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Chapter 34

I am a mess!

I stumbled on shaky legs across the room to a sofa that sat off center to the right. Slumping my body down on the brown leather and lay my head back on the soft cushion.

What just happened?

It almost seems like a dream or a figment of my imagination. Maybe that dizzy spell I had before I set foot inside here has sent me into a delirious state?

‘You know that’s not true; you’re just struggling with all this new information.’ Oriel speaks to me for the first time in I don’t know how long.

‘Oh, you speak now, where have you been. You have been so quiet, at one point I thought I had lost you!’ I scold Oriel, it’s been too long since we communicated like this.

‘I am truly sorry Paloma, everything with Nathaniel has hit me hard. You know how much I bonded with him and his wolf. I felt the loss to such a great extent that I didn’t even have the power left in me to communicate with you.’ I can feel her sorrow and pain surface since she spoke, and I am kind of pissed at her even more now.

‘Oriel please don’t mourn him; he is not worth it. We have our mate now. We have even been marked and mated. That’s more than Nathaniel ever gave to us. You should be content after all Atreus’ Wolf is so much more powerful than Nathaniel, he is like an insect in comparison. Doesn’t it make you happy to have a stronger mate? One who loves us? One who protects us?’

‘Paloma, I know you have a mate now and I am so happy for you. I also know that what Nathaniel has done to us is wrong, It’s so fucking wrong. I just can’t help how I feel, and I know that it’s not fair to you, but I cannot stop these feelings. It is why I have kept quiet all this time.’

‘You just said that you didn’t have the power- was that a lie? Did you just choose not to communicate with me?’ instantly I could feel her remorse and I knew that this was fact. An ache grew inside me from the brewing hurt she is causing me, how could she abandon me like that?

‘That is bullshit Oriel, we are one. You should have confided in me; you are my other half. I feel all the things you do. Even the crap about Nathaniel. Yes, I have moved on with a better man, a better wolf as well but I would never dismiss your feelings as nothing because I feel them too! No matter what it still hurts what Nathaniel did, but I don’t believe him to be our mate now. Can’t you feel the bond between Atreus Wolf and you?’

‘It is different with Atreus than Nathaniel, I feel the connection you both have, and I know that you are mates I can feel it. I knew it from the start when we first met him that your connection was more than just an Alpha and a new pack member. But… I didn’t know what it was, now I do!’

‘It is in the past, if we are to move on then we should forget about Nathaniel. He was a liar, you know Caroline has created a fake bond with Atreus, I really believe that is what Nathaniel had done to us!’ Silence that is all I get back from her.

What the heck is going on with her? With us?

This is what Nathaniel has brought me, as the pain grows from within due to Oriels behavior it develops into a simmering rage.

I am full of anger, rage!

Why can’t she see?

Logic tells me that he is no good. That we have come to an end but for Oriel it is obviously different. Her remorse is evident, its just difficult to deal with. If we put all these things in a box and say this is what it is, does it make the feelings disappear. Does it help us deal with the loss?

In the end it just takes time and I guess that is what I will have to give her. Tears moisten my rosy cheeks, but I don’t allow myself to indulge in this pity party. I cry for her and what she feels she has lost, though I am not sorry myself.

Isn’t that a bit of a mind bender, but anyways it is what it is! Now I need to move on as does she.

I pull my thoughts away from that and back to the events of this afternoon. Oriel has given me the driving seat in both forms until she can come to terms with our new situation. I didn’t fight her on it.

Though it maybe rather selfish of me, but I can’t be dealing with all that when I have much more important things to deal with... in other words me being the so-called Vagus Luna, blood of Gaizka. The Keepers, my markings, the ceremony to remove the marking and to top it all off the Paramount! Who now is confirmed by these nine maidens that she I shady as fuck!

Honestly…. I can’t help but resent Oriel a little for her inadequacy at this minute. She should be the one that I should be able to rely on the most and yet she is abandoning me in my hour of need.




A thud brings me to alert, it sounded like a book being closed with force and I shot to me feet, to see if someone had joined me in here. Looking around the large doors where still shut and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I scanned the room again, looking at the table I had been studying at all day, noticing the largest book that still sat on the stand was now closed.

Did I close that?

I was sure I had left everything open on the pages of interest. Strange!

Looking around again to search for any others present, I took a walk about the large room checking that nobody was behind a shelf or hiding behind something I didn’t notice. The Keepers had mentioned someone was coming, maybe Atreus is messing with me now?

As I walk to the far edge of the room, I hear another thud coming from the same direction and run back to see, who it is, that is playing with me.

Still no sight or sign of any other living being. Instinctually my heart began to race, the atmosphere in the room feels different as well. Like sparks of electricity are floating around. My skin even begins to tingle.

Returning to the table once again I see another book has shut. Now I know something, or someone is up to trickery. Taking a step closer, my breathing becomes hitched as I witness one of the bamboo slips rolling itself up and a ribbon ties around it. Then one after another in a quick succession all the open books, scrolls and slips close, roll up and sit in a neat pile on the table.

What can I say right now? Body trembling mouth gaping open, eyes popping out of my head. I know Mrs. Laurent has spoken about this room being magical and seeing the door open was quite spectacular, this is on a whole other level.

The books begin to fly from their sitting places and back to the shelves they came from until nothing was left and the whole room returned to the way it was.

Did this place read minds too? Like it knew I was finished for the day and decided to pack away.


I was mystified by all of this and decided that speaking to Mrs. Laurent was the best idea. Walking to the gigantic door I stopped awaiting them to open.

Nothing! You are wondering what I am talking about well, that is what happened when I waited at the doors. They didn’t open, didn’t even budge. I walked closer looking for a doorknob or handle to pull the door open. But nothing was there. Not even a dent that I could stick my fingers into to try pulling the doors open. I even tried the ‘abracadabra’ route thinking maybe it opened with words or a phrase.

Nothing worked and I mean nothing. I was starting to get spooked at this point. Weird noises could be heard all about the room. I was getting scared. What if this place suddenly decided that I was unworthy of entry and was going to trap me in here or kill me somehow?

Gods I really need to stop watching paranormal movies because they are putting all kinds of crazy thoughts into my head.

Freaked out, and panicked I scan the room again.

Then I see it. One after another the contents of the shelves begin to disappear into the walls behind them, like they were sucked into the walls with a whooshing sound. My eyes are dilated at this point, walking to the center of the room.

Something is happening here and as I watch shelf after shelf empty its contents. The sound of creaking wood draws my attention.

Two bookshelves that were once flush with the wall are now swung outwards revealing a door that was hidden behind them.

I guess I am supposed to exit this way then? I hope so anyways…

Taking a big leap of faith and a deep breath as I walk to the already open door. It is much older looking and way smaller than the two that I stepped through to get into this wonderous place. The wood is worn and aged. The planks that make up the door are visible with little to no varnish or coating remaining, leaving the natural wood. It is a much more rustic type of door nothing like the grandeur of the entryway.

Staring for what feels like forever, building up the courage to step into the unknown, especially given the fact all I see on the other side is a stone wall.

One more quick scan of the room and I step through the door. What the hell I’m already on a crazy trip I may as well enjoy the ride!

I’m sure it’s fine! Right! Right?...

One step… Two steps… Three steps…

Here we go…

A rush of wind sweeps over my back once passing through the door and to my utter horror the door slams behind me. The clanking and clattering of locks and bolts bring me to a halt, now I am in utter panic mode as I cough and splutter with the mouthful of dust that has entered my mouth and nose on taking a deep breath. This seems to be my most frequent mode to be in lately.

What the ever-loving fuck is up with my life ha!

I think I might be in the walls! How random!!

Ok so trapped behind a door, in a wall the only way to go is up as I turn around to see a stone stairwell that appears to spiral around the curve of the room I just left.

The moment I entered I was hit by a musty and earthy smell. Reaching the top was easy! Now where to go? This- is the question of the hour.

The wall to my left is strange, it is the outer part of the Pretiosum Liber outer wall. It looks to be made of a strange substance almost like its alive, and glistens. Sparkling like the… night sky. I think I could get lost just staring at it.

On the contrary the wall to my right is just plain old ancient stone nothing else. No paint, or anything fancy, just plain old-fashioned stone wall! I even rapped on it to make sure. Though it was not one of my brightest ideas because I am now kissing my knuckles after nearly cracking them, and shaking my hand trying to relieve the pain.

Stepping forward I follow the passage as it curves to the left. The hallway continues around, and nothing is different the whole way until I find myself back at the start where I stepped off the stairwell.

No doors, no windows nothing! Just a stone wall on the right and the strange wall to the left. If I wasn’t already in panicked mode, I would be entering it again.

Where the heck are those Keepers when you need one. I bet they know what to do. I take one more lap of the circular hallway rubbing along the stone walls. Searching for anything that might be a lever or a loose brick anything.

I refuse to go back down the stairs even as I stand at the top considering my options, I can’t bring myself to return down into that dark place. At least the strange wall has given light to this area up here with it twinkling.

After my third lap of the area, I’m really starting to panic on the inside but am drawing on my newfound Luna status to buck myself up and not let anything like this get the better of me. I cannot be a weak little bunny I need to be strong if I am to become the Luna Atreus needs.

Stopping, drawing out my inner peace with deep breathing and some meditation methods, I manage to calm myself so I can think. Finally, I scope out the area a little more, noting my footprints on the ground below. I bend and kneel down, dipping my finger realizing that the place is covered in a thick film of dust.

I must be the first person here in a very long time! Like a very long time when I look at how thick this dust is. Though I note that neither walls are affected. They appear dust free and clean.

Strange! Though everything about this place is strange to me…

The only thing I have not touched so far is this weird wall.

Oh, fuck it! Let’s be having ya.

I take another leap closing my eyes, scrunching up my face and reach out my hand to the sparkly wall.

Like that is going to help in any way!

Breathing deeply, I finally open my eyes, after I am sure my hand has not been removed from my arm or zapped or even eaten.

Thank the Goddess!!

It doesn’t hurt and feels the same as the wall on the opposite side. Also, a relief. Though I take note how the area about my hand appears to be having a little reaction. The sparkly effect is intensifying. Pulling my hand away I see a large area that’s brightly lit now where my hand once was.

I try two hands to see what happens.,, The same both areas surrounding my hand become brighter and brighter until a flash of light blasts outwards from the wall. On instinct I shut my eyes for protection until I feel the intensity has died down and am stunned to see what is before me.

The circular wall has become almost translucent. Though I can see the faint painting of the mural that adorned the walls of the Pretiosum Liber. I am looking down on the room itself. It’s like one of those two-way mirrors, where I can see what’s going on in the room, but no one knows I am here.


Actually, this is fucking awesome! I note that the room still appears to be changing. Chairs are in different places, as are shelves and I see no artifacts are on display. Even the books are different and seem way more modern in comparison to the archaic ones that I had my hands on.

When it all comes to a stop I walk around the hallway, peering down at the room below. I could here the sounds coming from the movements of objects, this was all so fantastical, I feel like I have stepped into a fantasy movie or another world. Though I suppose in some ways I have. This city of Ossary, the city of wolves is far from anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

I’m stood above the huge entry way now. Directly across from the back door. I can see there is np sign of that very back door. How curious, I wonder who used this place before. Its obvious it was used to keep an eye on the happenings of the room below, maybe to spy on others.

I reckon its probably here from the start given how ancient the place feels. Also, this wall is definitely filled with magic, I suppose Mrs. Laurent did say the magic is ingrained into the walls. I can see that is a fact now.

While my thoughts were in overdrive the two huge doors below swung open, I hoped that Mrs. Laurent was finally back to lead me out of this place. Little butterflies tickled my inside with excitement only to be crushed when the dark witch stepped through the doors herself.

The Paramount, who else!

A raucous laugh escapes me, and I slap my hand over my face. I am sure she couldn’t hear me? I do hope so, this room would be pointless otherwise, but one can’t be too careful.

I wonder what this bitch is up to now…

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