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Chapter 26

His steps were like an accelerator to my heart, each one making it speed up a little more.

"You have been good bunny, so I will let you out of this cage." He says upon arrival.

I'm elated at those words, so is Oriel and hop up hugging tightly around his waist. "Thank you, thank you. Can we leave now?" I ask excitedly.

"You can love, but unfortunately I have to stick around a lot longer. I'm not sure how long this is going to take, I've spoken to the Elders and they are fine with you roaming the city. Maybe some of your friends will tag along.

There is a library on the North side of the City, Lunar Lupis Liber is engraved on the stonework above the entrance.

I thought you might like to explore there, when your finished your run. I'll be back at the barracks before nightfall and you can find me any time you like." Atreus replies then places a chaste kiss to my forehead while mind-linking me.

'Or link me if you need anything love.' I jump in response to the intrusion, I still can't get used to the power of his connection to me. Its mind boggling, literally!

Before I know it I'm out of the stuffy building and into the fresh smelling streets. Its rather a wonder, any city I have set foot in before was filled with pollution, smoke and all kinds of disgusting bodily odours from the humans that lived there.

This place is a complete contrast to that, even though the streets are cobbled and the buildings are stone, its got an abundance of vegetation growing through it. Trees line every street, flowers grow beaufully through the green areas its a beautiful melding of nature and stone.

I shift straight to my beautiful brown wolf, my other half - Oriel, right outside. Shredding through the clothes that I wore and dashing into the crowd.

Running for over an hour, I pass through crowded streets filled with vendors selling their goods. The smells of the mouth watering foods wafting from their doors and stalls.

Through streets filled with young bouncing about and playing chase. Past the old and the young, all in harmony and living in the open in a world that most wolves could only imagine. When I suddenly picked up a faint scent, one I hoped I was wrong about but needed to follow.

Oriel let out a howl in anger and began sniffing her way through the city following the smell as it grew stronger and more pungent as we travelled. If I was right if this was the person I thought it to be then I would have to let Atrues know as soon as possible. But I had to make sure first and I couldn’t stop for help incase I would loose track of them.

I've been tracking for fifteen minutes now and they've weaved through the streets like they knew me to be on their trail, or they were trying to hide and not be noticed. I can only hope its the latter as I do not want to end up in a trap.

I fucked up! I lost her scent...

I'm standing in a square bustling with people, ironically standing outside the Library Atreus mentioned only I'm in search of Caroline and not the books that line the shelves I had hoped to browse through.

I fucked up!

With all the other strong scents here I can't find hers anywhere.

I fucked up!

Even if I shift back to my human form, forgetting my modesty. Would they even care?

I mean nudity is all part of the game of being a werewolf! Ah!

To hell with it! My pitiful height would be of no help here anyways, I wouldn't be able to see past all these towering people, this is a nightmare!!

When I thought all was lost I finally seen her, there she stood, the harpy named Caroline all lether bound and looking fierce as per usual. I could slap that perfect face of hers. Oriel began to growl, our anger began to rage inside.

Why was she even here?

How did she enter the City?

I had two things to do and no time. Firstly contact Atreus, now that her identity is confirmed I needed back up and secondly I need to continue my surveillance of the whore.

'Atreus.' I called this was my first try I hope it works.

'Yes bunny what can I do for you, do you want a carrot. I hear bunny's love a good carrot.'

'Stop it Atreus!, this is serious.' I yelled out through the mind link.

'What is it love spill, I can feel your anxiety.' Atreus replies.

'I found Caroline, she's at the Library that you talked about. I don't have time to talk just get here and bring some backup.' I cut the link, I could feel his distress when I told him what I knew, but right now I don't have time to wait, this could be my only chance.

If she knows something about the serial killings she needs to be interrogated and that can't happen if she escapes.

Staying in my wolf form I climb the steps to the Lunar Lupis Liber and make my way through.

I see a shelf just past the door in a sidehall, set up with shift dresses, and a basket left for used ones. This place really has its self together. Back in human form I throw on the dress and run down the halls following the stench she left behind.

Godess forgive me but I hate this bitch!

Winding through corridors, then smaller halls as I make my way through the maze that is this building. I have gone down one flight of stairs then up three.

When I just make the last step of the stairwell I peek around the corner to see her sauntering down the aisle like she knows where she is going and has been there before.

One deep breath - breathe...
Two deep breaths - breathe...
You can do this!!

I pep myself up ready for the confrontation.

Finally I take that last step and turn down the hallway... Only to be met by a large group of high ranked wolves, their aura making it known I am the lesser to their superiority. I lower my head in submission, an ugly side effect to my status.

"So should I add breaking and entering to your list of misdemeanours Miss Paloma, this is a restricted area. Or - maybe I should have you thrown in the dungeons where you belong?"

Lost for words and shocked to have run into the Paramount of all people, I mumble.

"Ah, um, I- I didn't mean too, I was just following a scent."

An older Male Elder stomps down the corridor barging through the group knocking people for six. Stepping aside as quick as possible I let him pass.

Wow this guys in a mood!

I notice how he doesn't even acknowledge the Paramount, neither does she recognise him. That's one for the books, whomever he maybe he's got some power and a large set of balls to match. I mean this moody Paramount wench is somebody you do not mess around with, yet he gives her no face. Ha! Sweet!

"Oh is that what you call it now, do you know how long I have been in this position, do you think I have not heard this excuse before? Can you at least, come up with a more convincing story than that." She vehemently spits out.

"B-but its true, I was. I was following Caroline, the She-Wolf who-" interrupted by the Paramount, I can't even finish my sentence.

"That will be enough from you today, take yourself back to the main Library before I have you in chains again." She viscously says and stomps away in the other direction.

What do I do now?

If I follow Caroline will the Paramount know.

Of course she will!! and then I will be locked up before nightfall right where she wants me.

A quick look down both corridors and I notice a crumpled piece of paper that is lying on the pristine tiled floors.

Did the paramount drop that? Maybe one of her minions. I run over and grab it just as I turn to make my way down the stairs Atreus grabs me by the shoulders.

"Where is she?" He asks.

"She went that way, I can't follow I've been told off! Ha, but you can." Pointing in the direction of Caroline's disappearance, thank goodness he showed up now. The thought of her escaping would send me into a rage and I definitely would end up in that dungeon, the wench was talking about.

"OK love you make your way down to the library, I will meet you there shortly." Then off he trots all venom and authority, about six burley Bellator Warriors following him.

Holding the crumpled paper in my trembling hand, I only now notice how effected I was by the situation. The adrenaline had run its course and I was now back to myself.

After reaching the main athenaeum, I slumped into a nice brown leather wingback chair. Relaxing out the tension I had built up I finally opened up the paper.

It was old, ancient even. I could see the fibers and grain woven together to make this. It looked to be torn out from an old book or text. The words were written in a foreign language but the more I looked they seemed to resonate with me and for some bizarre reason I felt I knew what it said.

It went something like this...

*May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on...
To bring luck, strength, riches and happiness
The fight will be won, for there can only be one wandering soul.*

What does that mean? And why do I feel like this is about me.

A wandering soul?

I'm pondering away at this, maybe it's nothing but maybe it is something I need to look into. Seems too close to home to be nothing.
'Paloma.' Atreus mind-links me.

'Yes Alpha, have you found her yet." I reply. I'm not sure why but the need to call him by his title suddenly hit me.

Whats that about?

'Yes we found her, but there is a problem.' He says and cuts me off and out completely, like- I cannot reach him whatsoever.

What the heck!!


*An old Irish blessing slightly edited;)

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