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Chapter 25

It had been an eventful morning, especially the reunion with my college friends, life was throwing all kinds of obstacles at me and thankfully the blows are softened by these great friends, who stand on my side.

Standing outside the barracks, it was shortly after daybreak the sun still low on the horizon. I looked back to the foyer where Atreus was deep in conversation with another group of Alphas. The tension was weighty I can feel it grow.

Whatever was going on was major to have assembled the ruling Alphas on mass.

This was my first time seeing this ancient city in sunlight and boy did it have just as much character if not more during daylight. The intricate stone carving of the buildings brought the place to life.

Wether its the magic thats embedded in these walls or just the magic of a city full of wolves, the place was calling out to be explored. Oriel was also calling out to run, we hadn't run free in so so long it was just wrong. The freedom of having four paws at the ground pounding your way through the brush was intoxicating and it was a part of all wolves to run free.

Right now though I was locked in a walled City. What could I do? Where could I go?

Taking a step down the stairs that lead to the barracks, I was being drawn out and felt caged at the same time. The weight that I couldn't run free for quite sometime made an ache grow within me.

Would I ever run free again?

The council gave their word to Atreus that they would just remove the markings and I would be set free. But what then? Would I be the same or would it cost something to remove this gift bestowed by the Godess.

What if she feels betrayed by this action, after all, she was the one who created us. How could she give me something I couldn't accept or benefit from.

Or was it a punishment?

Was I that bad in my past life that I should pay so heavily in this one?

I know one thing, I need to know what this 'ceremony' is, that they want to perform. They could slaughter me and hand me up as an offering and by that stage what could I do?

I would already be dead! Six foot under, out of commission, you named it. I would be a goner. I need facts and truths and I am not going to settle for anything less than that.

These questions added to others and right now I just wanted to run, to free myself and clear my head.

Lost in thought I almost tumbled down the remaining steps as two fully grown wolves came barrelling past me. One by one more followed suit and was a sight to see. Residents stepped aside and cleared the streets as the first wolf let out a commanding howl and a stream of lesser wolves fell in line to their commander.

It was wonderous and strange but the reality set in. I was no longer in a world of humans...

Here was the birth place of of our kind and here we ruled!! Shifting and running free, it was normal and it was ok!

How could I even realise such a thing? Ha.

I turn and run to Atreus like a kid who found some candy, a big dumb grin on my face, forgetting myself I nearly ram into him.

"Atreus!" I scream as I bump his arm with my torso grabbing onto him, forget about decorum that ship has sailed.

The look of shock on his face is there and gone in a flash and met with his beautiful yet inquisitive smile.

"Yes Paloma what can I do for you love." He replies with a raised eyebrow.

Ignoring the other scowling Alpha's I try to reply before I am interrupted.

"She-Wolf! Show Alpha Atreus more respect, your behaviour leaves alot to be desired, there are few who have the right or the authority to call this great man just by his first name. Who is your Alpha I will summon him here and have you disciplined for such an act of disobedience."

Looking up to the haughty Alpha female I am a little stuck for words.

"Umm... Atreus." I reply, and flutter my eyes, its a little tic I have when I get nervous sometimes.

"Look lady, stop looking to Alpha Atreus to get you out the hole you just jumped in. Now get on your knees and tell me who your Alpha is before I beat it out of your sluty little mouth." The high pitched growling words are flung at me and I'm stunned, her power overwhelms me and I begin my decent to the floor.

"No no thats not what I was trying to do, I just was telling you, who my Alpha is- it, its Atreus. He's my Alpha, I'm sor-" but before I get to finish Atrues interupts again.

"Viz calm down, she's with me. I'm her Alpha and there is no need for formalities between us." Atreus steps in pulls me to his side and wraps an arm about my waist.

"Fair enough, but it's rather unsightly to see one such as yourself allowing a lesser being act as though your an equal. Godess Atreus what's going through your head." Viz spits with venom and walks to the side of the room, her eyes cutting at me like razors.

"Sorry about that, now how can I help you bunny?" Ignoring everything that Viz had said, Atreus asks me.

"Ah, um... I know I'm a prisoner an all, or am I? I'm a little confused by all this craziness but I want to run, so... Can I?"

The men beside us explode in a burst of rapturous laughter, my cheeks blush hard.

Is there something on my face?

"Not too smart to tell a group of Alpha's your about to go on the run, young lady." One ginger bearded Alpha remarks, and my heart just drops to my stomach.

Another tall grey-haired Alpha adds. "Well that will be the shortest escape in history or a fun chase. We do love to chase and play with our prey."

"Ah no no, I just want to let my wolf out to run, I'm not going on the run. Honestly, its just a nice day an all, and its a city that I can let my other half out in. We're just excited to run the streets, I've never done that before." The words came tumbling out my mouth at the velocity of a high speed train, zero to one hundred in point nothing of a second. Ah, you know what I mean too fast for anyone to understand...

Godess the word vomit that comes out my mouth sometimes... Ugh!

I tried to explain, but the niggling feeling that I was in a den of vultures and I was the prey made me wary.

Am I still a prisoner?

Is the city my cell?

The bang that those huge doors made when we entered the city was a definite warning bell, that I was no longer in kansas baby and I had stepped into a new world. Not quite the land of Oz, a place way more dangerous and filled with people designed to fight and kill.

Its survival of the fitest - would I be up to scratch?

"She's clearly not very bright, I'd say she probably as stupid as she looks." That Viz Alpha shouts across the hall, leaning on a pillar while enjoying my stupidity, I grinded my teeth in annoyance, but said nothing.

This was a mind field for an Omega like myself. One wrong word and I could be in a world of pain, the rules of hierarchy could be brought down on me. These Alphas expect - Respect and loyalty and who am I? A mere flee to the power that they weild.

"Go easy on this one, she's a delicate little flower. Now... Paloma to answer your questions, firstly you are not a prisoner nor will you be. Precautions were made to get you here safely, unfortunately there were not the nicest but your here, your safe and that is what counts.

Second yes you can run - as you say but...

You can wait until after the summit and I will accompany you."

"But-" I try to get a word in but there no chance of that.

"Careful bunny, I might give you some liberties but I have no qualms about putting you across my knee and giving you a good spanking right here and now if you don't listen."

"Ah yes Alpha." I sheepishly reply, the heat on my cheeks is about as red as my ass would be after a good spanking.

Oh Godess why does that sound so bad and good at the same time, just not right here, and not right now.

The next minute my world turns on its head as he lifts me up throwing me over his shoulders, I yelp at the shock and the group of Alpha's rapturous laughter echoes through the large room.

"Later." Atreus says to them and tips his head in respect, then carries me out the room.

We are a few hundred meters away from the Barracks when he finally puts me down.

"So are you going to behave? Or do I need to discipline you." He asks with a smirk, this man is going to be the death of me.

A few hours later...
The conference was boring and heated at the same time. The same topic being spewed over and over with no solution or new evidence. Everyone was stuck in a rut, going over and over with no end in sight. Just imagine a room filled with Alpha males all wanting to assert their own dominance, the stench was so strong it would you knock you out.

It was kinda scary too, to see so many Alphas clearly rattled by this whole Beta killing spree. What was the reasoning behind it and once Atreus shared the fact that Nathaniel was a potential suspect, definitely someone of interest in the case, a huge uproar was had. I would have been shivering in my boots if it hadn't been for Quinn and the guys, who all sat by my side as we watched the men in power work.

If I already hadn't got this undeniable pull to Atreus it would have bloomed here and now!

Fact is I'm sat in a group of other young, here to observe and learn and the majority are all drooling over the man who can only be described as sex on legs. Even in this gear he looks like a sexy warrior commanding and powerful, my knees go week listening to the powerful bravato of his voice. To think those lips were on mine not so long ago, Godess I need to purchase a fan cause boy is it hot in here.

Even the female Alpha's are clearly affected by my man! Can I even call him that now? He did give me the title of his woman, so I'm going to take it. Go with the flow until I hit the dam or until it breaks.

How do I deal with the little jealous devil thats began to grow within me though, my man is surrounded by all this female attention. They are hanging off of his every word, like little groupies. Including the higher ups.

How can I compare to women like that with all their beauty and strength to match it up?

"Adjourned." The Alpha Elder Lester calls out and boy am I happy.

After another forty five minutes of observing nearly every woman swoon over Atreus, then there was the wanna be Alpha's with something to prove and a mixture of old and young all calling for his attention. I was still sat in the same chair I had the whole morning. My butt was sore, my mind was numb and my wolf was scowling for some freedom and to get some fresh air.

I had taken to counting the number of grooves in the cornicing of the ceiling. Infinitive would be my final answer because that's how it felt, infinite. Even my college buds had called an out on this, they left twenty minutes ago.

I just wanted to go for a run why couldn't he just let me?

"One minute." I could hear Atreus say and I quickly hopped up straightening myself out.

Why do I feel like a naughty school girl about to be taught a lesson by the headmaster?

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