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Chapter 15

My ears ring, a buzzing sound so annoying that I can't hear anything else apart from the whooshing and throbing of the blood that runs through my veins.

Darkness and pain have become normal now, my eyelids heavy as they struggle to open from a dreamless sleep.

Where am I, Who knows?

Fear has a way of consuming you, its so overwhelming that you have to give into it, but I don't want to anymore. I want to be stronger, I always have, but fear has always latched on and taken the drivers seat. I want it back ... Control. I want it back, no I demand it back.

My body shakes and jitters as I fight for myself for my body to instill strength to regain power, to be free of the curse of fear.

My blurred vision sees nothing but shadows and light, I smell a strong scent of old wood a musty odour, making me wonder of my whereabouts.

My hearing sharpens slightly and the sound of muffled people's voices alerts me. I fight for better consciousness knowing only then will I understand whats being said and where I am.

"THIS IS WHAT THE LUNAR COUNCIL IS! Fake! Not her never her, I gave you the benefit of the dought, gave you control and WHAT have you done! Used me like a puppet for your own gain." A strong male voice says. I - I think I know them, but who is it. My minds still groggy.

"I won't accept it, never. She's innocent. We witnessed it ourselves during her joining Ceremony then again today. You may fool others but I could see the effect the Lunar Pearl had on her, it called to her. Look -- the mark is glowing again like the first night. I knew it, it did react, it just took longer than you thought." The male voice talks again they seem familiar, safe. Then I feel the burning on my back and my mind goes blank, my consciousness slips...

It was mere moments -- I think -- till bright lights startle me to awaken again and I'm fighting for awareness. I can't let my weak body be my downfall. The voices continue to berate each other and I struggle to understand the context...

"It calls to us all Alpha Atreus. But yes you are correct in the fact she bares a real mark from the Godess what you don't realise or know is she is unworthy, she's an omega for crying out loud. What on earth would make you think she's worthy of such an honour. I've looked into her background and there is nothing. She's an unknown Rouges child brought into the pack by a kind Alpha don't fool yourself. The mark will be removed and things will continue on as normal." A strong female voice says and I can't help but feel crushed.

A tear escapes my bloodshot eyes as I listen to her belittle me without ever haven spoken one word to me, I know its me she's talking about I can just feel her resentment towards me, and I know!

To her-- I'm nothing but a statistic on a screen, omega tick, abandoned tick, orphaned tick. She'd probably stick worthless piece of crap and good for nothing on that list. It's not the first or the last time I'll hear those kinda words directed at me.

Being weak in a world where physical strength is not only revered but needed, is like a beacon for abuse and scorn. The thing is... No matter how many times you hear that form of abuse it never becomes easy to hear, you just learn to mask your feelings better.

There's shuffling and movement and the male baritone begins to challenge the female.

"Normal? How is it normal if you preach honesty, openess and truth. Then demand me to keep secrets, hide things from the very people I have preached your values to, and ask me now to flat out agree to this farce of a lie. The only reason I agreed to your demands was that -- I had believed you were going to prove, that Paloma was one of the Godess Marked.

Not so you could set her up. I'll never agree to it and I'd advise you to rethink your actions because I wasn't the only one to see the truth. I have spent my life following the Lunar Council's advice and recommendations to a tee. More than any other pack or Alpha I've implemented your laws and rules and now you throw that trust away in you, by forcing me into this lie. You won't get away with this, I won't allow it!."

"I don't need to get away with it for long you fool, I only need the mark removed and given to the rightful recipient... You underestimate me Atreus, I always had high hopes for you, shame on you. Tut tut!" The high pitched female voice spits out her words and I can feel her power and anger brew with every word.

"I won't let you take her." He states venom in his words and I can feel his anger also, it gives me hope. I can't stop the pained tear that leaves my eye, his words meant alot to me in my weaken state. The fact that at least one person is on my side, even if he hid what was going to happen gives me a jolt that I needed.

"Looks like you've no choice in the matter." The female says, I believe they called her the Paramount.

"She is not leaving this pack, over my dead body will I allow it." He replies.

"Its a bit cliché Atreus but if you insist it can be arranged. Now what will it be, and hurry up I've got better things to be doing than quarreling with a giant toddler." I don't like this woman, there's something in the tone of her voice and the way she's behaving that seems sketchy and autocratic. Like she's got her own goal in mind and to hell with anyone who stands in her way.

ATREUS! That's who the strong baritone belongs to. The Alpha, my Alpha. My mind a little less hazy, the events of this morning begin to flood my head as I search around the room for an idea to my location.

"I don't care if your the Paramount I will not stand for this kind of corruption and disrespect." Alpha Atreus vehemently disagrees.

"SHE IS MINE! DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT MOVING HER." He then roars, shaking me a little more out of my fuzzy state with fright. Then I notice a dark shadow approach from the distance, it looks to be two people maybe more

"Oh my Godess this gets even better, she's yours now is she. Well now I'm sure our pack will love to find out about their Alpha who is happy to break up a loving mated couple, I'm sure they'll be even more loyal." Scoffs Caroline then she laughs sardonically while doing a strut about the room.

Oh fuck me, this bitch is everywhere!

"Watch your words Caroline, and know your place I won't have any trouble showing you how far down the food chain you belong. And yes she is mine, she's one of my pack members, who are all mine! Get that in your thick skull. Nathaniel!" He roars.

"Get your whore on a leash or else she'll get what's coming to her." I'm shook by his words, for a moment I thought I was the whore he was referring to until Nathaniel grabs Caroline, pulling her aside.

"Alpha, she's not worth our time. Its my fault I should never have brought her here to our pack. Like the Paramount said she's unworthy of our time, let them do what needs to be done." Nathaniel says while walking away from Caroline and toward Atreus. I feel choked by the vile words that left my mate, he truly doesn't give a rats ass about me, his fated.

Even after his betrayals, there was the tiniest hope deeply hidden within me, I'm ashamed to admit but I can't deny fact. His actions might have an explanation but it was false hope my heart breaks over and over with bitter anguish, it overflows within me but I fight it. This male doesn't deserve my tears and I refuse to give them.

'Deep breaths, pull on your inner strength, you can do this! We can do this!' FINALLY ORIEL YOU JOINED THE PARTY! UGH!! Where the heck have you been hiding, I needed you! I said somewhat pissed at my wolf.

'I'm back ok, and sorry but get up off your ass we can't let this bitch slide.' Oriel states and boy am I happy to feel her presence.

I can feel her strength begin to flow through every part of my body my muscles tighten, my joints feel stronger my bones tougher. Thankfully no one has payed any heed to me they're all caught up in the argument as I slowly build my strength without their knowledge. My eyes shut now, giving everything in me to awaken my strength concentrating the power towards my hands and feet.

Scanning the room my vision fully restored I see my target and the fury within me and my wolf bubbles up. Our rage for whats she's taken from us fuels the strength- that's flowing through me. My shoulders burn with intense pain as before but this time I channel that power.

A few deep breaths then my breathing slows, calming me, to ready myself, its a suicide mission. But I don't care anymore too much has been taken from me, someone needs to pay and the whore harpy Caroline has been chosen with her slut face.

The argument continues still but I zone it out all I can see is her, the one who needs to go down. I can sense her breathing, her heartbeat her readiness for a fight. The guards that she normally has high have been dropped. For some reason or another she feels safe and that gives me my opportunity.

I leap up from my position, running straight towards her my leg sweeps out as I knock her off her feet. So caught unawares that she begins her decent to the floor with a speed I didn't know I was capable of, I put all my force into a front kick hitting her right in the lower jaw as her head flips backwards and she hits the floor with a resounding thud.


I leap ontop of her body as she struuggles to understand what just happened and I straddle her body, keeping her arms underneath my knees, pinning them down as I begin an onslaught of punches to her face. Each hit seeking revenge for the pain she has caused me, my body thruming now, my fist burning.

Hearing the shocked gasps and angry growls of the audience to my attack, spurs me on I know I've only moments left or mere seconds before they stop me so I force myself onwards punching over and over on the harpies blood covered messed up face, each hit making its mark.

"No one should destroy what the Godess has blessed us with." I scream out in a voice I don't recognise startling myself and the people surrounding me.

She has taken my mate, the one and only one that I get, knowing full well the implications and she has enjoyed every second of it, especially when rubbing it in my face.

The whore!

Every women who's been cheated on, will understand mine and my beast's fury, a woman scorned is not to be trifled with, least of all a She-Wolf. Don't judge me... I hate the bitch!

I feel strong but gentle hands on my arms from behind, trying to contain me but I continue on, even if my weak body cannot withstand this, I get another hit in, then another as a shadow stands before me.

Their foot risen, roundhouse kicking me in the face as it jolts to the side, I couldn't dodge even if I wanted to.

Splurts of blood spray out from my now split lips and swollen face. My energy drained as I recognised the owner to that kick, my mate and his full on rage. Slumping back into the arms of my captor, the calming scent of whisky and the forest lull my wolf and me as I search to see who's gotten hold of me, until I'm met with deep blue mesmerising eyes full of hope. Before I once again give in, my weak body unable to continue its fight, exhausted but content, the hold on my consciousness begins to slip again, I can't hold it any longer.

"Its going to be alright love, I won't let them harm you." Are the last words I hear, from my Alpha as he whispers in my ear. All the while holding my weak body in his arms.

I feel safe...

I feel home...

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