s some messed up shit!” David says, I am too caught in my own thoughts and worries that I ignore their conversation.

Taking Levi’s hand in both of mine I grab his attention. “Are the victims in any of our packs? Is this close by Levi.”

Everyone’s attention back to Levi now wanting to know the same answer.

“No no, it’s the opposite end of the country, but I did hear one of the elders say that they think whomever is behind this all, has begun to make a move across country the last attack was in the Midwest.”

“Oh my God!” I couldn’t help another outburst from my now quivering lips.

We were rudely interrupted by the ever annoying Gerard, ugh I hate this guy!

“Did you hear how they were torn to pieces as well.” He disgustingly taunts and laughs about the deaths, its sickening and the look in his eyes with that sardonic smile is so chilling. If I didn’t know any better I would think he was in on it.

Everyone turns their heads to him, the Alpha’s in the group warn him off with a deep growl. The stench of their power overwhelming the little café and he takes the hint and flees, before they really make him pay for his vile behavior.

“I hate that guy.” Quinn says and everyone is in agreement with that. He is one person we won’t miss. That is until Levi again drops another bombshell.

“Ah guys you haven’t been informed about anything have you!” We all look suspiciously at him now wondering what news he is going to bomb us with now.

“Were waiting Levi, enough with the dramatics.”

“He’s working with the council of elders, its probably where he got the information. Seemingly his family has a long standing with them, I think they may have even been one of the elders at one point. A grandfather or great grandfather.”

“You have got to be kidding me right? If people like him get on the ruling council, that can’t be good for the rest of us. He is a sick individual.” The shock and disgust coming across heavily in Mia’s voice is evident, we all agree and wonder how such a thing could happen. Lilly hugs her trying to sooth her mates woes.

We spent the next hour chatting and gossiping. The news of the attacks had weighed heavy on my heart because my other half my mate is now a Beta. Having worked for so long for the position he now had it, we were both so happy but now a horrible feeling seeped into me.

What if? Oh no, no this ain’t happening!

I push the awful thoughts away, no I need to think positive I’m not going down that hole.

Everyone is heading out to start their adult lives officially, I am off to my new pack, Quinn returns to my old pack her dads the Alpha. Levi and George are heading up north to Levi’s dads pack, where he is set to take over as Alpha. With George his mate by his side and then Mia and Lily are heading east like me.

After a million hugs kisses and well wishes later, I wave off my funny group of friends, it’s time to get to my man.

Once I left the city limits the stereo was turned to max, as the music pumped through my little wreak on wheels. Being the best mate my beautiful babe got me new speakers and stereo for the car.

I could take the bumpy ride, the crappy interior, the embarrassing exterior but I hated not having a decent sound system. Thankfully that wasn’t a problem anymore and I sang my heart out as the speakers pumped out my tunes, gone all the bad thoughts, my new life awaits.

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