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Chapter 19

Rouge! That miscreant went rouge, now I have a rouge mate...

Yeah for me! Ugh! I could scream!!!!

Great! I bet the councils gona love this little tidbit, a cherry ontop of the already long list of trumped up charges.

I looked away from Alpha Atreus, my head held low, why me? why my mate? But then again I had to stop myself, I won't let Nathaniel ruin whats left of me and in some ways this could be a good thing. I need to think positively...

After all now I have a Pack and an Alpha that supports me. My home and job are there. Now that Nathaniel's gone rouge, I won't have to worry about his sorry ass.

Haha, my sorrow turned to a small smile. There was hope for the future. I raised my head and found an intense looking Alpha staring back at me.

"Look, I have to ask. Do you know anything about this, he is your mate after all? I find it hard to believe you know nothing..."

And with that- It felt like a bucket of ice cold water was thrown over me.

"Seriously?" My voice bounded round the room in a acending screech, stunning even myself at its high pitched intonation.

"You think I knew? That my so called mate was a traitor! A devious bastard that fooled us all. Do you ever think why he spent so much time away from me?

Because it makes sence to me now, he didn't want me to find out. Do you know I've probably spent more time with you since joining the pack than him! He didn't just cheat you, he cheated on me too!

I thought you trusted me...

Your words said so, now you flip them on their head?" My voice was laced with anger but sauntered off into a a timid, hurt and plaintive one.

"I had to ask Paloma, wether you like it or not, right now your the closest person to Nathaniel. He is your mate, I'm aware that there has been conflict within your relationship, but that could all be for my benefit." His voice was deadpan and stone-cold.

"That- was- a lot!" I said struggling with the barrage of new information, trying to cool myself off.

"So... do you believe it to be the case?" I asked my heart pleading that it wasn't so.

"No, I don't...

Maybe I will turn around and be the fool in the end?" He question but continued on. "Maybe you are just like him. I just don't get that vibe off of you." He stated.

"For some reason I feel I can trust you...

So please do not prove me wrong. The outcome won't be good for either of us, that's a promise." I knew it was before he finished, the intensity of his aura right now was downright frightful, I just felt grateful for his trust in me, I just hope it will last.

"Your an anomaly. Im struggling to get my head around this whole situation. I just know that I feel, a deep need to protect you. I find it all too strange and unsettling, to be honest." He said as he gazed over me like he was trying to find something.

"I'll take it as a compliment." I replied with a little sass, smiling back at him, he grunted and laughed at my reply. I wanted to diffuse the situation even though his questioning hurt, I could understand where he was coming from.

"The connection with the serial killing, what makes you think so?" I asked curious for the answer.

"Its nothing more than speculation- but Nathaniel was determined to replace my dead Beta. Coupled with his shady past, fake identity. Everything points in that direction don't you think?" His reply was swift and frank, there is something so sexy about a strong man, so sure of himself.

"I mean... I suppose it does. Your more in the know than me obviously, but what you said seems fair."

The space seemed smaller all of a sudden, my mind playing his words on a loop. 'Nathaniel's gone rouge, no wait a minute the stranger who is my mate is gone rouge, he's an imposter, how does one deal with that cherry?

Caroline's gone rouge too, no loss there! I couldn't be happier.

Fake Nate could be involved with the Beta scandal?

Mulling over the facts, there was no reason to think him innocent of the crime. After the beatings I've taken from him, its evident that he is merciless, and the conclusion doesn't seem all that far fetched, but I'm no detective so I'll leave that up to the professionals.

I close my eyes, the information overload and atmosphere was a little heavy. I'll just rest for a bit, maybe when I wake up, it'll be a happy environment of destined mates and fluffy pillows and security...

Ha no chance! That life ain't for mwah! No matter how much I wish it was.

I just felt tired now, the mental exhaustion getting the better of me, my wolf was bound and this human body didn't have the same stamina.

Closing my eyes, I lent back into the head rest, the vibrations from the vehicles movement lulled me off into a dreamless sleep.

A door slamming shut startled me awake, my tongue felt pastey and dry, the side of my mouth wet. With a quick sweep I wiped away the drool that painted my chin. I felt so self-conscious, I began shuffling about until taking a quick glace around the room. Alpha Atreus was tapping away on his mobile, deep in concentration, and like he sensed me, he looked up into my eyes.

I shifted all over the place uncomfortable under his gaze, I could get lost in those eyes, the deep blue felt like a beacon calling me in, but this was all.... so so much.

It was then I noticed the heat, my body was parched. I pulled at my clothes, the desire to free myself of the restrictions of these bonds became an almost panicked frenzy, pulling and tugging to no satisfactory outcome. If anything the whole outfit felt tighter after my little display, so I gave up defeated by the infuriating thing.

"They are just filling up the gas, we will be on our way again in a minute. Are you ok over there? Is there anything I can help you with." Alpha Atreus asked a devious smirk beginning to appear on those sensual looking lips."

"Water? Is there any, please?" I pleaded coquettishly. He pulled out a bottle from a small fridge I hadn't noticed, twisted the cap and handed it to me.

"Thank you." I said, holding the bottle to my mouth and swigging down what it held, the thirst quenching liquid was divine to taste. In my haste water spilled from the side of the bottle but my thirst was so strong I didn't stop gulping down, I needed to sate it.

My tongue swept across my lip trying to catch any stray droplets, at that moment I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to taste those sexy ass lips of the Alpha cross from me.

I still felt angry from his questioning earlier as I cast my eye on Atreus. He was doing his job and I understand that but I just felt angry.

His eyes are fixed on something so I followed his gaze. Looking down I watched as the beads of stray water trickled down my neck and between my chest. When I looked again his eyes were filed with desire.

"I'm sorry." He said putting away his phone, he unclipped his seat belt and stood up, taking a seat beside me. My hands became sweaty, began rubbing them together nervously.

I caught my breath. "For what?" I asked, I wanted to scream and shout and hit him, hit anything.

I felt wronged for it all. For my unfaithful mate, for the accusations of the council, for the fact- that doubt will always lie over my head now, because of Nathaniel.

Some people will always find an excuse to put that into my life and it wasn't fair! Gods I sound like a winey bitch, and I've determined something I'm gona make that loser of a mate of mine pay.

One way or another I'm gonna kick his sorry ass, he's going to regret the day he messed with me. Gods, that's not even his real name, that no good waste of space.

On the other hand, I wanted to pull my knees up and curl up tight, but the weight of these bonds held me tight. It was a strange magic, because the once loose cloth had tightened, like it shrunk once the spell was cast. The chains and ties did too, they wrapped around my body like some kind of fetish outfit accentuating the curves of my body and breasts.

His knee brushed against mine, the small action sent a tiny shock through me, so in defense I pulled my knee away, the small space getting smaller by the minute.

My core was lit by that smallest of touch and I clenched as my nipples hardened when his scent flooded my receptors. I was angry and hurt and though I brushed it off earlier, I felt the anger rise in me again. I was going to confront him, make him realise my innocence and his wrongful accusation.

Finally I got up enough courage to face him again, my head turned towards the man. What I hadn't accounted for was the closeness of his body, because when I turned my lip brushed against his, it was for the most brief moment but flashed through me igniting a deep wanting and need within me.

"Fuck it." He said and pulled me in, smashing our lips together and kissing me deeply. I was a bundle of nerves both shocked and elated. My deepest fantasy come to life.

His tongue brushed against my lips and I couldn't help myself I opend my mouth, and met his tongue with my own. It was so unexpected, I couldn't help myself, I was all worked up.

This man was a temptation sent to lure even the most celibate, who could resist! All my anger vented as our tongues met, finally tasting that forbidden fruit. His whiskey lips roughy and shamelessly taking my own to a place I had never been before. As we kissed fervently tasting each other.

I moaned as he took dominance over me, with his hand in my hair, he tugged my head backwards and started fanning kisses all over my neck. I was on fire right now, his powerful arms held me in this bliss. My core was drenched my nipples hard I wanted him, I wanted this and I kissed him back with more hunger as he returned his lips to my own.

A sudden bump in the road made the vehicle jump and we parted. Atreus looked me in the eye then, searching again. His breath fanning my faced as I panted for air and I felt the moment he let go. It was so intense and shortlived, I wanted more, I recognised for the first time, I wanted him and I wanted all of him.

I struggled to get my head around what just happened.

"Alpha..." I said my voice trembling and timid, he let go and returned to his original seat, staring at his phone again.

With his eyes still fixed on the screen he began to talk. "You need to stay out of trouble from now on, no more being in the thick of things. Do you here me?" He questioned his voice becoming swamped in anger.

"Yes Alpha." I replied confused and a little stunned.

"That, is what I was trying to say. Just...

Forget what happened a moment ago. I regretted it the second it happened.

There's a force in you drawing me in. The attraction I spoke of earlier is unnatural just like that kiss. It won't happen again so don't mention it or this conversation." He said his Alpha tone coming out in the last sentance but his eyes held a different emotion that I couldn't quite understand.

Well if ever a girl wanted her self-esteem crushed I now know where to send them.

His rejection hurt more than it should, I know it was all a pipe dream, conjured in my head but the memory of his lips on my own was now burned into my soul.

What on earth is his deal? For the love of God, he's at it again!! blowing hot and cold every two minutes. I narrowed my eyes taking a good look at the big bad wolf, then decided I'm over it!

I can't be doing with his crazy behaviour and I've enough on my plate. Men, Wolves I'm done with them all! I think I might become a hermit and live deep in the woods never to be bothered by another man again.

Even if said man was hot as hell, and made me clench every time I came close to him. Oh how the depths of those eyes could drown me and the sweetness of those lips.

No- no no! That's it I'm done, no more, no more no more...

But... How am I to survive now, having tasted the forbidden fruit.

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