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Chapter 28

"Did he just say that?" I whisper yelled! Gulping down a lump of air with shock.

Was it even true? Somehow I felt it was.

This is crazy! My head shook in denial still struggling with believing this

"Babe is what he said true!" Quinn grabs my arm and asks.

I'm shaking my head. " I-I dont- I'm not sure, I mean it would make how I was feeling more..."

"More what?" Quinn anxiously asks.

"I don't know - more real, it would make more sense. This connection we have!" I looked at her questioning my own words and thoughts, almost panicked.

Is it real?

I hadn't dared to even think such a thought!

The crowd was surging, their anger fueled by Caroline's audacity. They are about to get out of control, many were staring at me but most were jeering at Caroline.

Through it all, I stood frozen my eyes turned and locked on Atreus. Caroline's pleas to him were falling on deaf ears. When I looked into his eyes I could feel the love, unbound...

'Its the truth love! Can't you feel it?'

Like the world stopped or more accurately time stopped but just for me and Atreus. We were caught in each others hold not physically but spiritually.

I knew it to be right.

'Yes.' I replied and shed a tear.

The words were fact and solidified their veracity, though somehow someone or something was and has blocking it. Jarring the signal between us.

I had thought this connection was wrong, my worth and my honour felt tainted because of the connection between us. I Denied it's existence, halted the growth because- I thought it was false. Or so I had believed it to be and now... the truth is revealed, the beautiful fucking truth!

My mate!

He is mine! All mine!

It was as if the world had turned into a blur about us. The only thing in focus was the face of the other part of me... Atreus.

"Mine." I dared to whisper.

"Mine." He fervently yelled as his eyes swelled, glistening from unshed tears of joy.

Stepping forward the crowd parted Atreus jumped from the stage and we met for the first time as Mates.

Not my Alpha.

Not my friend.

The man who I was fated to.

Reaching out his strong arm, he placed his hand on the side of my face gripping my neck. His touch brushed the place where my butterfly mark was. Sparks flew from that spot, like an eruption from a volcano and spread like wild fire through my body.

It was the first time I embraced this new reality, that we both did and still I knew something was blocking our full bond, I could feel it now that I accepted the truth.

There was a block, but here and now none of that mattered. What did was the man that held me in his arms.

He pulled me into those strong arms and claimed my lips with his own. It was intense his need to claim me, to let me know that I was his and he devoured my mouth. His tongue entering possessively, dancing with mine. Leading me to him, igniting our connection the soft velvet of his tongue making me crave for more.

He could strip me bare right here and I wouldn't refuse. I am lost in him, I would give him all of me. For now, I know that- I am his, as he is mine and this, was more than I ever thought I could have.

My core burned for him, as did my body.

I could feel his hold on me tightening, his fingers running through my hair. I purred in his hold and he responded with a deep grity growl.

Each sweep of is tongue sending more pleasure than I had ever experienced. But it wasn't just that, I could feel the love. The sincerity, the need for more and the desire to protect.

I wanted him to know I felt the same, that I would give him my all. In this life and beyond this, so I kissed him harder binding myself to him. Hoping that he could feel all of it and more... The promise of a life together, a future, if he would have me.

'Your already mine, and I won't let you go.' He said through our bond and placed his lips on my forehead holding me there for a long possessive kiss.'

"Everyone's waiting." I whispered, I wanted to stay with him in this moment forever. To never let him go but he is an Alpha, its in his nature to lead, I will never ask him to compromise that.

"They can wait." He said and kissed me again.

"Ahem! Guys amazing an all that this new revelation is... We have a room full of angry Alphas about to tear apart the only witness or lead we have. So- maybe save that for later?" I thought for sure it was going to be faced with Quinn. Her voice was the one that broke us apart but there stood the man who had ignored the Paramount in the library.

"Elder Tsuki." Atreus stood to attention though keeping me in a possessive hold, he smiled a look of affection almost. Tsuki returned in kind the look.

"Ah to be young again." He mused and carried himself to the stage. He was the type to hold the attention of the room the moment he entered.

He was an elder but looked more like a man in his late forties in human years though he could be five hundred a thousand or more with werewolf genes we are lucky to have not just been gifted the ability to shift but we were granted very long lives. Those of us lucky enough to find our other half have been known to have their lives extended even further.

His long white flowing hair combined with olive skin and emerald green phoenix eyes was ethereal. He was a beautiful silver fox with a smile that I am sure had many She-Wolves falling at his knees. Not to mention the six foot two height and ripped body, which would easily be mistaken for a man in his twenties.

This man intrigued me.

Quinn winked and hopped her eyebrows for a little emphasis.

We both laughed and I let my grip on my man free. "Go." I said with a smile. " I'll be waiting." I wanted to say my love, and my cheeks blossomed with the idea but let it go for now. There is time, plenty of time.

'The rest of our lives.' He mindlinked me and briefly turned back sending a cheeky smile my way.

"You deserve this." Quinn softly says while standing behind me and wrapping her her arms round me.

In all the chaos I can't believe my luck, if everything in my life has lead me to here even the bad things and now... it's worth it!! And knowing I'm not wasting my time on Atreus is all I could have ever dreamed. I hadn't dared to hope for more, now I am bursting at the seems.

"ORDER!" A commanding male voice bellows and I look to see Elder Tsuki taking control of the room. People quiet down and take their seats again and peace is restored to the chaotic room.

He walks to the back of the stage, taking seat in one of the two central chairs. Quinn grabs me and pulls me to two seats that were left unoccupied and we sit in wait. Next minute I'm surrounded by my crew, my Alpha buddies giving me pats on the back and congratulations.

"Well done bitch!! I always knew there was something special about you. That's one dam fine man you bagged there." Levi says and winks, we all start giggling.

Doors slam open and in comes the Paramount all show, with her head held high and her arrogance on display. She prances down the isle like an ugly Gazelle on the runway.

Her hauty dominance only making me want to gag, I can't get my head around this woman. Most elders are beloved and portray knowledge and benevolence.

They are usually given the position because of this, so that they can educate and judge the community fairly and justly. This woman gives off none of these attributes, all I can sense from her is hatred and a darkness. My body shivers just looking at her, I swiftly turn in my chair and return my gaze to the stage, hoping she hadn't noticed my presence, but I should have known better.

"I hear you are the one responsible for this uproar." Venom complete and utter venom spat out from the Paramount.

"If your talking about me leading Alpha Atreus to capture the wanted criminal. Then yes I am the culprit, and proud of it too!" I answer her calmly.

"Climbing up the ranks, doesn't mean you get to stay. A good push and you will be back where you belong." More tripe comes tumbling out her mouth but the more I look at her I'm more convinced she should never been put in the position she holds. There is something almost week about her, even though her aura is strong.

It's off! - Rotten...

"Oh! Is that so, well thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind." Yes definitely when I'm waiting for you to stab me in the back!

"Cretin." She said to herself and walked away.

I am determined to pay her no mind, people like her aren't worth my time, I just shook my head struggling to figure out how she got in the position she did.

More people came shuffling in one after the other and I soon realised it was the ruling council.

Thankfully the crowd had simmered down and I could get a look at Caroline, chained and seated

She was still pleading to Atreus, her screeching and wailing became pathetic.

Where was the bad bitch now? Ha!

I am not one to gloat but this was a satisfactory outcome for me. Her fake ass revealed to the world, her superior persona in shreds, she just looked pathetic and evil to me.

Probably most would agree because messing with the sacred bond between mates is not only frowned upon but forbidden. Then it hit me...

What a fool she is!

She's lost everything, for what! She's clearly not in love with Atreus, she was fucking Nathaniel. You don't do that shit if your head over heels in love with someone.

What does she get out of this?

The council have taken their seats now and the tension in the room is strained.

"WE WANT ANSWERS!" Somebody from the audience heckled.

Atreus took a side seat and left it to them to deal with Caroline, observing as we all did. It was rather fun to see the Paramount a little on edge, I wonder whats got to her. Though after ten minutes I figured our Elder Tsuki and her are definite rivals.

High five to Tsuki for identifying a snake!

Caroline had been, questioned and interrogated and still she wouldn't give in or feed us an information, it was getting exhausting just watching at this pont.

"We seem to have reached an impasse, so for today we will finish here. I believe it is time for the Veritas Night spell, I will organise a witch to come to create and enact the spell. Thank you all and good evening..." Elder Tsuki says and goes to leave but before he could even put his jacket on the Paramount is butting in.

"Elder Tsuki, this makes no sense. Everyone gathered wants answers as soon as possible. As you well know I have a witch on call she could create and have the spell cast by tonight. Anwers would be ready for tomorrow morning. So... without further ado, good evening everyone and thank you for your patience." She then disappears faster than a cold drink on a hot day.

I take a quick look at Atreus and watch as he and Tsuki share a strained look. My head jolts over and back searching the two for answers.

Why do I feel nervous all if a sudden?...

Author's Note:

Just want to give a shout out to all you guys who read and comment every update, you are the best ❤❤❤ I love to read them and see what your thinking about the story so far. Thank you, I'm delighted I can capture your imagination. :)

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