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Chapter 23

Soft skin against skin, my face against his hard chest, feels like heaven - home...

Suddenly I noticed Atreus breathing pick up, he brushes his stubbely faces against my own. The sensation setting off a spark that ripples down my neck. Taking a deep breath he buries his face in the crook of my neck.

"Mmm you smell fucking amazing." He says, his words full of ardour.

Then I'm pushed flat on my back, as Atreus rolls ontop of me. Leaning on his elbows, he capture's my gaze with those all consuming deep blue eyes. He tenderly swipes hair out of my face and smiles.

"Your beautiful Paloma.. " speaking in a whisper, he says. Then his soft lips brush against mine, in a sweetly chaste kiss.

"Your safe now, I promise." He reaffirms putting our forheads together momentarily, then places another kiss on my lips. He then lays down beside me, hugging me from behind, breathing me in.

I'm so tempted by this man, turning to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck I pull him in for a deep kiss. As my tongue brushes against his lip he capture's it, sucking it deeply letting me know who is in charge as he takes over and dominantly enters my mouth with his.

Sweeping in... in a deep motion as his tongue invades my mouth, owning it, putting his stamp on me. With each strong swipe of his tongue my body responds more and more giving into his beast, submitting to their rule over me.

My body burns for his touch, his kiss ignites me in ways I never thought possible and as his hard length brushes against my nether regions an unrestrained moan escapes my lips.

Upon my reaction Atreus smiles fervently whispering in my ear.

"You like that bunny..." as he thrusts himself forward, his clothed manhood sending my wrapped core sensations of ecstasy and a drive to want more. All I can get out is muffled 'mmm' as he takes possession of my mouth, driving me to a state of euphoric passion.

His next thrust I meet him half way and our bodies collide sending ripples through my core.

He pushes me onto my back again, spreading my legs apart, laying between them. His body cocooning my own, the weight of him pushing down on my heat and he begins a slow sensual movement of his body against my own, his hips against mine.

His boxer covered swollen phallus, creating a tantalising friction, rubbing the lips of my dripping wet core, thrusting forward in a slow punushing movement.

His lips and tongue slowly caressing my own matching the pace of his movements.

Its slow.... sensual...

Time fades and we lost ourselves in each other. As the pressure builds between us, the friction of our movement driving us forward. The intensity of our coupling increases. I wrap my legs about his body, giving into each thrust. Trailing soft slow kisses down my neck, freeing my breasts from the captivity of my bra, he grabs a stiffened nipple in one hand squeezing it, and captures the other with his mouth.

Teasing me... devouring my body and mind, the pain and the pleasure combined and my body arches forward. My restraints destroyed and I give into his bewitching powers over me. The heat of my core at volcanic levels and I erupt, my whole body convulsing in pleasure, his grunts join my own and we both topple over the edge coming hard and undone from the plessure of each other.

"Fuck me, Paloma that was the hardest I've come from dry humping ever." He laughs and I join in, then kisses me deeply again.

"Soon love, soon!" He promises

Right now I'm glad he understands its not the right time for anything more. My mind and body are too exhausted from our earlier conversation.

Who knew telling the truth could be so draining.

We both get cleaned up and he joins me again, keeping my body warm as he spoons me, our connection growing ever stronger.

I'm swept away to sleep, without nightmares or fear, his touch and presence giving me a feeling of safety I've never felt before, banishing my fears.

Waking the next morning was rather overwhelming. The events of the last 24hrs is - a - lot! For anyone! Though waking up in the arms of this adonis, oh Godess!! I'm fanning myself off just thinking about it, but yeah, its so frincken worth it.

The ache of my heat keeps surfacing randomly and I know I have only got a day or so, two at best. Another obstacle I've to get over and I have yet to tell Atreus. That conversation I am not looking forward to.

For now I'm going to bask in the warmth of his arms, my libido is on fire though... I need to calm that situation or Atreus might get jumped, ha!

"Your awake love." Atreus startles me with his husky low voice.

"Yeah, thank you for- for everything last night. My fucked up life- it's a mess I didn't mean to drag you into..." I replied.

"Hey... look at me now love." Atreus said while grabbing my chin and pulling it up. "Firstly I am your Alpha, it is my job to care for you." His words were impassioned but I couldn't help but feel a little gutted. Was that what all this care was? His duty as Alpha forced him?

"Secondly whatever this is between us- I care about you and I am glad you put your trust in me. I know that telling me everything must have been extremely difficult for you, I can only imagine the pain you went through...

I am here as a friend...

Your Alpha and- hopefully, more?

If you'll have me..."

"Really?" Was he even real??

He pulled me into his arms, leaned his head on my forehead and kissed me deeply, sucking my bottom lip into his sweet sexy mouth, taking my breath away.

"Really!" He replied in a deep baritone, and I hugged into him.

"Shall we go get something to eat? I think our little kitchenette is out of service." Winking at me he said and I couldn't help but laugh.

It sure was out of service after you trashed it, ha!

So after showering, finding some decent clothes to wear, nice pair of combat boots, some camo green cargo pants and a tight fitting tee, must be some spare gear for the Bellator. I pulled my hair into a high ponytail then began brushing me teeth. It was the first time I looked at myself in days.

It felt as if I was looking upon a stranger. My usually plump cheeks had hollowed out somewhat, my eyes had a different look. A tell, that they were not so naive anymore, hardened from the jolly little soul I used to be. But was that even real? Or was that another facade I had used to cover the pain that hid deep inside, me- the abandoned little pup of a rouge?

I traced down the intricate mark that painted my face, the blossoms of moon flower, the vines tracing down my neck to the butter fly that latched to the side. It's so fascinating and strange..

A butterfly, why a butterfly?

Maybe one day I will have the answers, but for today I will settle with none. Then traced further down pulling the neck of my tee, I wanted to see his disgusting mark. I want to remind myself of the pain he inflicted because I needed that- to fuel my revenge. One of the main reasons I could still function, that drive for revenge was keeping me fueled and functioning!

I touched the area before looking and noticed how the bumps had disappeared. My healing really had picked up pace. When I removed my hand, a sense of astonishment surged.

The mates mark that Nathaniel ripped into my shoulder had completely faded...

Gone! Again, wow! Ha!

I laughed then, it was like a cackle at first then grew into an all out uncontrolled hysteria as tears of joy left a trail over my cheeks. His mark was gone, our connection finished. I hadn't even noticed the break, funnily enough.

That man was no longer tied to me, with the visual of it actually gone I felt pure joy. Wiping away the tears, I threw some water over my face and cleaned myself up.

This was a new start for me, I am going to breathe...

No more hiding, no more cowering, I am free!

My tummy started angry growling, definitely ready for some grub and the day ahead. So I gathered myself up, I am ready!

Atreus was sat in the small couch waiting for me, his huge frame almost taking over the whole seat. A giggle left my mouth when he stood up, dressed in an almost matching outfit...

Two peas in a pod!

But damn did he look hot as hell!! My subconscious is fanning me off once again.

"You ready?" He asks.

"Ah well... before we go, there is something you need to know." I clenched my fists, fear, uncertainty, embarrassment swirled around within me in a matter of seconds. This had to be revealed, I couldn't hide it- even if I wanted to!

He instantly tensed up, I could see how his jaw rippled as he clenched it repeatedly and his knuckles grew white from strained fists.

"I- I think I am going into heat!" I announced my head hung low, as my cheeks became inflamed from sheer embarrassment. This was something one would usually share with your mate and I have- none! not any more, which makes me crazy, why the heck am I going into a heat cycle?

"Oh!" He grunts. "I wasn't expecting that!" Then laughs and I can see the relief on his face. Can't blame him, from our recent conversations he was probably expecting another bombshell at least this was more of a curveball.

"There's a way through that, I will contact the council and have them set up the necessary arrangements." Then his eyes glazed over, "I can assist you through it, ahem." He coughs. "If you need any help."

Yes please!!!

I bit my lip and replied. "That would be great, thanks."

The temperature of the room began to sore, both caught up in sexual tension that was gradually building.

"Let's go get some food bunny, we might just need the energy later." He winked at me and pulled me out the door.

All the way to the dinning Hall, we passed warrior after warrior. All so disciplined and headstrong, the testosterone in the place was through the roof. I would not like to imagine what living here permanently would be like for a She-Wolf, and I have passed many so far. Though the architecture and the design of the building would definitely make me want to stay here longer. The stories these walls could tell, boy I would love to know.

When we enter the large space, its ceiling towering high up, it gives off an ancient vibe of a grand gathering hall from eons ago. Huge wooden beams visibly strech across the vaulted ceiling, giant stones make up the tapestry covered walls. Two giant fires roar either side in the huge fireplaces, a giant wooden mantle on each and seats cut into the stone of the surround.

The place in teeming with life, Bellator Warriors all going about their day. I soon notice civilians mixed through and am startled that I saw a few familiar faces.

Caught in the crowd we are pushed along into the rush for sustenance. Atreus takes charge and brings me to a table off to the right. Taking our seats at a long antique table, the wood aged from time and use we take a seat side by side awaiting our turn to make an order.

The hum of the room suddenly goes quiet, all the Bellator stand to attention and I notice the crowd parts allowing two figures to walk through. Everyone paying respect to them until they halt at our table. Myself and Atreus the only two left sitting.

I look to Atreus for guidance and he grabs my wrist.

'Stay put, do not move love...' he says through our mind-link, I nod letting him know I will obey and take his hand in my own.

"Alpha Atreus, good morning I hope you rested well." Vaughan says with a sneer.

"I hear you may have had a bit of trouble last night, reports of an argument and possible destruction of property were brought to me yesterday evening. Is there anything I can help you with." He laughs out malevolently.

Son of a bitch!

Atreus all but laughs at his comments, Vaughan's desire to piss him off just ain't working. He looks at me with desire in his eyes.

"Ha, it got a little heated in our residence last night, but nothing I can't handle..." His lust filled eyes sending me back to memories of our rendezvous, I bite my lip and my core begins to produce a moistness that I can't contain, I clench but it only increases my desire and Atreus smacks his lips against my own. Claiming me infront of everyone...

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