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Chapter 35

It is a weird thing…

The experience, when you desire complete silence. The noises around you seem that much exaggerated, like the slightest movement that wouldn’t normally bother you; transforms into the most annoyingly loud thing. Even though- it isn’t! it is still the same quite sound that it always has been, but in the wrong circumstances it has become as loud as a siren bellowing out.

Even bodily functions have become a nuisance, for example I am trying my best to listen to not miss a beat. To get an up on this woman would be a major win for me. Yet here I am concentrating my hearing and now all I can hear is the sound of my own heartbeat as it drums away in my chest.

Yes, I am glad to be breathing but never has the thing that keeps me alive, and kicking annoyed me more.

A few deep breaths… I can do this, I tell myself and hone my hearing so that I am more accurately, listening to all the things I should be, and blocking out what is irrelevant.

She slides in with purpose, I could see with every step she took she knew what she wanted and where to go. Dropping her large handbag on the only table in the room. It is a similar set up to the one that I had used earlier with a large stand for the books and scrolls. Though even from here I can tell it is much less impressive than the ones that I had used earlier.

I wonder… why the room changed for her?

Did it do that for everyone? and why had I been led up to this secret viewing room? Clearly no one else has been through that door, climbed those steps or looked through the looking glass here for a very long long time.

Maybe because I am the Vegus Luna?

That’s another thing I am struggling with. Even after the events of today and all this new information, I am still left with so many unanswered or new questions that I almost feel like I have learned nothing new or the answers I have received have just created more questions.

I shake off my thoughts when I see her making movement. After storming around the room, scanning each shelf. The Paramount pulls out a huge ancient looking book. Dusts it off and walks to the table where she had left her belongings. Plonking it down onto the bookstand, quickly shuffling through the pages until she stops on a page, I’m assuming she has found what she was looking for.

Her actions seem to point to her knowing exactly where to look for whatever information she is searching for. Shuffling through her bag she pulls out a phone and starts scrolling through it, unfortunately as good as my eyesight is I cannot tell what she is doing on the phone, until she taps at the screen a few times and holds it to her face.

She’s calling someone… I gasp with hope as I hear the dialing tone, walking further round the curve of this room so I am looking straight at her face. Maybe I can gauge more from her facial reactions.

I can here the dial tone end and then a cracked female voice speaks.

“Your Ladyship how may I assist you?” the familiar female voice says, but I am not sure where I know it from yet…

“HOW MAY YOU HELP ME! Have you lost your mind or something Thana? You know exactly why I am calling… if it was not for your incompetence, I wouldn’t have wasted my time just trying to enter this gods forsaken Pretiosum Liber.

Do you know it took me half an hour just to enter this place, I swear it has a bloody mind of its own or it’s haunted? If you would get your act together you could be in and out of here all the time. Getting the information, you need yourself. I am not supposed to be your servant you are my lapdog!” I almost thought I was looking at a viper with the venom spewing out the old hag’s mouth.

“It could very well be. Your Ladyship. You know I have tried to access the room for many years, ever since you brought me the first spell and I have not had any progress in all these years. My power has only grown stronger, and I would have thought that over time the strength of the magic within the Pertiosum Liber would wane so I could get a hold on it. Though it just gets stronger and stronger, almost as if the spells keep being reinforced. It is the most complex and strongest magic I have ever come across. It doesn’t make sense none of it does.” She cackled out her words in that familiar gravelly voice though clearly ignored the Paramount’s taunting behavior. It was only when she mentioned spells that it clicked who she was.

The witch!! She was the one that spelled the chains that bound me before I entered the city. I will never forget that voice and the creepy foreboding feeling she gave me.

Goddess the Paramount really is up to no good. What’s more… she’s apparently been up to no good for a very long time.

Does anyone else realize? Or is everyone so complacent to her that she gets away with all her misdeeds and never pays the price?

Sometimes I feel like I would love to meet fate and slap him in the face. How come some of the vilest creatures to walk this earth seem to live the most blessed lives. While the rest of us poor suckers are breaking our backs to just get by and get hit with every freaking obstacle available.

“Right well, there is no point in hashing over things we already know. I have found what we are looking for. The ceremony can be set for the next full moon. Thankfully, we have a blue moon coming… any celestial rarities will only add to the power of the spell. You are sure that it will work?”

“Yes, my lady, to the best of my knowledge this should not be a problem. With all the right factors in place and of course that most important one that she is the true heir to the markings of the Patria Luna then there should be no problems whatsoever. We can remove them from her and give the rightful heir her place. Then everything will be set, and Angelina can take her place as the Patria Luna.”

Patria Luna?

But… the keepers have said I was the Vegus Luna, maybe they have gotten mixed up and I don’t have to have any ceremony. My feet became antsy as did my body, should I go confront her and tell her I am not this Patria Luna. Maybe then this whole ordeal will be over, and I can return to our pack and start out my new life.

Goddess I have not even thought about my job and the children… they are missing out while I am detained here. Just the idea of it flooded my body with relief and a feeling of serenity. That is what I am meant to be doing. Teaching the children not on some crazy adventure that I am not sure I will survive from.

That is it! I have decided I will confront her…

Even as my heart begins to accelerate with the thought of it. I begin my walk around the viewing hall so I can make my decent and get this over with.

My thoughts had overtaken me for a few moments, and I had paid less attention to the Paramount. Suddenly a shudder erupted over me and I looked down at her again. There she was in all her glory, her power amped up and she was staring directly at me, phone in hand with the most nefarious look I had ever seen.

Her eyes narrowed; my breath hitched as she stared me down. It was like she was peering into my soul. Wracking it with her wicked thoughts and evil ways. She was evil personified, and I have never felt more scared in my entire life. This was darker than I could have ever imagined. She had somehow let me peer into her and I saw nothing but a depraved being with a sick mind. A monster.

Could she see me?

The idea of confronting her was now shattered, there was no way I would go anywhere near her. Not on my own. I needed backup. I never wanted to be near or certainly never alone with the woman again because there was something lurking under her skin that wasn’t right, it was not normal, and I terrifies me.

My body began to tremble as she continued her conversation.

“Do you ever feel like you are being watched.” She said and her eyes narrowed even more. “I never liked this place but today I get the feeling of being watched.” She went on, her face still scanning where I was.

“Must be Nimue that bitch has been haunting me every day since I put her down.” The Paramount spat out with a forced laugh, though I did detect a hint of fear in the tone of her voice. I wonder who this Nimue is, she must have been badass to put the frighteners on the Paramount.

“She is long gone now your Ladyship nothing to worry about there, and you can believe me when I say it’s not the dead, we need to fear it is the living. I hope you would reconsider this whole ceremony and just kill the damned marked girl. We could have gotten this all done and dusted long ago if you would hear me out. That bitch is a problem. Whether she knows it or not she possesses a great amount of power within her. I could feel it when I wrapped her in chains. She should have been kept in them and never let free.”

“Huh!” The Paramount laughs. “You think I don’t know that, but there are too many things at play right now. The fact she has Atreus backing her is a thorn in my side and Tsuki is looking over my shoulder every time I turn a corner. I would have her wiped from the face of this planet long ago if it wasn’t for their interference. Not until we have the power within our reach can we take that chance. I have waited too long to fuck things up a few more days won’t dampen our cause. Don’t worry she won’t be breathing for too much longer. That is a given!”

It was all a farce! Everything the ceremony, the freedom they had given me. The promise of not being hurt, they just wanted my mark to get the power. A power I cannot tap into and the only time I had I was knocked out after it overwhelmed my weak body.

I am so fucking fed up with my life spiraling out of control. My shaking hands ball into fists as the anger builds within me, no longer shaking in fear but rage taking over. Too many times have I witnessed those in charge take advantage of the lesser and weaker amongst us and I can’t stand for it anymore.

Atreus… I need to get to him; I need to let him know of the Paramount’s plans. But could he and Tsuki maybe stop all this? Stop the Paramount? From what I have witnessed so far, she has been a wreaking ball. I don’t know if they could do anything and the one person who should be able to is me! Yet so far, I am all but useless!!

I watch as the paramount takes pictures of the book and writes in a notebook the words from the page. She had ended the call a few minutes ago and I pace around the circular hall watching her from afar.

I need to end this.

She needs to be stopped.

Finally, she makes her way out and the doors shut behind her. And It is only then that I let out a deafening scream. All the rage and anger that I had built up let out in that one ear splitting shriek and I felt that much lighter. Though I would never feel complete and whole until she had been fully dealt with.

It was not just me she was after. She had a diabolical plan. What in the every loving gods was she up to? She was already in the most prominent position of our world. Being the Paramount meant she was like the leader of the Elders and she had a hand in making all the decisions for our kind, controlling our kind as well. Was it not enough? Did she want more?

I made three slow rounds of the room. The need to get to Atreus was so overpowering but I had to be smart. If it took her half an hour to enter the room, would it take the same to leave and the last thing I wanted to do was run into the hag.

I paced and paced the room below had shifted again books flying everywhere, shelves shuffling in and out. All the furniture had returned to it originally was and I watch as the two shelves swung out and the door to this area had been revealed.

I guess it’s time to go.

I ran down the stairs and through the door. This time as I stood in front of the main door it began to open, no magic words needed. I smiled with relief and a little bit of thankfulness. The room clearly was possessed by some kind of intelligent magic and looked out for me. Hid me from the Paramount and gave me the opportunity to hear what she was up to.

I thought about looking for the book she had momentarily but brushed the idea away. I could spend a lifetime and never find it and even if I did all it wasn’t going to help me. I know what she wants but if I deny her the possibility the spell, she has will be irrelevant.

It was a straight line to the main room surprisingly though I shouldn’t have been shocked at all. Especially after everything I have witnessed. It is clearly easier to leave than to enter. Makes sense!

My mind was set, get Atreus. Tell him everything and get the hell out of dodge.

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