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Chapter 29.

The meeting room was emptying out and myself, Quinn and the gang went outside to get some fresh air and relieve the tension in my weary bones. I hadn’t even noticed how much my body was aching and I could feel that burning grow again.

Now that everything has been revealed about Atreus, I really do think this is the start of a heat cycle. It just still feels kinda awkward to go through this now. We are only starting out and I don’t want to make Atreus feel pressured into mating with me.

Actually, thinking about it… Atreus did say he would help and the fact he is my mate now means we could have the guardian’s extract his hormones and create a salve for me. Though going through the process, the old-fashioned way, ahem, would be much more satisfactory. I mean I am struggling to hold myself back when it comes to him.

Whether it was the heat or our bond driving us earlier, I wouldn’t have refused him and that’s kind of crazy! Like I’m not an exhibitionist on the contrary I would be more on the conservative side, though being a werewolves our conservative is a lot more like an exhibitionist to be honest. Ha! Seeing that we frequently walk about naked it comes with the shifting and all.

This has been one of the more confusing days in my life, truthfully. The muscles in my cheeks are sore from smiling, I can’t contain my happiness. To be given a gift of a mate like Atreus is out of this world amazing!! Even when I tried to contain my joy the smile kept breaking free.

I feel like a mad woman!

Madly in love!!

Daydreaming of all the happy things that me and Atreus can get up to, in the future, I’m not even paying heed to the others.

“Rude!” Levi grumbles and smacks my butt. I scream on impact and everyone lets out a laugh.

“Hey that was sore!” I protest and smack his arm in a friendly revolt.

“So are you going to tell me what’s going on between yourself and George or are we all going to have to put up with the awkward tension that’s been building up.” I ask and shake my head at my two good friends. They are madly in love but boy do they also love to fight!

“Well you see Levi over here- keeps stealing all my clean underwear and then... leaving me with none! So, I am pissed off at the little shit!” George says in a gruff voice, and pouts like a toddler, these two are a hilarious couple but full of love.

We all burst out laughing. “I think you’re the only one who would describe Levi as little, I mean he is built like a tank.” I interjected.

“Lucky for him, he at least has some good attributes.” George scoffs and again we all laugh.

Goddess I missed this!

“You should be like myself and Lilly, we don’t bother with any underwear saves any arguments in the future, easier access too.” Mia says and winks, now tears run down my face at the cheeky comments.

“What’s that! Easy access to what?” Atreus says his deep voice startles me and the laughter overflows, I’m creased up with all the inuendo’s going round, no wonder I enjoyed the years we spent together in college.

“Oh, just the couples here talking about their underwear or lack thereof!” Quinn replies and I purse my lips holding down the smile that is begging to escape.

“Well then I think that’s our queue to leave.” Atreus says and grabs me into a possessive hold, pulling me away from the group of misfits.

“Mine.” He whispers in my ears, wrapping his arms about me, my back to his stomach. The implication of the word plus the sensation of his breath on my skin, sends electric sparks down my body right to the core of my womanhood. I purse my lips even more clenching down on my core. My eyes become hooded through it all. I almost moaned because of the fire that he has lit in me.

“Yeah, I think you might be right.” I say all breathy and find myself moist. “Catch you later guys.” I manage squeak out, before being whisked away by my man.

“Shall we shift, we need to talk, we will reach the Barracks quicker that way. You up for that?” Atreus asks me with a smirk and just as I nod, he wraps me in his arms lifting me up bridal style and carries me outside.

“Whoop Whoop!!” I can hear my friends cheer us on and look back to see them all with big grins on their faces, Quinn even blows me a kiss and two thumbs up.

“You’ve got some good friends there.” Atreus says and smiles down at me. “But now its time for just you and me.” He continues and unrestrainedly kisses me, while carrying me down the steps outside the building.

We shift, our clothes left by the wayside. I’ve never felt so urgent to shift in my life and we pad down our paws on the cobblestones, running through the crowd like two pups playing chase. Weaving in and out through the crowds, his large black wolf towering over my brown one, until we arrive back at Bellator Headquarters.

‘Go straight to our room.’ Atreus mind-links me, and I howl in agreement.

I’m let go first up the stairs, running like the wind, I can feel Atreus protectiveness as he runs behind me, making sure I haven’t clumsily fallen and tumbled down the stairs, par for the course with me!

Gods he knows me so well already!!

I am one lucky woman!

We both shift back to our human bodies, Atreus has the door open so quick I didn’t even see how he did it, I am too distracted by that godly body that he has on display. Watching as he steps through the door and each muscle movement on his taut body driving me more and more over the edge and my skin feels inflamed, the burning of the heat cycle is blossoming, pulsing through my body right from my core and womb.

“Get in here woman, before I take you out in that hallway for all to see!” Atreus says heatedly, I can only think this cycle is contagious as it has infected us both and I step through the door with one thing on my mind.


He pulls me into his arms, in the little living room that’s in the apartment and looks deep into my eyes, connecting our souls to each other. I’m breathless from this overpowering feeling I can’t even remember how I felt for Nathaniel because it pales compared to how I feel here and right now. I know this for a fact there is no way in hell that I could have waited with this man, not like I did with Nathaniel.

Right this minute I feel like I will die if he suggests waiting like Nathaniel did, I just couldn’t bare it!!

Sweeping my hair out of my eyes, he grabs hold of my face with both his hands.

“Do you want this?” he questions me, I could see his eyes filled with a tumbling of emotions, lust, desire, even fear.

“There is no doubt in my mind, I want you and I want this.” I reply fervently, his lust filled eyes dilate with my words.

“Thank the Goddess for that!!” he laughs and sweeps his tongue into my mouth possessively demanding ownership of it with each stroke of our joined lips, his grip on me tightens as one hand travels down my neck and behind my head. Slipping his fingers through my hair as the other sweeps over my shoulder and down my waist, then behind my back pulling me in tighter.

“Goddess Paloma I have needed this for so long, my cock has been crying out for your attention, ever since you walked into my life.”

Our Goddess given bodies skin to skin, I can feel all of him including a rising member that is solid and raging pushing against my stomach. I am not sure I should be extremly happy at its enormity or terrified, ahem... ha!

“You know from the very first sight of you, I felt this crazy bond between us, why do you think I took a bite out your ear. I could’t hold my beast back, he wants you as much as I do!!” Atreus confessed and a tear of joy spilled out of my eyes.

This is all I ever wanted and it’s all packaged up in a fine meaty Alpha, that I feel I should be worshiping for the rest of my life.

“Atreus, I don’t know how to describe how I am feeling right now... Even on the first day I felt it too! but with that man, who pretended to be my mate in this life... I refused to believe there was something in the feelings that instantly grew on our meeting. I- I even hated myself for what I thought was a betrayal of a sacred bond between two…

Thank you.” I said, struggling to get the words out, my emotions getting the better of me. It hurt that someone could come between us like that, and Atreus revelation made everything I had experienced and felt honest and true, not a dirty thought from someone already taken.

“There is no need to thank me, if we are going down that line, then thank you for coming into my life and giving me this bond between us. I never thought I would be able to feel this way again and you have gifted me this beautiful reality.”

That was the giving point and I had succumbed to this bond of ours, he began to walk backwards holding me in his arms as I walked backwards with him, our lips still connected and devouring each other.

Atreus started feathering kisses down my neck, we couldn’t hold back anymore. I need him just as he needs me... body and soul!

He stepped forward a little more every second the urgency to get to our bedroom was through the roof. I kept stepping backwards with him until my leg caught on something and I began tumbling backwards over an ottoman, landing on the sofa that sat in the middle of the room. Our lips broke apart and we laughed at the clumsiness.

That was until those plump lips of his that were made for kissing caught my attention again, I jumped on them grabbing his bottom lip between my teeth and biting. My own possevive show for him.

I greedily began to caress my hands across his chest and abs, lower and lower until I held his girth in my wanton hands. The tip was moist, a drop of precum sat on the eye. Dipping my finger onto the seed, I brought it to my mouth and I sucked it off my digit.

"Damn woman." Atreus growled. "Your killing me here, be careful or I am going to take you here and now." He protested.

His thickness dwarfed my little fingers and I couldn't even reach the full way around. I looked down. "Still taking greedy looks." He smirks at me with pride and ardour.

when I felt his hand graze down my waist he grabbed my thigh and pushed it to the side opening me up for him.

His fingers were on my clit in the blink of an eye, with a gasp I arched forward when he gripped it and pinched it between his two digits rubbing the bud of nerves sending my body into a state of euphoria.

I continued my ministrations on his dagger of love, while his fingers swept across my labia and finally diving into my core, again my back arched with the intrusion while he thrust his fingers in and out, his thumb kept rubbing against my clit, sending pulses of sensations through me. Then he began adding another finger when my body was ready. We were both burning with desire our bodies rubbing and thrusting through the high.

His kisses were everywhere, from my face, feathered down to my kneck and finally he latched onto my breast. Holding me fast and thrusting deep building me up higher and higher until we both came, breathless and wanting more.

"Love.. I want to mark you as my own" he huskily said and grazed his canines across my neck and shoulder where my mates mark should lie. "Will you give yourself to me?" He questioned and I accepted with a breathy 'yes'.

He stood up pulling me into his arms amorously, once again then stalked straight to the bedroom, throwing me on the bed.

As I lay there, him towering above me. I could hardly believe that this was real, he was my mate and there was no hesitation.

We were becoming one tonight...

The night we realised we are mates...

The way it was always ment to be!!

"I Atreus, Alpha to the Dark Orb of Knights accept you... Paloma." He said as he began to crawl onto the bed...

"To be my Mate..." he hovers above me, as he spreads my knees with his strong thighs...

"To be my Luna..." he lowers himself, our bodies collide and he thrusts forward, rubbing his thick cock against my aching clit...

"To be my love.." he says while taking my mouth over in lust and love, then making his way down to the crook of my neck... "

"For now until forever, by the will of the Goddess..." then extends his canines and bites down, marking me as his.

His thick member brushed my clit again and then sat at the entrance of my womanhood. As the sparks grew from my mark he thrust deeply, entering me for the first time, I moaned loudly with the pleasure of our joining.

He held me fast. "You ok love." He asked, taking my hands in his own. I replied with a thrust of my own, causing him to grunt in pleasure.

'Never been better.' I mind-linked him, his lips smothered mine and he began thrusting again our bodies and souls becoming one in a dance that has been done since the beginning of time.

Atreus pulled my legs above his shoulders, going deeper and hitting my cervix, the slapping sounds of our colliding bodies filling the room along with moans and grunts.

My body and mind was experiencing a moment of extreme pleasure, a spiritual awakening. Each thrust sending us deeper and deeper until we came undone in each others embrace.

"Goddess Paloma, I love you." He said with such heart that my own almost doubled with love for him.

"I love you too, my Alpha." I said and kissed him softly with my swollen, well kissed lips.

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