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Chapter 24


My ears are wrung from a shriek that leaves Vaughan's companion, my lips left barren and craving more. Clearly this shrew whomever she may be is looking for attention and our kiss is broken.


Right now myself and Atreus are sat looking up, I raise an eyebrow awaiting whatever she's going to spit out.

It is pretty clear to me, this woman is used to getting her own way, her overbearing attitude and persona are very evident.

She stands about 5'6", long blond, clearly bleached hair that has seen better days. It has the yellowish look, against her pale skin that gives her a washed out appearance and even with the layers of caked on makeup it can't hide it. Her clothing though expensive, the choice leaves not much to the imagination. With double boobs clearly threatening to hop out the crop top she's wearing that's about two sizes too small.

Ugh! I cringe just looking at her. The funny thing is, I would say if she toned everything down especially the thick layers of makeup, she would be quite the stunner. I never understand someone caking up an already pretty face.

Though in the few seconds it took me to assess her, her resting bitch face is evident she ain't so sweet on the inside either.

You just can't hide an ugly heart!!

I almost feel sorry for Vaughan when I see his arm stretched about her waist, this must be the Mate he is so devoted to. Remember I said almost!, ha!

"I've seen it all now, so this is the hussy that stole my Godess mark!" She shrieks again, her voice raised to a high pitch and I take note how the atmosphere in the room shifts all eyes on me now.

Bring it on bitch!

"You've got some skill I can see that, hooking up with your Alpha aswell, woohoo! Vaughan you told me a thing or two about this bint but she's got game... that's for sure."

My mind is racing right, I actually laughed at that comment. One insult after another thrown at me and she declares me the thief!

"That is ridiculous!" I laughed again, incredulous at the words she's easily spitting out her mouth.

We haven't even officially met yet and she is taking hits at me?!!

"Are you a complete idiot, you do realise- You're. The. One... Who's taking the mark from ME!!, shouldn't you be called the thief!" I spat back, Godess give me strength!

I've just got one bitch out my hair and another appears...


"Sit your ass down Angy nobody wants to listen to you wail like a banshee!" A familiar voice says, as Angelina is pushed to a chair by none other than Quinn.

My chair almost goes flying as I hop to my feet and strech across the table grabbing my bestie in a crushing hug, note I'm the one being crushed not her.

"Hey bitch what the hell are you doing here? I thought you were going home...?" I asked full with curiosity and delight to see someone I love.

"Yeah... Well!" She sighs. "I went home but then I was contacted by my Dad, every one of the packs affected by the Beta killings has been summoned. People have been arriving here since last night, you are probably one of the first arrivals." Quinn replies while making her way round the table and slumped beside me.

I turned to Atreus questioningly. "You knew about this?" He nodded in acknowledgement.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Bunny... You have enough on your plate right now. This is Alpha business and I didn't see the need- besides I did not know that Quinn would be here, she's still in training her father is the Alpha of the pack and I assumed he would be the representative arriving."

Atreus soflty admitted, swiping a loose lock of hair out of my eyes, I nod in acceptance and smile back at him. The patience and care he has been showing me is so endearing. I'm being drawn into him more and more its like a sweet addiction I cannot get enough of!

"I'm glad your OK babe, I'm so sorry I didn't make it into the trial that day." She leans down and hugs me close, then whispers in a dark tone "I know what that bitch the Paramount did, assholes babe, we will sort this out. I won't let them hurt you."

"Hey, stop that shit and come give me another hug. You know I'm always happier when your around." I replied.

"Mmm, not so sure anymore, you looked very, VERY! Happy when I just saw you, getting a good taste of some Alpha! Naughty Bunny!" She laughs then continues.. "That's my girl."

"Not anymore, she's my girl now." Atreus interrupts with a growl and pulls me on his knee, his face buried in the crook of my neck.

Oh Godess a hot flush runs over me with his intimate words and actions.

"Haha! This is amazing so you've kicked that no good Beta to the curb then? I know I've said it before babe, but that Nathaniel had a no good aura surrounding him, I'm so fucking happy." Quinn squeals, smacks her knee and almost did a jig with joy and excitement. She then grabs the toast off my plate helping herself.

Clearly I really was blind to Nathaniel.

"Well, not so much me, but the Godess or fate, I'm not sure but his mark disappeared off of me and the connection it created has dissolved."

"Fuck you know what this could mean? He might be dead already, that wouldn't be too much of a loss... You seem fine so who cares!" She laughs and I'm kinda taken into the contagious laughter myself. That would be too easy for him, a little suffering would suffice right now, after all that brute has done, I think I'd like to witness his demise myself.

"Stop it!" I playfully slap her.

"Unfortunately a weed like him will prevail even in the harshest climate. I doubt he will be killed that easily. Especially given the facts brought to light about his past. He has been playing us all, we just need to discover the name of the game now, to counter attack." Atreus states his eyes glazed over deep in thought.

"There is more going on here than I know, you better fill me in now." Quinn harumphs.

"All will be revealed at the council summit this morning." Atreus says and fills his mouth with the hot breakfast that's layed out before him.

I slip into my own seat and begin eating my breakfast before Quinn has had time to steal it all. She laughs at my actions when I try to block her stealing anymore.

"You do know you can just order more, there is no limit to how much you can eat."

"Exactly Quinny so go get your own!! I've claimed this one." I say and wrap my arms around my plate, today's the first time in a while I've regained the ability to savour my food, I can thank Atreus for that sweet fact, so nobody's getting their hands on it.

"Ha Vaughan look at this she's already acting like a convict... Afraid someone's gona steal your food." Angelina says as her lip curls up into a contemptuous smile.

Godess I hate this woman already. Is it not enough she's going to recieve the mark given to me by the Godess, she wants to bate me too? Destroy me completely?

"ENOUGH!!" Atreus bellows and the wench jumps back from his abrupt roar.

"I will not sit here while you berate my woman!! Vaughan get your mate in line or else she'll be disciplined."

"I'd like to see you try... Do you know who I am?? Ha!" Angelina squeals.

"Dont fool yourself She-Wolf, I do not care who you are. I am the Alpha of The Dark Orb of Knights I do not submit to anyone and I will not stand for your insufferable words and actions.

The only reason I agreed to Paloma coming here was I thought it best for her health. Not for you or any loyalty you may think I have to the Council. They may advise me, but that is it.


And I say if- I allow this ceremony to go ahead, it will be on my terms, not the Councils and certainly not yours. Now remove yourself from my table as I wish to eat and looking at you two only turns my stomach."

The Alpha in Atreus came out swinging this time, no stone unturned, my heart swelled at his words. The look on Angelina and Vaughan's face was priceless.

"Alpha." Vaughan spits out with fervent hatred. And both himself and his wench get up and leave, brought down a peg or two by the amazing Knight beside me.

I bit my lips trying my best to stifle a laugh on the other hand Quinn went into full out roaring, the sound of her laughter travelling through the quieted room like a bull in a china shop.

"Oh my Godess Atreus, I think I love you." Quinn says and pats him on the back.

"Too bad I think im already spoken for." He replies and winks at me.

Am I dreaming...

Because right now I feel like I'm floating on air.

Before we get time to finish we're interrupted again, but this time I welcome the intruders with open arms.

"Bunny... Quinn... bitches! Were have you guys been." I hear before I am pulled from my seat and enveloped in a group hug. Levi, George, David, Lilly and Mia surround myself and Quinn, squeezing us tightly. Laughter and grunts are emitted until I hear the deep growl of an angry Alpha, eek!

The next few seconds are a blur, as the Alphas surrounding me are pushed aside and I am lifted into the Arms of Atreus.

"Step off!" He says baring his teeth in an angry growl towards my best friends from the past few years.

"Atreus..." I say, trying to capture his attention.

"Atreus..." and still he doesn't respond, his powerful aura giving everyone a knock back into realty that a very powerful and aggressive opponent stands before them. I grab his face in my hands, caressing his soft cheeks with my thumbs and try again.

"Atreus... They are my friends, they are not a threat and will do me no harm." He finally looks me straight in the eyes and heeds my word, toning down his powerful aura and aggression.

Still holding me in his arms looking at me with a mixture of confusion and awe.

With hooded eyes he asks. "They are all Alpha's? And your good friends! You never fail to surprise me little love." And I laugh.

After the abrupt meet, I give Atreus an introduction to all my young Alpha friends, its amazing to be part of he is so open to knowing them, once he realised they were no threat to me. I am blushing even thinking about how protective he has become over me.

Nathaniel never once behaved like this, his attitude towards my friends was always cold and standoffish. Atreus on the other hand- is taking enjoyment out of their knowledge and stories of my many, many! embarrassing moments, through college.


This is how a mate is supposed to behave, loving... attentive... protective... possessive... caring!

And with that thought I can't help but feel a little sad, knowing Atreus is not my mate.

We do have somekind of connection but I do not think he is my mate, Oriel doesn't think so anyway, even though she is very fond of him.

What if- he finds a second chance mate. Where will I be then? Knowing the mate bond, I would be left by the wayside. But... I couldn't deny someone that chance, I could never do that to this man who has swept me off my feet and stormed into my life like a tornado.

I'm falling hard...

I'm falling fast...

Into a love that might be swept away at any moment. But..

I am going to take what I can, as the saying goes - it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!

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