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Chapter 31

It is difficult to explain how I felt after learning the Paramount is comfortable using witches who dabble in death magic… This is so far beyond the scope of anything I could have come up with.

Its shady as fuck!

My body almost felt like it was crawling with insects just thinking about it! …

I have watched countless scary movies and read lots of spooky books but the one thing they had in common was they were fiction. Anything that even claimed to be a real story or based on true events I would steer clear of. The dark side of magic is bad and brings bad omens with it. You don’t mess with that shit, or you’re asking for trouble.

And yet, it was like a box had been ticked for the Paramount. From the moment I have been unfortunate enough to meet her, she has always had that foreboding aura around her. It scares me to know that people use those dark methods to dabble with magic for their own purposes and I really don’t think they were used for the betterment of the rest of us.

After having a long shower together filled with passion, Atreus had gone to get dressed and I was frozen staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Almost two years I have waited for a completed mark and my emotions overwhelmed me when I stopped to look at my reflection.

This time I wasn’t going to cry though, I was happy. Happy beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Even as my eyes welled up, I held them back and laughed with pure joy. There on my right shoulder sat the mark that Atreus fortified our bond with.

It is a beautiful melding of his mark with my own. The white marking of a moonflower that previously sat on my shoulder has become something more, the star shaped center had become silver, and it is wrapped around a crescent silver moon, with Atreus name cut into the moon while my name is intwined in the flower and the mark stood out from the rest. I had never seen one quite like it before but then again, the markings that where already there are different from anything I have seen before as well.

“It hasn’t faded!” I commented.

Running my fingers over each line. I was so full of happiness seeing the completed Mates mark and mesmerized at the fact that it had gone from the bite marks and was replaced by the dark marking on my skin. It had transformed beyond anything Nathaniel had put on me and changed into the completed mark coupled with the depth of it and the reality there was no sign of fading was so heartwarming and validated our true Mates bond.

“It is beautiful” Atreus said, and I smiled up at his refection in the mirror. Only now noticing his arrival into the bathroom.

“It is…” I said holding back the tears. I was a basket full of emotions, running my fingers over the lines of the marking.

He turned me around and took my face in his hands. “Not as beautiful as you though.” He said and bent down softly brushing his lips with mine, in a chaste kiss that was filled with the intent to let me know how much all this means to him. He then wrapped me in his arms and held me there for a time.

“I am going to return to the conference hall today. I think it best you remain here, or head back to the library. I don’t think you had a chance to check it out yesterday. And now that you are my Luna you have extended privileges giving you access to the restricted area that holds the more ancient texts.” He said as he smiled down at me.

“Wow there are ancient texts I can have a look at. Me? Seriously?” I questioned excitedly and raised a brow struggling to believe that I would be given such a privilege, and he laughed jovially at me.

“I will remember this for the future, must get ancient scrolls to keep the Missis happy.” He laughed again.

“Hey, wait a minute I am only thinking now, what about Caroline and that whole fiasco. I want to know the outcome of that. And are you trying to blow me off on our first official day as Mates?” Ok! I let a little of the crazy out there! I guess I’m a little insecure after my previous experience.

“No, nothing like that. Today will be a very long day filled with a serious amount of debating. Just like yesterday and I just thought that after last night you might like a little rest and recuperation.” He said with a smirk and winked down at me.

“And as well as that, this is the darker side of being in charge. Caroline will be punished, hopefully we will be able to extract more information about the perpetrators of the killings from her. But there is a lot more to be discussed also. And that side should be known as the boring tedious side of ruling.” he laughed after explaining and I had to agree. I would hate to be stuck in that testosterone filled room for a whole day, I would hate every second of it.

After an extended goodbye, I got dressed in a pair of white cotton loose trousers, flat strappy sandals and a white halter cropped vest top. Atreus mark on display, I want to show the world. This is my pride, and I am going to wear it as such.

Funnily enough the clothes were in the closet when I went to get dressed this morning. I guess the Bellator really look after their guests. Even picking out their clothing. It is a lot more feminine than what I had to wear yesterday, and I liked it, very much so.

I now lay on the sofa unable to force myself to move yet. Remembering all our activities from the night before, even this sofa now held memories of out intimacy, I blushed just thinking about it until I was startled with a loud banging on the door. A muffled male voice could be heard coming from the other side. “Open up now.” They demanded, my heart dropped to my stomach with worry, what could it be now?

I raced to the door and pulled it open only to be tackled down to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Who on earth?

“Aah” I screamed in shock and fear, the hard floor impacting my back and my heart almost leapt out of me. That was until I realized that familiar scent that was encasing me.

“Quinn get off me, you brat!” I yelled both annoyed and relieved at the same time.

“No no, mama wanna check out this mark.” She said and pinned me to the ground until she screamed in delight. “Oh, my gawd you lucky girl.” She jested and stood up from the floor leaving me there lying on the ground looking up at her- Mia and George. My cheeks instantly burned up, thankfully she held her hand out and pulled me up from my unfortunate position.

“We want to hear all the details!!” Mia screamed and then both her and Quinn dragged me to the sofa, surrounding me while George hops over the back of the sofa and I the squeal at their antics.

“Spill…” George demands, and they all sit there staring at me like I am the latest Tv Soap opera, ugh! “mmm spill girl.”

“Can’t a girl have any privacy?” I complained though they knew well, I was just playing with them.

“We are waiting…” Quinn said sternly and I laughed at them all.

“Ok where do you want me to start?” I asked and they all looked at each other and then to me.

“At the beginning of course, Bitch!” George squealed; he is such a whore for drama!

“Ok ok, I said…” I told them all that happened between myself and Atreus. Leaving out a thing or two that was just for me and him. Don’t get me wrong I am not hiding things or ashamed about anything, but somethings should be kept between the couple it was only for us and I wanted to keep it that way.

We chatted for hours; I finally came clean about Nathaniel to them as well. Telling the full extent of what went down between us. It was necessary and gave me closure on a horrible part of my life. Even though if it hadn’t been for Nathaniel, I might never have met Atreus, maybe you have to experience the bad before you can appreciate the good in life. Who truly knows? I am going to see it that way and a least what happened can be chalked down to that.

At twelve noon we headed down to the food hall, hungry and all talked out. George and Mia are meeting up with their other halves after we are done, and I decided to take Atreus offer up and head to the library. I can’t wait to see the restricted area. I swear even the mention of it, and I feel like a little kid in a candy shop, my stomach is full of butterflies.

On a more serious note, though, I hope that I might find some information to do with my markings. The Paramount has called it the mark of the Goddess, so I at least have a reference to go with. Otherwise, it would probably like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I waved off George and Mia and then turned to Quinn. “What’s up babe?” I ask wondering why she hasn’t gone with the others. Putting a hand on each of my shoulders she looked deep into my eyes. “I’m sorry Paloma.” She said with a tear in her eye, my heart felt wretched at this. This woman is strong and beautiful and in all the years I have known her I have never seen her like this.

“W-what are you sorry about babe?” I questioned, right now my heart was in my mouth, what could bring my best friend to this.

“I failed you.” She said devastated. “I should have known about that bastard, I always felt something wasn’t quite right about him. It’s my fault, you could have never experienced the shit he did, if I had realized sooner what a scumbag he was.”

“Don’t Quinn, please.” I pleaded with her and turned away struggling to hold my composure. That bastard had not only fucked with me, but he has also put guilty feelings on the people I care about most. My friends, the people I call my family. “What happened is the past now, truthfully I am lucky. Look at me now! I am mated to…” I gulped down and my eyes welled with tears, looking to the sky, trying my best not to crumble.

“Atreus…” I said on a whispered breath as one stray tear escaped my overflowing eyes. I turned back to Quinn.

“Please Quinn, for me don’t blame yourself. How do you think I feel? I was so intimately involved with the man and couldn’t see a thing until it was too late.” I feel bile rise in my throat as the memories of my past began to flash before me.

“There is so much more to this than we can see right now. He was able to fool not only me but Atreus as well. Think about it Quinn. You and I know the power that Atreus holds, he is no average Alpha and Nathaniel or whatever the hell his name is, was able to fool him, he was able to fool us all.”

“But-“ Quinn tried to go on but I just wouldn’t let her. No more time would be spent on that man, on the shit that he caused.

“No Quinn, enough now!! Ok!!” I said and she nodded, it was funny… me an omega bossing around an Alpha, and I smiled up at her when I realized what I had just done and how she had accepted it without a bit of argument. Maybe it was just our friendship, though I somehow felt a little stronger and more determined than I usually would be. Maybe it could be Atreus mark on me his strength melding with my own, one can only hope.

How good that would be?

“Is it just me or do you suddenly seem a little bossier! Lady Luna.” Quinn probed looking at me with a sassy raised eyebrow and then we both laughed neutralizing the tension. She grabbed my arm as we walked down the barracks steps.

“Where you off to?” she inquired, playfully with a smirk. I was grateful to her for letting it go, as I had.

“You should know me by now.” I smirked at her and we continued walking arm in arm.

“Let me guess, a school, a museum, no wait a minute…. A bookstore?” She guessed.

“Ha, close but no cigar…” I reply and leave her hanging knowing full well this will drive her crazy.

“Come on Bunny, this is like eye spy all over again and you know how much I hated that game!” She huffed in annoyance and shook my arm pleading with me. While I reminisced about our youth and winding her up with said game. I smile up at her then and we both laugh.

“The Library.” I finally said.

“Of course! I should have known all along. So, what are we looking for there?” She inquires with a knowing look.

“Don’t tell me it’s for leisure purposes because I’m not stupid. There is no way any newly mated wolf will willingly spend time away from their other half unless they have good reason.” Quinn stated smugly and I couldn’t refute her. She was right! I would have spent a week in boring meetings just to be close to Atreus now that the bond has been forged.

“Well… Seemingly there is a restricted section in the library that I am now eligible to enter because I am now a- a Luna. Ha.” I laughed after saying it for the first time to someone else.

“Goddess Quinn… I am a Luna, how crazy is this?”

“It’s not crazy babe, it- is your destiny. I have always felt like there is something more in you. Even after the years of being friends, training together. The weakness I should feel from you because of your status was never there, like you have something hidden inside waiting to come out at any minute. Maybe this is it. After all you an omega with all your best friends being Alpha’s is rather unusual, it is like we are naturally drawn to you. You have even managed to bag the most eligible Alpha in the whole nation. Possibly in the world!!” Quinn pondered like lost pieces of a puzzle were finally being put in place. And I could agree with her reasoning to a point. She definitely seems like she has something…

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